Rebel Wilson Asked to Butt Finger Unnamed Actor

“A male star, in a position of power asked me to go into a room with him and then asked me repeatedly to stick my finger up his ass." read more

Anthony Edwards Story Reminds That Hollywood Boys Are the Biggest Target

In the midst of hungry ingenues being forced to consider seeing bald men masturbate to get a movie role, save some space in your prayers for the Lost Boys with bloody rectums. read more

Carrie Bradshaw Looks Great

Last night marked the twenty-first annual MTV European Music Awards, where the who's whose of sassy starlets gathered to celebrate all of the vast achievements in contemporary music created on the same Casio keyboard. While appearances by fourteen-year-old Snapchat stars... read more

Hot Female Hunter Captures NBA G.O.A.T.

Lebron James is a basketball player, father, and married man in that order. When your career allows you to afford child support married men can commit to diving into DMs like a pirate looking for lost doubloons.  read more

Jenny McCarthy Dug Deep For Her Sex Victim Story

Jenny McCarthy suddenly remembers that time Steven Seagal asked her to take off her clothes during an audition for "Unnamed Hot Chick" in Under Siege 2 in 1995. read more

Harvard Now Has Introductory Classes On Anal

When college is financially "effin you in the A" the least they can do is offer an introductory class on anal. Thank you Harvard. read more

Lord Of Retail Amazon Making Lord Of Rings Show

Somehow Jeff Bezos went from “I sell books” to I sell books and can compete with your favorite HBO television series. read more

Pics Of Bella Hadid Before Plastic Surgery Reveal Mischievous Witch

Those of you who have already gazed upon the pre-plastic surgery pictures of Bella Hadid probably suffered a fate similar to Toht in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and those of you who haven't are about to be sorry you clicked on this post, because it's honestly not going to be... read more

Facebook Wants You To Fork Over Nudes, For Safety

  All of the money in the world and owning his own Hawaiian Island wasn’t enough for Zuck, now he wants your nudes.  read more

Bob Saget Put A Ring On It

This counts as an upgrade for Saget. His old fling he gave a ring to still dresses like an extra in Stranger Things. Sometimes you have to do what’s best for yourself and leave someone you promised to love forever in 1997 with a divorce.  read more

The OG Megan Fox Granny Instagram Hottie

Megan Fox has apparently signed a forty-five-year contract with lingerie company Frederick's of Hollywood, because once again she's back to pimp out their whore clothes to the delight of people who appreciate the finer things in life. Megan Fox was the... read more

Mick Jag Scores 23-Year-Old Shag

When you’re 74 you should be on an oxygen tank, not on Cialis humping the hottie that could be you granddaughter. But when you’re Jagger you’re a legend that’s not bound by the laws of life and impervious to attributes often associated with old age. read more