Tan Mom Is Single, Happy, Braless

Once you get past the heavy drinking and twisted parenting and emotionally retarded need for middle-aged porn attention, Tan Mom has a lot to offer her next soul mate. For instance, her weathered skin can survive pending extreme climate change and she can live entirely... read more

Edita Vilkeviciute Models Lingerie For H&M's Lingerie Line

Photo Credit: H&M [gallery guid=804845] read more

Kris Jenner Cried Over Kim's Sex Tape (VIDEO)

Family brothel operatorKris Jenner opened up to Joan Rivers about Kim Kardashian's sex tape on the In Bed With Joan web show. Crypt Keeper Joan Rivers asked Kris how it felt to see her little girl get fucked and pissed on by Ray J. Not good apparently. Kris says she... read more

Gisele Bündchen Is Such An Innovator

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen attended the Wall Street Journal's Innovator of the Year Awards in Manhattan last night, as she, along with the two guys from Daft Punk, graced the cover of this month's WSJ magazine that celebrates some people who make serious faces for their... read more

Diddy Will Do Anything For Attention Now

Because nobody has talked about him in at least a year, rapper/entrepreneur/guy who will attach his name to anything for profit Diddy showed up as a presenter at last night's 47th annual CMA Awards in Nashville, and he was introduced along with Kellie Pickler, who is one... read more

Stacey Hawkins In A Bikini For A Sexy Photoshoot In Model Sensation Magazine

Photo Credit: Model Sensation Magazine [gallery guid=804847] read more

A Brazilian Prostitute Sort Of Proved She Slept With Justin Bieber (VIDEO)

This random video doesn't explain much of anything, other than even in Brazil, people are still assholes and don't turn their cameras sideways. But it's spreading like gonorrhea in a Brazilian whorehouse because people think this girl is one of the prostitutes that ... read more

Jada Pinkett Smith Is A Rock

If there's one way for a woman to prove that rumors of marital infidelity don't bother her, it's by shaving her head. Going Hawkeye just shows how much Jada Pinkett Smith doesn't care thatWill Smith might be nailing his co-star Margot Robbie. Hell, after shaving her head... read more

Léa Seydoux And Adèle Exarchopoulos Make Great Lesbians

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who like seeing two hot chicks getting it on and total fucking liars. I don't think these two actresses with impossible accents in their complicated names are really lesbians, but they play rug munchers in their new... read more

Water So Good, You'll Want to Pour It Over Your Tits

I still don't know who the hell Keyara is or who believes that 138 Water is a legit company, but they just keep on scooping up girls and doing photo shoots by the beach, the hills, the G-3 bottom level of parking garages where even grown men feel like they're going to be... read more

Denise Richards Can No Longer Handle The Violent Sheen Twins

If only crack and meth pipes came with fancy warning labels like family friendly tobacco, maybe the Sheen twins wouldn't be four-year old future Natural Born Killers. Charlie Sheen's ex-wife Denise Richards took custody of winning Charlie's twin boys by way of convicted... read more

President Nugent Would Be Not Boring

Ted Nugent is threatening torun for public office. For those not familiar, Ted Nugent is the lunatic that loves to kill things with simple weapons and may or may not have a feline transmitted skin infection. He also plays music. Ted thinks that he can do a better job... read more