J Woww Shows Off Her Good Side

J-Woww has really been pushing the envelope on her skill set of late. By that I mean, she's now doing profile poses to show off her big fake boobs. It's a bold move, into the unknown, but what true artist is ever satisfied with the safe and predictable? Also, her scars... read more

Steve Grand Is An Openly Gay Country Singer (Video)

Country music singer Steve Grand was a nobody before last week, but now he's YouTube famous thanks to his music video for "All-American Boy", which has logged more than 611,000 views and counting. The reason for the sudden public interest is that Steve is believed to be... read more

Anna Benson Finally Goes Ballistic

There are many ways to respond to the sight of a hot stripper at a Southern peep show. Tossing bills their way comes to mind. One thing you should try to avoid is marrying them. I don't know, sometimes they have histories of mental illness, abuse, kids from previous teen... read more

Drunk Spanish Men Taunt Stupid Bulls Once More

I'm all for blood sport. Mano amano. Davy Crockett taking down a bear with spit and grit. But I don't understand the thrill of thousands of early morning drunk Spaniards tormenting stupid animals to an early grave. Everybody in the entire world except for the dumb... read more

Pamela Anderson Makes Great Decisions

Like taking Rick Salomon back into her life. After a couple years dedicated strictly to getting supremely loaded and waking up in strange houses, Pam has reconciled with Rick Salomon, the thrice married, unemployed poker playing rich kidlounge-about To be fair, one of... read more

Courtney Stodden Can't Or Won't Stop Showing Off Her New Boobs

Courtney Stodden has everything a porn star has, except for the actual porn. She's got the blown out blondhair, the big fake tits, the creepy older man purse holder, and the outfits you see only at adult fetish clubs and on unusually happy guys named Lance during pride... read more

I Can't Help But Feel That Brazil Isn't Ready for the Soccer World Stage

There's a reason all those hot supermodels flee Brazil as soon as they are old enough to have sex with important photographers. So, like 13-14. And the same reason most of the top soccer players head over to Europe not many years into their teens. Brazil is a hotbed of... read more

Paris Hilton In A Bikini With Her Dog

Like many Americans, Paris Hilton spent the 4th of July holiday giving herpes to her dog. Sorry, that's not true. Dogs can't get human herpes. But you can still really disappoint them if they find out you were lying about it after sex. Photo Credit: FameFlynet, PCN... read more

Kourtney Kardashian Clings to Her White Devil Boyfriend and Growing Obscurity

A mom can only do so much to train her girls for a life of public attention whoring. Kourtney Kardashian maybe missed the day in home school when Kris Jenner implored the girls to fire up the taboo flames by knocking boots with men of color. Khloe got the message, as did... read more

Suri Cruise Plays At The Beach With Her Pretend Family

Little Suri Cruise spent the holiday weekend at the beach with the actors hired to portray her loving family. Suri is none the wiser to the fact that paid employees of her famous Scientology father and desperately asexual mother call themselves aunts and cousins and... read more

Look Out Ladies, Here Come the O'Neal Boys

It's like watching narcotics in human form walking along the beach. Neither father or son have been the same since Farrah died of ass cancer, and considering they were both drug addicted oft-arrested louses well before her butt went malignant, that's saying something.... read more

Breathe Easy World, Tanning Mom Will Be OK

Patricia Krentcil, everyone's favorite overcooked sausage/shitty mother, is back in rehab after suffering a seizure. It's unclear but it looks like the seizure was caused by her system trying to adjust to not being bombarded by constant UV radiation and Parrothead happy... read more