the naked Miley Cyrus picture is real. probably.

A few people, such as popeater and gossip cop, are saying the Miley Cyrus naked cell phone pic is not actually Miley, mostly because Miley has "just breathe" tatted under her left breast, which you can't see in the naked picture. But of course this picture was taken in a mirror, so what you're actually seeing is her right breast. It's the ol' titty switch-a-roo. The oldest trick in the book! Popeater also says more

orange you glad to see Cameron Diaz

I take sole responsibility and 100 percent of the credit for the demise of Kirsten Snaggletooth Dunst, and now I hope Cameron Diaz can be the next to go because are you god damn kidding me? She still looks mostly human in movies but when you see her live, like yesterday at the Green Hornet premiere, she's a damn monster. She's so hideously ugly and annoying, if I were in a horrible car wreck and the car was on more

Katy Perry side boob is good but also frustrating

When Katy Perry performed at last nights Grammy nominations concert (honestly, is there any major award less relevant than the Grammys?), at one point the strap on her tight gold dress slipped off her shoulder, almost exposing one of her kick ass boobs. But she caught it at the last second. So then I went outside, shook my fist at the heavens and fired some guns into the air hoping to kill God. "Wwhhyyyy!", I more

Christina Aguilera was sad about her divorce :(

(NOTE - like most stories, this one is hotter if you imagine it's about UK model Rhian Sugden and her giant naked breasts. pictures under the cut.) Christina Aguilera tells People magazine that she was something feelings something something divorce oh my god I'm already bored. "When you're unhappy in your marriage, your children are the ones who suffer. That's the last thing I wanted ... Things were so unhealthy more

Julia Roberts is a moron

Julia Roberts is a mean old bitch (as best illustrated in this email from her neighbor in Malibu) and you can tell as much in this commercial for an Italian coffee company that she got $1.5 million for. First of all, she couldn't be bothered to say even one word, which by the end makes things really awkward and uncomfortable. Say something dummy! What are you, autistic? It's probably because she's too dumb to more

Britney Spears denies that her boyfriend hit her

A spokesman for Britney Spears and Jason Trawick has made a statement about todays report in Star magazine claiming that Trawick hits Britney. I think he's denying it. "Every aspect of the story published by Star Magazine is completely and utterly false. Star Magazine was informed of the falsity of the story before it was published. All the statements attributable to Jason Alexander are completely fabricated. more

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Jake Gyllenhall and Taylor Swift are official... ly boring

Jake Gyllenhaal (who turns 30 in 3 weeks) and Taylor Swift (who turns 21 in 2 weeks) are officially dating, according to Us magazine. Oh, the excitement. Us has the first photos of Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal's romantic Thanksgiving Day weekend. Arm in arm, the two looked more smitten than ever as they took an afternoon stroll in Brooklyn's Park Slope neighborhood Dating for just five weeks, the romance more

what in the hell

Jason Trawick has been a well known talent agent for a long time because of high profile clients like Britney Spears, whom he also started dating two years ago, and he's generally given a degree of credit for her comeback because he's been seen as a steadying influence on her once chaotic life. But today Star magazine goes on sale with a cover story claiming Trawick is secretly some violent lunatic who gave Britney more

Henifaa Yopez is a pervert who flashes her kitty in public

Jennifer Lopez was married to a waiter named Ojai Noa from 1997-1998, but he's still not out of her life because, since at least 2006, he's been trying to release a book and video about her, one that would seemingly violate a confidentially agreement he signed in 2002. The reason he keeps trying to release these things is because the video shows Lopez flashing her vagina in public, and he's under the impression that' more

Kim Kardashian was teased because of her boobs

The assumption is that people who are uncommonly attractive and sexy have it easier in life, and of course that assumption is correct. It's wonderful. They don't even make me pay taxes. But Kim Kardashian says it wasn't always so easy on her, and she used to actually hate that her boobs were so big (like in the picture, full size here, when she was, ahem... 14). She tells Popeater... Kourtney used to torture me more

Matt Lauer wants to know if the size of the package is important

Matt Lauer may be a respected journalist and well liked host of the Today Show, but he's a guy first, so this morning when he was talking to an attractive lady about grocery shopping, and he asked, "So the size of the package is very important?", and then she adamantly agrees that yes, the size of the package IS important, VERY important, he started to giggle. Because it's funny. Hehehe. "Package". And it didn' more

Madonna looks "puffy and bloated"

Madonna was in Mexico City yesterday for the opening of a Hard Candy gym, and though she usually looks ripped to hell, this time the Sun says she looked "puffy and bloated". Mostly they're referring to her face, and they're right. She's got those little beady eyes, and her face is all fat and pale and round. I think she might be related to Mr. Pringle. And then there's the way her gooey legs ooze out over the sides more

Elle Macpherson is a good mom

Elle Macpherson is one of like 20 women on earth who could look this hot while dropping her kids off at school in the snow. There's no real proof that angels exist but this is pretty close. You just have to believe. Just like there's no proof that dinosaurs exist, or eskimos, and yet we believe in more

Johnny Depp is still charming

A common problem for sex symbols like me and Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie and me is that the tabloids will claim you're stickin it to every girl you even have lunch with. And while that's true in my case, Johnny Depp tells Vanity Fair that he was careful to not spark any rumors about him and Angelina Jolie while they filmed the Tourist. Depp (talks) about the difficulties that arose while filming together—having more

Kim Kardashian is canceling her debit card

Just about 3 weeks ago, Kim Kardashian was hosting a fancy party in New York to announce the Kardashian Mastercard, a pre-paid debit card that she hoped would teach todays young people about managing their money. But then nerds who were probably ugly or flat chested and jealous of Kim starting claiming the card is loaded with hidden fees. CNN Money says... While regular bank debit cards are typically free and don' more