Lesser Affleck Jumps on the Divorce Train

Casey Affleck recently won an Academy Award only to lose in his marriage with Summer Phoenix. The pile of paid-out-of-court sexual predator settlements might have something to do with it. read more

Mariah Carey Fat Shamed From Within

Somebody on Instagram noted that Mariah Carey looked "like a whale" in a self-promotional late night romantic Instagram with her non-heterosexual young dancer boyfriend. Obviously this troll has never seen a real whale.  read more

Lena Dunham Is Listening

Lena Dunham ratted on two American Airlines attendants she claims she overheard at JFK speaking unfavorably about transgendered teenagers and how they would never accept one because they think it's gross. Dunham wasn't even flying American, but to think she's not... read more

Kristen Stewart Craving Men Again

Girls go through phases in their lives. Muff diving is a popular one when it comes to women exploring themselves. Especially in college. Lesbian until graduation. But Kristen is not ready to lock herself down to pearl diving only. read more

Megan Fox Also Has a Son in A Dress

To credit Megan Fox, she was crazy in the head long before it became trendy in Hollywood. Her OCD and self-harming are self-admitted bits of her personality. As is the fact she's a bisexual who speaks in tongues at church. She's not altogether put together. You forgot all... read more

Gigi Hadid's Twin Dutch Model

A plus-sized Dutch model by the name of Iza IJzerman is being hailed as the second coming of international modeling sensation Gigi Hadid. The resemblance is striking, though you can't throw a rock in the Netherlands without hitting someone with blonde hair and blue eyes.... read more

Lollapalooza is Fest with Most Sex

I require a lot of bang for my buck. If I'm going to shell out cash and dedicate time off from work there needs to be a good reason.  read more

Youtube Threesome Gets the Followers

YouTube celebrities still don't classify as stars. Mostly because 90% of Youtubers are very average individuals. What else to do when out of ideas and reaching for relevancy? Hold interviews for a threesome. read more

Martina "Tini Bikini" Stoessel and Shit Around the Web

Hotties in red hot red swimsuits, nudity in Stephen King movies, and more! read more

Rob Kardashian Sinking Into Oblivion

It's hard to watch a man slowly eat himself to death. Ironically, I've seen several slowly drink themselves to death and it almost seems natural. read more

Screech Downs Lip Dip, No Chaser

What average people do on a dare makes life a little more exciting. What washed up celebrities do for money is downright nasty. read more