Padma Lakshmi In A Bikini

Padma Lakshmi may be the cleverest woman on the planet. Forget all the success she's found being a good looking TV chef. She managed to get two mega rich dudes fighting over who her baby daddy is. First, she told her 70-something financing mogul 'special friend' Teddy... read more

Alec Baldwin Writes Whiny Letter About Paparazzi

Alec Baldwin, everyone's favorite racist drunk uncle, wrote a letter to the local East Hampton paper bitching about the paparazzi. Apparently, the bloated walking whiskey bottle had some run ins with photographers and other celebrity paps in Amagansett and East Hampton.... read more

Eminem's Daughter Crowned Homecoming Queen

All I really know about Hailie I learned from Eminem rap songs about wanting to kill her mom, or his own mom, or do something violent to somebody in honor of Hailie. I just wanted to find Hailie and hug her and tell her that her little angry father was just speaking his... read more

Carmen Electra Posts Photos Of Herself In A Bikini

Carmen Electra looks pretty damn good. I guess she knows it. It might have something to do with the fact she's banging the kid from the British boy group, The Wanted. This whole new thing with famous women nailing dudes half their age seems to be working out pretty well... read more

Madonna Is A Muslim Now, I Guess

Madonna has moved on to desecrate Islam the way she did with Christianity and Judaism. You'll recall that the bony crone made waves in the 80's by making out with Black Jesus and slutting up Catholic iconography. Later she became a Kabbalah practitioner and started... read more

Masha Lund In A Bikini

I think this water company is now just grabbing girls with big racks randomly off the street. I don't ever see any of these model shoots they keep producing. This chick Masha Lund is supposedly a Danish model. According to her website, she likes to play the piano, which... read more

Jodie Foster Has a New Flame

How can anyone forget Jodie Foster's coming out speech during the Golden Globes this year? After twenty years of being the movie industry's most prominent lesbian, Jodie Foster incoherently announced something that sounded like she officially liked vagina and everybody... read more

Alexa Vega Is Chesty (Los Senos Mas Grandes)

if Machete Kills turns out to suck, I won't be disappointed. But I will feel bad for the grande sized yabbos of Alexa Vega. The girl from Spy Kids has spent years developing her chest into big movie opening worthiness. If this turns out to be a clunker, where do her big... read more

Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner Separated

Brody Jenner had some free time on his hands seeing as how The Hills wrapped up six years ago, so he gave an interview to a British tabloid where he confirmed that his tranny dad Bruce Jenner was living full time in a Malibu rental, separate and apart from Kris Jenner.... read more

Peta Murgatroyd Shows Up In A Sports Bra To Rehersals For 'Dancing With The Stars'

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI, Splash [gallery ids="1590562,1590572,1590582,1590592,1590602,1590612,1590622,1590632,1590642"] read more

Shanina Shaik Models Lingerie For Next 2013 Autumn-Winter Line

Photo Credit: Next [gallery ids="1590452,1590462,1590472,1590482,1590492,1590502,1590512,1590522"] read more

Don't Worry, Bar Refaeli Is Still Attractive

In case you were worried that Bar Refaeli had recently been mauled by tigers or fallen off a cliff and struck every rock with her face on the way down, the Israeli model posted the above image to Instagram to let everyone know that she's still indeed practically perfect... read more