Lindsay Lohan Goes Muslim

For unknown reasons Lindsay Lohan has become passionate about the Syrian refugee crisis, probably to get attention. She was in a Turkish camp wearing a hijab and shooting the shit with the huddled masses, even dawning a medical coat to 'assist with pediatric medical... read more

Dancing With The Stars Targets Billy Bush

Dancing with the Stars has solidified its place as pop culture's trash heap. Their definition of celebrity appears to be anyone in the tabloids for nefarious reasons or anyone blood related to someone famous for being a douchebag. read more

Kylie Jenner Is Covered Topless In Complex And Shit Around The Web

Kylie Jenner wears only an arm bra in Complex Magazine. Arm bra is the most she's worn since spouting breasts at five thanks to getting into dad's special medicine. read more

Joe Jonas Still Trying (VIDEO)

Who knows if Joe Jonas likes the cock or not. Ten percent of the population is gay. That number rises exponentially among attractive young men in the performing arts. Though the officially out rate in Hollywood remains barely above zero. If you're looking for a rough way... read more

King Cairo Is Super Fucked

Giving a kid a majestic name is the standard setup for a gutter ball of a future. King Cairo, the boy child Tyga fucked into Blac Chyna because each misread the tea leaves on the other's financial prospects, now shuttles between life with his 400 FICO score midget rapper... read more

Joy Behar Apologizes (VIDEO)

It's unclear who first agreed that perfunctory and compulsory apologies between adversaries would serve as valid recompense. Apologies are Hallmark cards between loved ones to explain that you were just an asshole that one evening and meant nothing by it. I'm sorry I... read more

Kim Zolciak's Daughter Still Up for Bid

Kim Zolciak brought her daughter Brielle back to Los Angeles in search of opportunities. Two-for-one deals on blonde hair extensions and oversized Top Gun aviators means somebody's looking like twinsies. Mom wore bar code that if you scan with an app shows you naked... read more

Birth of a Nation Underperforms

In the final weeks of the Presidential campaign, Trump attacks have drowned out every other politically correct obligatory outrage. Including how Nate Parker's groundbreaking Birth of a Nation film suffered pretty mediocre to poor box office results in its opening week... read more

Derrick Rose Borrows from Hillary Clinton

You know how simple minded people are hyper concerned that if the President has lousy personal character it will cause a meltdown of polite society and their children will grow up to be sodomites and soccer fans? They're right. read more

Tom Brady No Comment On Trump

Tom Brady is friends with Donald Trump because he gets free golf out of the deal and Brady is nothing if not pragmatic. Over/under he spends 45 minutes on the phone per week haggling with Time Warner to knock a few bucks off his package read more

Kristen Stewart And St Vincent Back Together

Kristen Stewart is back together with her ex girlfriend St Vincent who was formerly dating Cara Delevingne making her the new Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon except with crotch bumping or quite possibly just Instagram pics. read more

Amy Adams Ample Cleavage And Shit Around The Web

Amy Adams brought her tits to the red carpet. You can tell she hates doing the whole song and dance and titty show. That should not take away from your enjoyment. read more