Sara Sampaio Models Lingerie For 2014 Victoria's Secret

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Alison Brie Looking Chesty At The 'Mad Men' Season 7 Premiere In Los Angeles

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Deimante Guobyte In A Black Bikini At The Beach In Miami

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Bruce Jenner Might Be Seeing A Sex Change Coach

Bruce Jenner just returned from Thailand, where he and his ex-wife vacationed with their daughters, including Kim Kardashian, who made the family famous by letting Ray J fuck her on camera, and a lot of people seemed to think he was over there to have his sex change... read more

Nick Cannon Is Still Bragging About Kim Kardashian

"Whiteface" pioneer Nick Cannon went on the Howard Stern show yesterday to talk about the nonstop shitstorm that he's been brewing for himself, starting with his idiotic whiteface routine and leading up to his list of famous sexual conquests. Despite being married to ... read more

Gwyneth Paltrow Struggled Quietly, In Between the Lies

According to numerous publicists posing as anonymous insiders for crappy gossip magazines, Gwyneth Paltrow's marriage to Gay Beethoven was on the rocks for years. Apparently, she didn't give a twang who he nailed on the side or the fact he never attended any of her fame... read more

Kate Upton In a Bikini for The Other Woman

The Other Woman is a movie that I'm dying not to go see. The movie revolves around a woman who finds out that her husband has a mistress and the mistress finds out he has a husband, and instead of them both dumping his ass like a healthy woman would, they seek revenge.... read more

This Child Bride Seems Happy

I don't like feel good stories. They make me uncomfortable as I search my soul and wonder why I only find bitterness where others find LUVS and OMG Awesomes!!!. Some photographer named Lindsey learned that a guy with terminal cancer regretted that he'd not live to be... read more

Kate Moss Is Still Alive

Kate Moss seems to be on an important phone call. It could be with the devil reminding her that she didn't make millions off being a flabby bodied okay looking woman without his help. Or it could be her daughter phoning to remind Kate that she left her at a bar in Havana... read more

Megan Fox Looks Good With Mom Tits

I guess they're still shooting scenes for the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles. Either that or Megan Fox is postpartum nuts and performing her April O'Neil shtick on the streets of Los Angeles hoping somebody steals her unattended babies. Michael Bay seems to have this TMNT... read more

Joanna Krupa Poses In A Bikini

Joanna Krupa has her own bikini line now. I guess women are really into buying clothes with celebrity women's names on it hoping it brings them similar good fortune. I got a few football jerseys with other men's names on them, but I don't expect it to get me any tryouts.... read more

Natalie Dormer Topless And Covered In The April 2014 Issue Of GQ

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