Mike Tyson Still Likes To Get High...A Lot

Mike Tyson admitted to still being a drunk and a drug addict at a press conference on Friday. He was promoting his first fight ticket under his Iron Mike Productions organization when it all of a sudden turned into an AA meeting. Tyson has a history of drug and alcohol... read more

Prince Andrew & Fergie Might Get Remarried & The World Gave Narry A Fuck

The Limey rumor mill is churning out reports that Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson may get remarried. Apparently, her giant horse face has been spending a lot of time with prince jowls and staying over at the family castles. The two divorced in the 90's after Fergie,... read more

Backdoor Teen Mom Fans Rush to Buy Farrah Abrahams Free Shit

Backdoor Teen Mom is doing alright. She didn't get The AIDS from her sex tape and now she's got some indescribably sad members of the virtual community buying her $13K worth of free shit. Last week, Farrah Abraham made an Amazon wish list of stuff she wanted presumably... read more

Suri Cruise Bugs the Shit Out of Her Mom at Work

Suri Cruise melted down on the set of the film Miss Meadows where Katie Holmes was shooting a wedding scene. Suri may just be seven, but she knows that every time her mom marries, another spawn of Xenu's Intergalactic War Dragons is born. To prove her point, Suri welled... read more

Eva Longoria Rides Her Bike Looking for Cock

Eva Longoria is pretty genius. You wouldn't know from hearing her mind numbing political platitudes. But just like a sinister dude, she set up a whole reality dating show with NBC last year so she could cast a bunch of super hot male model dudes in her dating range, one... read more

Miley Cyrus Twerks With Robin Thicke Onstage At The VMAs (VIDEO)

I'm not sure what you call it when a retarded chick with massive white dental caps and nubby hair knots starts grinding on an older dude dressed like Beetlejuice, but where I come from, we call it highly watchable. Maxim's may have tied their sinking ship to the flounder... read more

Selena Gomez Picked A Great Dress For The VMAs

A lot of semi- to kind-of-sort-of-famous men and women showed up to last night's MTV Video Music Awards wearing the dumbest fucking outfits that you'll probably ever see in your lives, and that includes Miley Cyrus, who dressed like a pre-teen boy from 1983 while... read more

Katy Perry And Riff Raff Have The Same Stylist

I don't know which is worse: A) That Katy Perry showed up to the MTV Video Music Awards last night with her breasts completely covered up by the rug from a late-70s porn set, B) That Katy Perry rocked the stupid rich white lady wearing a grill schtick less than a week... read more

Were The Kardashians The Anonymous Source Pinning Lamar Odom to a Crack Addiction?

You knew a response was coming to the Khloe kicking down motel room doors to find a cheating Lamar stories. Somebody has concocted the story that Lamar Odom is a crack fiend who avoided NBA drug testing by suddenly quitting the rock during the season, then hitting the... read more

Donnie Wahlberg Has Settled For Jenny McCarthy

At first, when I read that Donnie Wahlberg is now dating Jenny McCarthy and was her date to the Dancing With the Stars charity event on Saturday, I thought to myself, "This guy's a surprisingly successful actor after he spent most of his younger years as the wannabe hard... read more

Khloe Kardashian Told Us To Fuck Off

I'd have to blame my weekend of a massive toothache and regret at how crappy my fantasy football draft went for riling up Khloe Kardashinan this weekend. This is the weekend where somebody happened to start leaking stories to TMZ about Lamar being a drug addict and Khloe... read more

Kate Beckinsale In A Bikini

I'm not sure why the camera guys snapping pictures of celebrities in Mexico can't get clearer photos. I think it's got something to do with the tropical climate. Or maybe bribing the right local officials to get in normal lens range. For the right payoff in Mexico, you... read more