Matrix Re-Reloaded

Because Hollywood loves to bet on a winner, or bet again on a previous winner winning again since new ideas are frightening and come up relatively poorly in cost-benefit calculations, Warner Bros. is circling the idea of a Matrix reboot. read more

Ireland Baldwin Nipslip Seems Accidentally on Purpose

Ireland Baldwin is proof that young women can have it all today. Low pay topless modeling gigs, rehab, and dinners with gaysian power shoe designers. It's what Mary Tyler Moore would be doing today if she wasn't dead. read more

Disney Sustainable Beauty and the Beast Wear Seems Depressing

Disney is all in on Beauty and the Beast live action remake as social justice centerpiece. Why else remake the animated classic with the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and Josh Gad questioning his sexuality. Onscreen this time. read more

Ben Affleck Back to Rehab

Ben Affleck finished a run in rehab while you weren't even paying attention. Pretty epic sleight of hand. Also, nobody notices where he goes. Occasionally, check the press wire to see how Batman's going. His press people show up to workwhile he's drying out. read more

Mischa Barton Revenge Porned

Some guy is reportedly shopping around a Mischa Barton sex tape that he made with her. The unnamed man is seeking half a million dollars. The smart money says his face isn't in it. read more

Kal Penn Pidgeonholed

Kal Penn tweeted out a bunch of old audition breakdowns. Apparently since he looks really Indian, people wanted him to audition for Indian parts. read more

Kendall Jenner Hot In Red Lingerie And Shit Around The Web

Kendall Jenner is unbelievably bangable in red lingerie. Even more bangable out of it. I'm such a pig. read more

Penn State President Out in the Cold

The guy who ran the University where Jerry Sandusky used to insist on cleaning young boys inside and out in the showers is the last man standing in prosecution of conspiracy to hide kid rape. read more

Megan Fox Has to Work

Megan Fox seemed fully separated from her vertigo experiencing long-term unemployed former husband, Brian Austin Green. His mysterious illnesses limits his ability to work. Hanging out in the sweet digs his wife pays for remains on the medically approved list. read more

Guy Who Beat Up Subway Jared Speaks Out

Television is our greatest teacher. Countless prison shows have taught us there's a hierarchy in the joint. No matter which state prison hosts you as a long term guest, kiddie fuckers are on the bottom rung. I raped a grown woman. You fingered her daughter. You're mine to... read more

Justin Bieber Not a People Person (VIDEO)

You don't have to be a people person for Usher to find you, dispense throat babies, and turn you into a junior teen pop star. Justin Bieber's identifiable skills are being cute and playing some guitar. Being a selfless dude was never on the employee questionnaire. read more

Model Bre Tiesi to Marry Johnny Manziel

When you meet the woman who pulled you out of the gutter, you can only hope she's a hot model. Or plan it that way. Johnny Manziel credits brunette model Bre Tiesi with rescuing him from a life of alcoholism and punching girlfriends. His record is now a couple months... read more