Farrah Abraham Hosted A Party At A Strip Club

"Entrepreneur", "celebrity" and porn star Farrah Abraham continued her rise to the bottom as she hosted a party at the Crazy Horse 3 strip club in Las Vegas last night. Things probably still aren't going as expected for Farrah, who thought that by making a fake sex tape... read more

Kendra Andrews In a Bikini

Outside of the family tendency toward gunts, Erin Andrews sister Kendra is kind of hot. You don't have to rent a hotel room next to her and drill a hole in the wall to see her mostly naked. So, there's that. Plus, I'm not all that particular as it turns out. Any Andrews... read more

Leif Garrett Advises Justin Bieber

When asked if he has advice for Justin Bieber, Leif Garrett might consider saying something like, 'As a drug abuser, alcoholic, and ex-con for the past thirty years, I'm the last person to be giving anybody advice." But, instead, he went with this. "Do not believe your... read more

Olivia Wilde Is Really Good Looking

Olivia Wilde is a particularly fetching young lady. I can't help but feel that if I had a girlfriend who looked like Olivia, I would go out socially far more often. In fact, every night. I'd swing one arm around her in the ownership stance and with the free hand point... read more

Prince Gets Meta On His New Album Cover

Prince's new album cover for "Breakfast Can Wait" isn't a picture of the real prince, it's Dave Chappelle. The picture is a screengrab from a classic sketch on Chappelle Show in which Charlie Murphy tells the tale of playing basketball with Prince...and losing. Then... read more

Toni Braxton Still Worth Seeing in Concert (VIDEO)

Toni Braxton was recently muttering about retiring from music to focus on the craft of acting. After almost four TV show guest appearances and a reality show where she plays herself, it's no wonder Toni is impassioned by the dramatic arts. Looking at her ass, I feel like... read more

Dick Van Dyke Almost Gets Roasted In Car

Dick Van Dyke narrowly escaped dying in a car fire when he was saved right before it blew the fuck up. No, this didn't happen on the set of the set of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 2: Tokyo Drift. The comedy legend pulled over on the side of the 101 in LA after his Jaguar... read more

The Howe Twins Take on Kandyland

I can't help but feel the Howe Twins are spinning their wheels in their effort to fuck themselves famous in Hollywood. Lots of activity, very little progress. I wish I could get them in a room, sit them down, and really walk through a sensible, step by step strategy to... read more

Lady Gaga In A 50's Convertible With No Pants

Lady Gaga took a ride in an old convertible without any pants on to celebrate the debut of her music video 'Applause' on Good Morning America. Throngs of moderately retarded fans cheered in the streets of New York as Gaga made her way slowly toward the ABC studios like a... read more

Russian Athletes Kissing to Protest Russian Bullshit

Kseniya Ryzhova and Tatyana Firova decided to kiss during their gold medal ceremony for winning the 4x400 relay race at some important world track and field event in Russia. The female athletes wouldn't say for sure whether or not it was to protest Russia's new crackdown... read more

Rihanna Wears A Sports Bra To American Apparel

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI, PCN [gallery ids="1518782,1518792,1518802,1518812,1518822,1518832,1518842,1518852,1518862,1518872,1518882"] read more

Kim Zolciak Is Pregnant With Twins

Photo Credit: Bravo [gallery ids="1518682,1518622,1518632,1518642,1518652,1518662,1518672,1518612,1518692,1518702,1518712"] read more