Christa B. Allen B Sexy and Shit Around the Web

Halsey spends lavishly, DVD & Blu-ray nudity, and more! read more

Dennis Rodman Back in NoKo

There can be no greater crazy quotient than when Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un are in the same room together talking current events. The North Korean dictator is your typical chunky Asian baller with a semi-decent outside shot and a desire to level the earth. Dennis... read more

Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Matching Ink

Kylie Jenner and the rapper she's fucking this week obtained matching butterfly tattoos. Guess who's going to be more ashamed by that indelible mark one day. Hint, it's not going to be the dude telling all his buddies about how he once fucked the shit out of Kylie Jenner... read more

Alison Brie Topless Subjugation

Alison Brie spoke up about the objectification of women in the entertainment industry at the ATX Television Festival this weekend. She was pimping out her new Netflix series GLOW when she divulged the lascivious details of her audition for a small part on Entourage... read more

Demi Moore 'Sheared Off' Front Teeth To Stress

Demi Moore, had a lighthearted mental break last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The former celebrity kicked off the interview by acknowledging that she is missing her front teeth due to complications from stress. A cute word for drug addition. Allegedly.... read more

Bray Wyatt Sticking the Ring Girl

WWE character and one-time champ, Bray Wyatt, is facing an expensive divorce petition. His wife's not digging the second act reveal where her husband fucks the big titty WWE ring girl, JoJo Offerman. Cheating with your hot secretary is cliche enough so as to demand some... read more

Kourtney Kardashian Celebrates Single With New Beach Tits

Kourtney Kardashian has declared herself formally single. No more drunk guy who wouldn't marry her because he had a guaranteed contract and three lockdown babies and didn't need a five foot tall chick yelling at him for drinking the rest of his life. read more

Chantel Jeffries Bosomy Black Bikini and Shit Around the Web

  Donna D'Errico looking busty, Remy Ma slips a nip, and more! read more

ABC's Bachelor In Paradise Shut Down Over a Little Non-Consensual Cunnilingus

It's odd that a heavily staged reality show would face its demons after fifteen years for doing the same miscreant bullshit it's been doing for fifteen years. Crappy produced reality television for women, meet 2017 social and political hysterical hype by women.  read more

Katy Perry Weekend Confessional For Remaining Fans

Katy Perry crammed a lifetime's worth of publicity stunts into one weekend thanks to the Big Brother-style live stream promotion of her new album Witness. She divulged her suicidal thoughts, best celebrity fucks, and cultural appropriation woes during scheduled interviews... read more

Gwyneth Paltrow the Gathering

Gwyneth Paltrow took a big steaming Goop on eager attendees as her first annual "In Goop Heath Summit" in Los Angeles this weekend. Nobody even flinched at the use of cheap puns for clearly serious medical seminars. read more

Delta and BofA Pull Out of Trump Murder Play

Shakespeare in the Park now includes a Donald Trump character as a modern Julius Caesar being knifed to death by Brutus and his buddies. At least the Central Park version this summer. This might be more provocative if it weren't the millionth time Trump has been... read more