Big Brazilian Pokemon Go Ass

For all their shortcomings and shitty handball matches, Brazil excels at the production of vulcanized rubber, chicken parts, and attainable looking sixes with enormous fake asses. read more

Chloe Khan Big Breasted Eviction

There's no rhyme or reason why the Big Brother TV show exists other than people who watch are of age or functionality unable to find the remote in the cushions. Even the people who produce Big Brother know it sucks, so they created Celebrity Big Brother and promptly... read more

Kim Kardashian Writes A Book

Kim Kardashian is coming out with a new book called SELFISH, as if that's something to be proud of. In 2016 admitting you're a trust fund douche without a high school education is tantamount to winning a gold medal. read more

Amber Heard Zero Pride (VIDEO)

Amber Heard freaked out in an office building and refused to be deposed when her lawyers explained to her that there are consequences for lying under oath. read more

Cindy Crawford Pimping Her Daughter in The Last Men on Earth Podcast #56

On this week's Last Men on Earth Podcast we discuss the magical Shkreli and his long distance medical diagnostic powers, why the Olympics are one big super fucking charade, Courtney Stodden's miscarriage bikini thong shares, Malia Obama puffing tough, Cindy Crawford... read more

Clintons Amazing Speakers

The Clintons are some fucking public speakers. Their haul puts Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber to shame on ticket take. read more

Lais Ribeiro Shows Some Cleavage And Shit Around The Web

Lais Ribiero's tits will make you believe again. Believe that every hot girl who can get the fuck out of Brazil has already got out. Now smile and wave and say something wonderful about your home country from your Brentwood home. read more

Ron Howard's Daughter's Tits (The Mr. Skin Minute Video)

Ron Howard is re-producing Splash but with a male mermaid. Channing Tatum. So a beady-eyed marmoset looking male mermaid. If you use the term merman you might as well just take your own life now. read more

Anthony Still Polishing the Weiner

Sydney Leathers, the pudgy political groupie chick who first exposed Congressman Anthony Weiner as an online masturbator of some noteworthy frequency, claims the New Yorker is still courting women online with his bare cock and ironic conversation. read more

Ariel Winter's Shorts Don't Fit

Ariel Winter has taken to dressing like you wouldn't be allowed to in high school if you'd been allowed to go to high school. Home schooling is just another name for wild drunk chick at eighteen. read more

Madison Beer Has Pipes

Madison Beer is that teen Justin Bieber signed to his sub-label at Island Records. Coincidentally, she's also got big tits and becomes street legal in six months. read more

Mel Gibson's Beat Down Baby Mama Costs Herself Half A Mill

The thing about taking shut the fuck up money from Mel Gibson about his beat downs is you need to shut the fuck up. read more