Cara Delevingne Seems Unstoppable

Cara Delevingne is one of those chicks racking up career accomplishments with the impossible to overestimate benefit of a massive social media following. If you're producing a historical costume drama, you could do worse than her thirty million Instagram followers pushed to buy more

Nicki Minaj And Madonna Fashion Forward

The Met Gala is New York's version of the Oscars, only you don't have to have a job to attend, just a really expensive dress. Until fully audited, consider it a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum which needs to remain open so student filmmakers at NYU have somewhere to guerrilla shoot. More movies about what it's like to grow up with two literati parents who ignored you, more

Radio Disney Assembles Their Pretty Babies

Disney TV and radio events resemble the trotting out of child sex slave workers freed from dingy sub-basements after Adam LaRoche has raided the joint. We've won the battle but we're losing the war. Fogle has a Foundation. LaRoche just has Wonderboy and Jesus in his more

Bieber Tranqs His Tiger

Tiger blood seemed cooler when it was a cheeky euphemism for The AIDS running through Charlie Sheen's veins. Less cool when loaded with sedatives to keep kitty comatose at a Toronto engagement party for Justin Bieber's righteous dad Jeremy. You'd think maybe Jeremy Bieber would've given up on romance after fucking a baby into a runaway teen and making a very small grown up. His prospects certainly got richer when more

Carlos Martinez STD Sued

Cardinals starting pitcher Carlos Martinez had to leave St. Louis to defend himself in court for aggravated re-gifting of an STD to a chick in a Miami. If every man in this world was a pro athlete, we'd all be making pilgrimages to South Florida for similar cases. The upside of playing big league ball is you pull exceptionally good tail for a skinny dude from the Dominicanread more

Amy Schumer Cam Raped

Amy Schumer missed the first day of I'm suddenly super fucking rich and famous orientation. The late bloomers never catch up. Watch the fat kids in ski school. Born attractive chicks embrace their bogus public persona from the time they're working over their sixth grade teacher for a passing grade. You and everybody else passed the background check. Give her an A just in more

Adriana Lima Is Muy Caliente And Shit Around The Web

Adriana Lima's job is to show up to events, strike a pose, and let guys imagine fucking her. The hours are rough, but the pay is good and virtual spooge doesn't leave any more

Kendall Jenner Meets the President

The White House Correspondents Dinner used to be a showcase for the sitting President to recite cracks about himself and the White House press corps then hand out a bunch of awards to dead people. The annual event served as a friendly reminder that the press who cover POTUS will do pretty much whatever he and his staff ask since they're looking for access or just sweet jobs in the White more

Ariel Winter's Mom Not Down With Boob Reduction

Ariel Winter received official clearance to ditch her mom four years ago. She claimed Crystal Workman was emotionally and physically abusive. The kind of incentive a kid needs to book Juicy Juice at nine, but not a network TV gig when you're sporting 36D's at fourteen. Workman claims all the abuse came from her daughter who 'bullied' her into finding her gigs starting at age more

Kate England in A Bikini

Can you be friends with a woman you've seen butt-fucked seventy-three times on camera? Gaping for a living seems less troubling than a woman who consumes self-help non-fiction. If adult film acting credentials were the sole factor by which you chose female friends friends, you'd notice your guy friends wanting to come over far more often. Many of them would bring beer and willingly offer to help you move more

Tracy Anderson in A Bikini

Tracy Anderson is the go-to fitness guru for all the big names in Hollywood. According to her press releases she trains Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Richie, Lena Dunham and a shit load of westside moms who want to look like any of the first three. Time to edit your sizzle list. Anderson shapes the health and fitness of her clients through a strict regimen of hardcore dance workouts, healthy eating, and more

Bella Hadid Breasts Responding Well to Lyme Disease

There's no more compelling competition than two sisters climbing over each other for sexual attention. It's not as if older sister becomes a lawyer so you become a doctor. That's a CW show. Not the a celebrity model family in more

Adam LaRoche Child Sex Sting and Female Ted Cruz Porn on The Last Men on Earth Podcast #43 (AUDIO)

On this week's podcast Matt and I wonder if there's any kind of porn that wouldn't get half a million views, consider if Blac Chyna is a bad or good whore, evaluate Leonardo DiCaprio's pussy chemtrail, and consider the curious case of former White Sox slugger Adam LaRoche busting up child sex rings in Vietnam. That really happened. We more

Carmen Valentina Porn Star in the Park

Porn stars recently decided they were going to come out of society's shadows. Like heroic Mexican migrants yet to be fully hand stamped. I think that's the acceptable term now. We know the porn stars walk among us. They gotta eat. You know they need to wash their clothes. And home The AIDS tests aren't accurate to a commercially viable more

Will Ferrell Drops Reagan Flick And Shit Around The Web

Will Ferrell has backed out of a project in which he would have played Ronald Reagan in the depths of Alzheimer's Disease...for laughs. People in Hollywood still hate Reagan but for a moment forgot about all of the studio chiefs with early onset more