Tracy Morgan Pissed Off Some Women In Australia

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is one of the largest events of its kind in the world, as famous comedians from a variety of genres have performed in Australia's premier humor showcase for the last 27 years. This year's event, which runs through the 21st, may... read more

Victoria Justice Was 'Hacked' In Time For Her New Album

Victoria Justice is 20-years old, which is about 100 in former Nickelodeon child star years, so she tried to be a little grown up and edgy as the star of last year's Fun Size, and that bombed. That stung pretty hard, because Justice also announced around that time that... read more

I Think They Held the MTV Movie Awards

What would you do if you threw a big movie awards show and nobody noticed? If you're MTV, you could plot the death of even more of your crappy reality show stars. It'd give the press something to talk about other than the fact that you changed the date of your Movie... read more

Jaime Pressly And Estella Warren Fight Now With Cops

Blood feuds between hot girls rock. The altercation last weekend between Jaime Pressly and Estella Warren over a stolen purse is now with the authorities. In short, Jaime is calling Estella a lying, thieving, drug addicted cunt. And Estella Warren is calling Jaime a... read more

IMDB Commits The Ultimate Sin: Outing An Actress' Age

41 year old Junie Hoang didn't want producers finding out that she wasn't 23 anymore, so she went to great lengths to hide it. She claims that after she used her credit card to sign up for IMDB Pro, the site put up her vital information. That seems like the kind of thing... read more

Torrie Wilson Is Back in the Game

Here's how you know A-Rod has dumped you. You see pictures of the new girl he's banging in the tabloids. Boy, I wish I had that kind of juice and could avoid those uncomfortable breakup encounters with women I've never had. Freshly single, Torrie Wilson wasted no time... read more

No One Speaks For Amanda Bynes (And She'll Sue Them If They Do)

Amanda Bynes continues to slip deeper and deeper into insanity, and is pretty much at the point now where she saves her hair and nail clippings, and carries around her piss in mason jars. Her family has been trying to get her to move back to Los Angeles from New York and... read more

Charlie Sheen Cops a Lindsay Feel

The terms of Lindsay Lohan's latest sentencing and probation is pretty loose. For instance, show up to rehab, when you can. Stay in California, maybe New York and Rio is okay. Don't associate with other convicts, or, let them paw your chest and whisper in your ear to... read more

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Goes Braless

Wow, just like that. Providing incontrovertible evidence that women do look better off without bras on. Probably helps if you're a supermodel. And you do lots of that Pilates, Piloxing, yoga, bootcamp stuff. Also, ice. Or the cold dead hands of Jason Statham. Photo... read more

"Let Them Titties Fly!" - Says Science

A study in France finds that bras not only don't keep boobs perky later in life, they may contribute to premature sagging. We all know that as a woman gets older gravity does its cruel justice and begins turning once firm and nubile titties into pendulous flesh sacks.... read more

Lauren Stoner Bikini Model Actress Person

Lauren Stoner is like so many sort of well known models who live and hang out in Miami -- I have no fucking clue who she is. She was recently the arm candy for Michael Bay while he was shooting Pain & Gain down in Florida. Edging with Mark Wahlberg in his trailer to... read more

Beaver Kills Man (VIDEO)

Guys under a certain age probably won't understand this, but there was a time when beavers used to routinely kill men, or at least frustrate them to no end. And it's happening once more as beaver attacks are on the rise. In Russia this past week, a man was killed by a... read more