Justin Bieber's Mile High Club

The latest in Justin Bieber's life leading to an eventual bad end that nobody with male gonads will care about has the star and his posse of pussies smoking so many blunts on a private plane that the pilot thought he was going to need oxygen. Apparently, Biebs and his... read more

Jenelle Evans Says She Wasn't Drunk She Was Just Trying To Fuck And Drive

Jenelle Evans, Teen Mom star and example to girls everywhere, says that she wasn't drunk when she was arrested for a DUI, she was trying to have sex with her boyfriend...while driving. The incident happened on September 7th when cops pulled the winner over for driving... read more

Paris Hilton Tried Some S&M For Terry Richardson

I respect photographer Terry Richardson's game, I really do. I think a lot of us wish that we could say that we invite some of the most attractive models in the world into our studios and convince them to take their clothes off for a living. But on the other hand, we all... read more

Natalie Dormer In Esquire

Photo Credit: Esquire [gallery guid=805165] read more

Bar Refaeli Just Turned Everyone Into A Furry

I don't know if anyone gives legitimate prizes to people for how they use Instagram, but if they do they should consider giving Bar Refaeli a giant trophy for being both awesome and incredibly attractive. For starters, she showed her playful side with the above photo... read more

Selena Gomez Showed Off Her Legs For Spain

Despite perpetually looking like a trap set by Chris Hansen, Selena Gomez is old enough to drink now and she's certainly old enough to start wearing more and more risqué outfits at her concerts. And while this white outfit is about as harmless as it gets compared to... read more

I Can See Brittny Gastineau's Boobs

I couldn't tell you really who Brittny Gastineau is. I know she got fucked in the spelling of her first name, and I think she's Eskimo sisters with Paris Hilton and other rich girl Hollywood types who partied hard during the whatever we called the decade of the 2000's.... read more

Nicki Minaj Is Being Sued Over 'Starships'

Nicki Minaj is being sued by a an electronic dance music artist from Chicago who claims Nicki's Starship song was a blatant ripoff of his tune Neu Chicago, which just by its title sounds pretentious and metrosexual and I refuse to investigate. These copyright cases tend... read more

Dudes In Southeast Asia Are Kind of Rapey

I don't make this shit up. The United Nations says 23% of men surveyed in Asia admit to having at least one rape under their belt. They say Asia but it's really Papua New Guinea, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka where one in four guys surveyed... read more

Chrissy Teigen Retweets Her Own Topless Photo

Everybody is trying to get naked now in music videos. It's the last ditch draw to try and get the kids back into watching music videos since MTV turned over programming to shows about teens injuring themselves. John Legend got his own SI model girlfriend Chrissy Teigen... read more

Somebody At Esquire Is Getting Really Fired

Internet journalism isn't the same as regular old school newspaper and magazine journalism. Most notably, instead of a team of editors and hours of time, you got only yourself and five minutes to get stuff up on the web. Which is why there are tons of mistakes made daily... read more

Abigail Breslin Almost Unrecognizable

Abigail Breslin claims that nobody recognizes her because she colored her hair blond. Yeah, it's definitely the hair. Not the fact that the last time we saw you you were eight years old and now you're seventeen and flashing a giant rack. If Jonathan Lipnicki walks by me... read more