Farrah Abraham Wants To Stay A Virgin Forever...

Farrah Abraham says that she doesn't like the way people use sex for money and power and wants to remain a virgin forever. That seems like a rather lofty goal considering she's been on camera having the ever living virginity banged out of her by a porn star. I'm so... read more

Kate Mara In Lingerie For The March 2014 Issue Of GQ

Photo Credit: GQ [gallery guid=804273] read more

Gillian Jacobs In A Bikini Top For The Feb March 2014 Issue Of Nylon Guys

Photo Credit: Nylon Guys [gallery guid=804274] read more

Kim Kardashian Is Calling In The C-List Guns

In a very important reminder that she still technically has a job, Kim Kardashian filmed a segment of her "reality" series at a high end baby store in Los Angeles yesterday. And to show that she's really still one of the most powerful women in the world with scores of... read more

Taylor Swift Takes Flying Very Seriously

While most people prefer to dress down when they fly, so they don't have to worry about random, smelly and sweaty strangers sleeping and farting on them, Taylor Swift is still a delicate flower and must keep up her appearance as such at all times. She looked fresher than... read more

Amber Heard Brought A 1920s Gangster To Her Movie Premiere

Johnny Depp has appeared to have moved on from his two-decade run as a living rock star pirate in favor of this new look as an early 20th century gangster, or at least a middle-aged asshole who still shows up to swing revivals. He joined his girlfriend Amber Heard at the... read more

Give Me Back My Damn Bikini Top, You Venezuelean Whore

I might be reading into this. And I might be confusing Venezuela with Brazil. I think all of South America was like one piece in Risk. But there's still nothing finer than seeing two girls with with big fake yabbos and a poor command of the English language grabbing each... read more

Johnny Weir Sticks It to Putin By Raiding His Ex-Wife's Closet

It's tough being an activist. You can be the preaching vegan, but when the meat-lovers pizza arrives at the apartment after a night of drinking, that's where the rubber meets the road. Johnny Weir took a lot of grief from the rainbow flag wavers for attending the Sochi... read more

Olympic Skier's Tits Cause Riots in Lebanon

I guess showing off your tits in Lebanon is not such a widely approved practice. At least not compared to the nationally approved hobbies of rubble rummaging and talking about how awesome Lebanon used to be. Lebanese Olympic skier Jackie Chamoun got hit with the old... read more

Courtney Stodden Found a Place to Put Her New Lips

When A-list talent changes management, it's big news in this town. When Courtney Stodden changes reps, it's an excuse for tabloids to show you her new ginormous fucking lips. Courtney's now signed up with David Weintraub of the uniquely titled David Weintraub... read more

OJ Simpson Is Sad

OJ Simpson is going on a hunger strike in a Nevada prison because he's sad and wants to die. He's currently serving time for a 2008 conviction for kidnapping and robbery, though he's better remembered for slaughtering his ex-wife and the world's most unlucky waiter.... read more

Emilia Clarke Is The Most Desirable

According to a poll of readers from AskMen.com, my go to source for prostate health and watch buying tips, Emilia Clarke is the most desirable woman in the world. There's no possible way to win the list game on the Internet, but picking the okay looking chick from Game... read more