Miley Cyrus In Revealing Black Swimsuit

There's nothing wrong with being the spastic bony girl with scoliosis who's not horrible looking. Personally, I dated nothing but in high school. By senior year, I could unclasp a bra wrenched beneath a corrective back brace with a single hand. That impressed the shit... read more

Rosario Dawson Flashes Her Panties at Cannes

I feel like every single movie shown at Cannes is about a boy in a war torn nation trying to find a decent pair of shoes for his sister. I could be wrong, but at least half are for sure. Whenever I see a film marketed as having won the Golden Sunshine Award or whatever... read more

No One Wants To Buy Lindsay's Clothes

Lindsay Lohan is being countersued by clothing manufacturer D.N.A.M. for fucking up her own clothing line. Not due to the clothes being both ugly and slutty, but because no one wants to buy a clothing line with a junkie's name on it. In 2009 Lindsay signed a contract... read more

Joanna Krupa Shows Off Her Puppy in a Bikini

I remain convinced that watching any show on Bravo! or E! will send even the straightest of men marching toward a truck stop glory hole to discover the fabulous world of cock. Maybe you were born that way, and Tabitha Takes Over merely unleashed the real you, but I'm not... read more

Maryna Linchuk In A Bikini

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin [gallery ids="1376172,1376182,1376192,1376202,1376212,1376222,1376232,1376242,1376252,1376262,1376272"] read more

Bar Refaeli Modeling Passionata Lingerie

Photo Credit: Passionata Lingerie [gallery ids="1376062,1376072,1376082,1376092,1376102,1376112,1376122,1376132"] read more

Gabrielle Union + Las Vegas = Perfect

Back in February, there were some pretty nasty rumors that Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade was cheating on his model girlfriend Gabrielle Union with random NBA groupie skanks, and some websites even posted a letter that was allegedly written by a girl who claimed to have not... read more

Jennifer Lawrence Looks Great In Blue

X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer has been teasing the film's and comic's fans by Tweeting photos from the set since at least April, but it didn't matter until yesterday when he posted the first shots of Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique in her naked, blue... read more

Kanye West Still Thinks He's Jesus

Back in 2006, Kanye West declared that he should be featured in the Bible because he believed that he could tell stories in a way that would make kids want to learn about them, and because he had "changed the sound of music". That same year, he also appeared on the cover... read more

Anna Paquin Is One Angry Bisexual

Of all the mostly gay Canadians I know, from K.D. Lang to Gordie Howe, none are quite as routinely angry as Anna Paquin. That bitter little Academy Award winning girl from The Piano really does tend to get a little agro as the kids say, and mostly they say it about Anna... read more

Taylor Swift Doesn't Want Her Friends To Be Happy

Taylor Swift didn't like when her girl buddy Selena Gomez embraced Justin Bieber in a kiss after the Billboard Awards, so she did what any bitchy jealous girlfriend would do. She stuck her tongue out in disgust. Wow, who to root for in a cat fight between Taylor Swift... read more

Tori Spelling In A Bikini

These blurry photos of Tori Spelling's ass were actually shot from about a few feet away. Her father Aaron spent the vast measure of his T.J. Hooker fortune before he died building a super force field around his daughter to prevent people from gathering clear looks at... read more