Hulk Hogan Makes Terrifying Commercial In A Thong

By now we've all seen Miley Cyrus' construction equipment humping Wrecking Ball video. Well, in a new commercial for Hostamania, a web hosting site, Hulk Hogan rides a wrecking ball in a thong to the tune of his classic theme song Real American. Yes. That happened. This,... read more

Alyssa Miller Models Lingerie

Photo Credit: Free People [gallery ids="1586532,1586542,1586552,1586562,1586572,1586582,1586592,1586602,1586612,1586622,1586632,1586642,1586652,1586662"] read more

Dad Disowns His Daughter to Show How Tolerant He Is

I'm all for equal rights. Everybody walking this planet should have the right to bang, love, marry, and be totally fucked over and forever screwed by whomever they choose. I could give a rat's ass if Adam loves Eve or Steve or just wants to shove his pet turtle up his... read more

Naya Rivera Shows Off Her Cleavage At Latina Magazine's Hot List Party

Photo Credit: Getty, WENN [gallery ids="1585972,1585982,1585992,1586002,1586012,1586022,1586032,1586042,1586052,1586062,1586072"] read more

Vanessa Hudgens Looked Hot For Charity

Vanessa Hudgens showed up to ULTA's "Donate with a Kiss" event in New York City last night to help raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and I guarantee at least one guy (or maybe woman) at the event looked at her, elbowed the guy next to him and said,... read more

Oh Look, Ke$ha Is Being Edgy Again

While Miley Cyrus has evolved to showing part of her nipple and her awkwardly tiny camel toe, Ke$ha must have realized that she'd need to knock the homeless man's tongue out of her vagina and get back to doing ridiculous shit for attention. First up? She uploaded a bunch... read more

Britney Shannon Looks Very Excited To Be Here

Last night was the 8th anniversary of the HeadQuarters Gentleman's Club in New York City (I believe that's the edible underwear anniversary) and the upstanding institution celebrated the best way possible – with a bunch of half-naked porn stars slapping each other's... read more

Miley Cyrus Strips For Terry Richardson

I want so badly to dislike this feverish looking platypus but it's really no longer possible. I've never seen somebody with such a singularly obvious plan working so well. Hannah Montana has gone crazy. Hey, everybody look. That's the entire fucking plan. And it's... read more

Britney Spears Forced Into the Sexy

Leave Britney alone already. She had her run of showing off her body and gyrating in sexually suggestive poses for the fapping monkeys. Now she justwants to be a chunky cheeseburger mom in sweat pants shopping at Target. In short, the kind of women I hit on. Her first... read more

Oh, No, Rihanna Is Raunchy In Her New Music Video

How many times can people make a story about Rihanna being raunchy on stage or in her music videos. Yeah, I get it, stripper pole and twerking and showing off her tits. Crazy. We've not seen that before since yesterday and the day before. It's like Starfleet getting... read more

Behold Farrah Abraham's "Girls and Corpses" Magazine Cover

We told you a while back that everyone's (least) favorite back door teen mom Farrah Abraham posed for "Girls and Corpses" magazine. Though we have to wait until December for the full spread, the tasteful mag releasedthe cover today. It's a "clever" take on the classic... read more

Nataly Umaña Is An Actress You Only Wish You Knew

I find it strange to imagine that most every country in the world makes the same shitty television shows we make, only in different languages we can't understand. I'm assuming they can. Right now in Colombia there are scripts being written, casting couches being stained,... read more