Farrah Abraham Hosted The EOTM Awards Because She’s An Entrepreneurial Icon

By Travis August 05, 2013 @ 11:00 AM

Farrah Abraham has been referred to as a lot of things – a liar, substance abuser, attention whore, just plain whore, porn star, bad mom, etc. – but an entrepreneur might be the most interesting one yet. Farrah and a “media mogul” named Eric Zuley were the co-hosts of the 2013 Entrepreneurs on the Move Awards over the weekend, as the event honored and rewarded some of the biggest and fastest-rising self-made success stories in America.

Apparently Farrah fits into that mold, as the people at EOTM picked her for her own entrepreneurial successes, in that she’s famous because she forgot to use a condom and then tried to fake a sex tape with the world’s most well-known male porn star. Yes, that’s it. She’s a brilliant entrepreneur and definitely not a woman who would inflate her tits to the size of garbage trucks if it meant two more minutes of fame.

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Leah Remini Is Writing A Tell-All About Scientology

By Travis August 05, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

It seemed like actress Leah Remini was trying to keep out of the spotlight in the wake of her decision to leave the Church of Scientology, and that was probably a good idea unless she wanted to be chained to “Lord Xenu’s Radiator of Galactic Peril” on board the SS Fuckin’ CRAZY for the next 60 years. But L. Ron Hubbard’s wrath be damned, because she was all smiles at the 15th annual DesignCare event in Malibu just two weeks ago.

According to US Weekly, Leah revealed at that event that she will be writing a tell-all book about her experiences in Scientology, including “everything that’s taboo to talk about,” which I assume means all of the late night tickle fights between Tom Cruise and church leader David Miscavige, during which Katie Holmes would cry while thinking about how she used to be one of the hottest young actresses in the world.

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Heather Mills In A Bikini At The A1 Beach Volleyball Championship

By Lex August 05, 2013 @ 9:49 AM

Heather Mills In A Bikini At The A1 Beach Volleyball Championship In Austria

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Adriana Lima Danced With Some Other Women For Miu Miu (VIDEO)

By Travis August 05, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

The women’s fashion brand Miu Miu released a video to promote its new fall and winter line, and while I don’t know much about women’s clothing other than underwear made from Fruit Roll-Ups, it appears that the theme of this campaign is pissed off bipolar 1950s lesbian. Featured prominently in the video is Victoria’s Secret supermodel Adriana Lima, who keeps pretending like she’s going to make out with the other models, and I have to be honest – I’m not going to buy the expensive women’s clothing if Adriana’s just going to be a tease.

I may be a pervert, but I have to stick by my goddamned principles.

Jennifer Aniston Might Be Pregnant

By Lex August 02, 2013 @ 6:06 PM

Jennifer Aniston Debuts Possible Baby Bump At The Premiere For 'We're The Millers' In New York
It’s important to Jennifer Aniston that you know that she is not lonely. Jennifer often gets called the eternal bridesmaid and the ever-dumped ex, when in fact, she is literally the most popular girl at the dance. To help educate the public on just how much men want her, Jennifer willed herself a swollen womb at the premiere of her new movie We’re the Millers. She may not have a baby, but it’s vital that you understand that she could have one, at any time, with any of a million men who would kill to knock her up. When you believe, the bump will go away.

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Ellen Degeneres To Host the 2014 Oscars

By Lex August 02, 2013 @ 4:29 PM

Ellen Degeneres Onstage At The 79th Annual Academy Awards In Los Angeles
The Oscars pick their host these days like my friend Jeff finds women. He gets super loaded and makes a lot of bad decisions. I’m not sure how many beers it takes before you fall in love with Ellen, I think for Portia de Rossi it took about fifty million dollars worth. Fuck it, nobody hates Ellen and she fits the tuxedo. Good choice, Oscars.

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James Deen Says Sasha Grey Is Hated In The Porn World

By Jack August 02, 2013 @ 3:31 PM

The Canyons’ star James Deen says that Sasha Grey can’t show her formerly sticky face around the porn industry anymore. Sasha apparently burned a lot of bridges in her desire to move to legitimate acting. According to him she has a bad reputation for a variety of reasons. Supposedly she is really difficult and manipulative. A few years ago Sasha was one of the most popular cum targets in the industry, largely because she was willing to do just about anything. Then she decided that she wanted to transfer to the kind of acting that doesn’t involve getting fucked in the ass by two guys at once. Most famously Grey did a season on Entourage as…well…Sasha Grey. There isn’t anything wrong with wanting to do non-porn, it’s the way she went about it that people in the biz object to. Deen says,

“Her manager dropped her because in the “Entourage” meeting, apparently she had this whole freakout about how porn ruined her life. The second they left the meeting, in the elevator, she was like, “I think I’ll get the part now.” And the manager was like, “Are you serious? You just said that porn ruined your life and you’re just laughing about it now? What was that, fake?”

OK, so maybe she’s a bitch and has a bad reputation, but in the end it doesn’t really matter. If you do porn you will never be taken seriously. After all, Grey played herself in Entourage and was still naked half the time. Hell, at least Deen plays a character in that shitty Canyons movie he did with Lindsay Lohan. The legitimate film industry is never going to let you forget you did porn. You’ll either end up making crap art-house films, be in cult movies like the ones Traci Lords did with Jon Waters, or play porn stars. Working in porn has never led to legitimate acting work. Just ass herpes and despair.

Jennifer Flavin In A Bikini

By Lex August 02, 2013 @ 2:29 PM

Jennifer Flavin In A Bikini And Tank Vacationg In The South Of France
Rocky’s wife looks pretty good in a bikini. I don’t know if she’s tapping into Sly’s old man muscle pills and shots, but she’s a mom I’d like to Flavin.

Here’s Jennifer in a bikini on a yacht in the South of France. I once saw the South of France on a map. It looks like a fun place to hang out if you can afford a yacht.

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