Hypersexual Bella Thorne Reveals Lesbian Crushes

The product of a trash compactor and a bottle of Viagra, Bella Thorne, is mostly a vagina with just a very haphazard body built around it as an afterthought, and while talking to StyleCaster, she revealed that her vag is hungry for Kristen Stewart, Demi Lovato, and Camila... read more

Tommy Lee Jones Hates Joker Jim Carey

Jim Carrey must feel enough burn to still talk about how a peer feels personally about his brand of comedy. Almost the same amount of burn the alleged bumps in Carey’s pants would cause. read more

Gal Gadot Hates America

Gal Gadot is about as charming as Natalie Portman's role in Black Swan as played by a skin tag during her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The thirty-two-year-old Israeli and Mr. Tears Of A Clown cover everything from her role in Wonder Woman to the... read more

Marvel and Netflix Cancel 'The Punisher' at Comic-Con

In light of the Vegas gun massacre, Netflix and Marvel decided to cancel the upcoming The Punisher show panel at New York Comic-Con. read more

Jay-Z Is Only Love In An Elevator From Now On

With sister-in-laws you either want to fondle them or fight them. There’s no in-between. Just a perpetual lust or loathe relationship until you eventually get divorced. read more

Halloween Chills and Spills in This Week's Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

Feel like getting into the spirit of the Halloween season a little early? Well, Mr. Skin is in the mood for some seasonal nudes in this week’s Mr. Skin Minute as he takes a look at the best nude scenes from horror remakes! read more

Mario Lopez Begging For A Free Meal

Past season celebrities often test just how out of style they are by seeing who is still willing to give them free shit. It’s never considered unwarranted soliciting when you’ve been on TV.  read more

Harvey Weinstein Up Sexual Harassment Shit Creek

The New York Times published a scathing, indepth article about Harvey Weinstein and several decades of pay-to-play treatment of female employees, actresses, and other hungry women in the business. And by "pay", they mean happy ending massages of his tubby body up in his... read more

Hot Bravo Mom Beth Bowen Visits The Last Men on Earth Podcast #104

On this week's Last Men on Earth Podcast, with special guest Beth Bowen, we discuss Jennifer Garner's attempt to be a regular old gal, ask Beth to specifically identify what's left for women to gender complain about, hook into numerous theories about lady teachers banging... read more

Arianny Celeste for Less and Shit Around the Web

  Adriana Lima workout, Bella Thorne dancing, and more! read more

Amber Rose Degraded By Stripper Pedigree

Amber Rose completed her third annual Slut Walk this past weekend. Or did she? Certain slut related issues remain entirely unresolved. read more

Madonna Stalker Makes Bank After Cop Beating

It’s a good year for anyone interested in stalking their favorite celebrity. An Iowan man was cleared of all charges in stalking Kate Beckinsale. And now the man after Madonna was just awarded $455K after being served a steaming hot cup of NYC police brutality. read more