Ashlee Simpson has filed for divorce

One time Pete Wentz gave Ashlee Simpson a 2 foot tall bee made of legos for an anniversary present. Another time he was partying with strippers in Vegas while she was home in L.A. posting pictures of their baby on twitter. Another time she went to the L.A. County Superior Courthouse and filed for divorce (note: that third one was today, just now). Simpson cites "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for more

Taylor Momsen is inappropriate

Justin Bieber is the biggest star on earth right now if you're under 12 or creepy, and last night was the LA premiere of his movie Never Say Never. And for some reason Taylor Momsen of Gossip Girl took that to mean she should go to the Generic Slut Store for a "sexy" outfit to wear. Hopefully this will get her the attention she so desperately craves. If not this maybe she could put her hands in gloves that are on more

TYLER EXCLUSIVE: Brooklyn Decker is very attractive

Considering how many times I've said that Asian girls are better than regular girls (and it's a lot), and that blond white girls in particular are kind of boring, I bet Brooklyn Decker would be really flattered to know I'd still do it with her. Shhh, shhhhh, hush Brooklyn. No need to thank me. (image source for Brooklyn at last nights NYC premiere of Just Go With It = getty and splash news online)read more

is Lindsay Lohan in real trouble this time? well, maybe.

Lindsay Lohan will return to her second home, a courtroom, at 1:30pct today, and be charged with felony grand theft for stealing a $2500 necklace from a jewelry store in Venice, which she could have gone home and thrown on a pile of other things she's stolen (partial, though oddly impressive, list here). And though she was never charged with taking any of those things, they still might come back to haunt her as the more

afternoon headlines

OLIVIA WILDE - is single, having separated from Tao Ruspoli after 8 years of marriage (wait, what?) because she thinks she got married too young (at 18) and now she wants to "sow her wild oats." In other words, "fuck". And if you think that's surprising, how do you think I felt when that unconscious model in my hot tub turned out to be 16. I was all like, "whaaat!!" (us) SIENNA MILLER AND JUDE LAW - are single too, more

Tony Hawk is sleeping with his best friends wife

Most people have never heard anyone say anything bad about Tony Hawk, and there's plenty of good reasons for that, but you probably will after today. First let's preface this by mentioning that Hawk is getting divorced for the third time. He first got married in 1990, then divorced her to marry the nanny, then divorced the nanny to marry his publicist. Well now he's divorcing the publicist, and he's doing that, more

Lindsay Lohan will be charged with felony grand theft

Lindsay Lohan will will be charged with felony grand theft tomorrow and accused of stealing a $2500 necklace from a Venice jewelry store, and furthermore, hahahahaha Lindsay you suck. She's been out of rehab for 34 days, by the way. Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... the single count of felony grand theft will be filed at Airport Court in L.A. Wednesday morning. Lindsay will be arraigned at 1:30 PM. She more

Christina Aguilera is crazy now

Back in October, Christina Aguilera's 9 year relationship and 6 year marriage to Jordan Bratman came to an end, just 12 days before the release of her movie Burlesque. Unfortunately the movie kind of sucked, so that didn't really help her mood any either (in 10 weeks it's made $81.5 million worldwide). After that she reportedly sunk into a depression that ended with her unannounced and uninvited at Jeremy Renner' more

Prince kicked Kim Kardashian off stage (not literally)

Kim Kardashian and her lover Kris Humphries went to see Prince last night in New York, when suddenly she was pulled on stage to dance with him!!! And then she was promptly kicked off stage because she basically just stood there. E! says... (Prince invited Kim) onstage during his show tonight at Madison Square Garden, but gave her the high-heeled boot when she was initially too fazed to get funky. Or maybe he more

Halle Berry is still insisting her baby is black

On Friday it was reveled that Halle Berry and her ex Gabriel Aubry would sometimes argue over how their daughter was labeled in the press. Both of Aubys' parents are white, and Halles mom is white while her dad is black, but she still wants their child referred to as "black". Well, if nothing else the math on display here definitely proves she's not Asian. TMZ says... Halle Berry says it point blank ... her more

Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez are creepy

Cameron Diaz and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez hit up Miami beach last week, and how can two people with such good bodies still look so unattractive? Especially her. She's so ugly it's uncomfortable. Like if you showed this picture to your dog he'd start backing away and then howling. (image source = inf daily)read more

Tony Hawk is getting divorce number three

It's a good thing Tony Hawk makes tons of money because that dude can't go 10 minutes without getting a divorce. says... Tony Hawk's third marriage is coming to an end. Hawk, 42, filed for divorce from his wife, Lhotse Merriam, in North San Diego County, Calif., on Friday. "We have made the difficult decision to file for divorce," the couple say in a joint statement Monday. "We remain deeply committed more

Shia LaBeouf got roughed up. At this place. Ummm...

This story is ostensibly about a bar fight, so why does it feel so gay it might as well be roller skating around Venice Beach in tiny denim shorts. Us magazine says... Shia LaBeouf was handcuffed and released in the wee hours of Saturday morning after an alleged bar fight. An eyewitness to the altercation at Mad Bull's Tavern in Sherman Oaks, Calif., tells Us the actor, 24, was taunted by a fellow patron inside more

Lindsay Lohan might get arrested today. Again.

Idle hands are the devils workshop, so in the one month since she left court ordered rehab, Lindsay Lohan has stalked her ex girlfriend by moving next door to her, bribed a Betty Ford center employee into changing her story after assaulting her, and stolen a $2500 necklace from a jewelry store. Good for her. It's important to stay busy. Unfortunately, her latest crime spree might end today, because... Lindsay more

Christina Aguilera has apologized for messing up the anthem

The National Anthem is 8 lines long. And it's not some random collection of flowery words. It's a story. The American flag was flying above Fort McHenry during fighting with the British in the War of 1812. It was there as the sun went down. As fighting went on it could be seen as the sky was lit up by explosions. At dawn, the flag was still there. Fort McHenry had been defended. It's really not that tough more