Wesley Snipes Released Into The New Jack City

Nino Brown is a free man...well, sort of. You will recall that the To Wong Fu Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar star was put in jail in 2010 for not filing his tax returns. He's been remanded to The New York Community Corrections Office who will keep Blade caged up at... read more

Jessica Lowndes Who Dat Bikini

You've probably not seen that rebooted 90210 TV show. Unless you fall into the category of being pussy whipped or like staring at dudes with their shirts off or you're like my cousin Cooper who lies to his wife about hanging out at Navy bars despite never serving in the... read more

You Can Buy Michael Jackson's Medical Records Now

A 51-year old ambulance driver and former real estate agent named Brian McDaniel is trying to sell Michael Jackson's old medical records from his infamous burn accident on the set of a Pepsi commercial in 1984. Seen above in a hilarious scene from The Jacksons: An... read more

Coco Confuses Me

I've never heard of Who Say but it's apparently a thing and it's run by Ice T's wife Coco, and she posted this picture on it. I usually like to go for girls who are short, have brunette hair, a poor self esteem,and moderately sized breast. Which is the complete opposite... read more

Holly Sonders Makes Golf a Real Sport

Apparently there's such a thing as Golf Digest magazine, and even more surprising they have a fitness issue because when you think of fit and athletic, you've got to think of golf. Well thank God for Golf Digest because Holly Sonders is their cover girl for their May... read more

Amanda Cerny And Ciara Price Have No Pants (VIDEO)

I don't know how it works, but I assume that because Amanda Cerny was Playboy's Miss October for 2011 and Ciara Price was Miss November 2011, they get to be roommates in the Playboy mansion. Maybe they even have bunk beds. And every night they help each other try on... read more

Emma Watson Steals Shit

You can't be a pedo bear favorite Hermione Granger forever I suppose. Emma Watson is past her child actress phase, past her stop calling me beautiful I'll pretend to be an angry teen dyke phase, and is all grown up playing one of the chicks from the Bling Ring. That... read more

Ryan Lochte Wants To Make A Sex Tape With Ray J

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Olympic gold medalist swimmer Ryan Lochte spills the beans on his hopes and dreams, as the star of E!'s new reality series, What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, wants everyone in America to accept him as an entertainment icon.... read more

Rihanna Bitch Slaps Michael Cera (VIDEO)

Shit flows downhill I guess. Beatings from stronger to weaker. Chris Brown whooped up on Rihanna because he's a pussy who hits women when he's angry. Rihanna hits Michael Cera because he weighs less than seven stones. At least Rihanna is getting paid for her bitch slap.... read more

Claudia Jordan Steals Bikinis

If you've ever been unemployed for an extended period of time, or in a non-lethal motorcycle accident, then you've seen lots of Deal or No Deal on television. And you've seen Claudia Jordan. The hot thick model from the show. She thought it would be funny to steal her... read more

Roger Ebert Fades Out

Roger Ebert Dead at 70 Yeah, he was kind of an assy self-assured mofo, but for a fat guy, you've got to almost admire that. Talented fat men have a long andillustrioushistory in our nation's talent pool, including sports and movies. Was Roger Ebert the Babe Ruth of movie... read more

Miley and Snoop Made A Song That Sucks

Miley has a new song, a collaboration with the tattered remains of what use to be Snoop Dogs street cred called Ashtrays and Heartbreaks. It actually seems to be getting good reviews. Which means I must be missing something here because I think it's an absolute train... read more