Adrien Brody Is Straight, James Franco Wishes He Wasn't

It's odd to think that Adrien Brody might be the last bastion of heterosexuality in Hollywood. Who would've called that? But apparently he does like chicks, including his girlfriend and these belly dancers in Turkey. His career is probably fucked now that everybody knows... read more

DMX Streaks Through A Detroit Hotel

DMX surprised the staff at a hotel in Detroit by running naked through the hallways. It's unclear why the rapper decided to let his dog out for the poor cleaning lady to see, other than the fact that he is baby eating crazy and super fucking high most of his waking... read more

Lingerie Models Exposed in Interview Magazine

I'm not sure what possesses photographers to get some of the hottest women in the world to take their clothes off and then decide to turn down the lights way down. I'd crank those halogens like I was the king of illuminated porn shoots. When I turn down the lights it's... read more

Kanye West Disses Eskimo Brother Ray J

Kanye West hit back at Ray J in their continuing playground rivalry over who tagged Kim Kardashian first (well, first between the two of them, as neither of them were around when Kim was fourteen and first figuring out what it'd take to get a high school diploma the easy... read more

Nina Agdal Models Leonisa Lingerie

Photo Credit: Leonisa Lingerie [gallery guid=805187] read more

Dave Chappelle Is Still Jacked

Dave Chappelle recently walked off stage at a festival in Hartford, Connecticut, where he was the headlining act, because he said some "young, white alcoholics" were heckling him from the crowd. He even went as far as to say that he hopes that if North Korea ever bombs... read more

Amanda Seyfried Has Strange Taste In Men

Amanda Seyfried is a hot 27-year old actress who has become a leading lady in roles that aren't quite award-worthy but are still better than 99% of the shit out there, while Justin Long is a 35-year old actor who looks like he was picked out of a crowd to be the before... read more

Farrah Abraham Still Thinks She's A Celebrity

Teen Mom "star" turned porn "actress" Farrah Abraham attended the OK! TV Launch Party in Manhattan last night, which was pretty strange because it wasn't held inside a strip club. But for the first time in her young career as an entrepreneur, Farrah fit in pretty well,... read more

Miranda Kerr Flashes Her Bare Boobs On The Red Carpet

I don't know why more women don't show off their bare boobs. What's the worst that could happen? You hear a few catty comments from other women. Maybe the church defrocks you. But, you get so much in return. A virtual queen of your dominion. You know how often men turn... read more

Lady Gaga Is a Good Girlfriend

Lady Gaga came out of her apartment in New York with her face completely concealed behind a mask. Some read it as a grand social statement but those close to Lady Gaga know it was just something she promised to do for her boyfriend Taylor Kinney for his birthday. It's so... read more

Irina Shayk Shows Off Her Chest

If you're ever forced to go to some sucky upscale art exhibit party, you should be so lucky to have Irina Shayk arrive and show off her tits just because. Anywhere you don't want to go could be made sufferable if Irina Shayk showed up flashing her boobs. Prostate check?... read more

George Zimmerman Might Be Bored

George Zimmerman seems to miss the action of the legal system. Not that his speeding tickets and showing up at his newly ex-wife's house to threaten her and her parents with a gun is any more than a few dozen celebrities do around here on any given Saturday evening, but... read more