Phoebe Price And Angelique Morgan Tits And Ass For Dinner

Coquettish transvestites Phoebe Price and Angelique Morgan graced the sidewalks of West Hollywood while visiting hotspot Craig’s restaurant. You know your restaurant has made it when Price’s ass juices are being absorbed into the chairs. read more

Kourtney Kardashian Revenge Nude

Men watch the Kardashians with the sum total thinking of, Jesus, this shit is staged for idiots. Maybe I'd fuck that one there on the left, no, not the big one, the one next to her. Lights off. Women watch in rapture at the dramatic antics of crazy set of girls they'd die... read more

Harry Styles Gay-Baiting Up a Storm

Harry Styles is cashing in on thirsty gays to make money. Watch out James Franco. Styles hinted at his sexual ambiguity while pimping out his latest album, Harry Styles. read more

Jessica Andrade Had a Plan

UFC 211 held a number of magical moments on Saturday evening, only half of which will be later retroactively revoked by way of positive PED tests. Jessica "The Pile Driver" Andrade had planned to become the second openly gay champion in UFC history, or the 452nd... read more

Paris Jackson Stands Up for Nudity

Paris Jackson took to social media to defend her right to be naked on camera. Attractive young women remain convinced that nude selfies are how they make their feminist bones. What a wonderful fucking turn of events in the world of the patriarchy. read more

Pedo Deep Planning

News outlets around the country have been horrified to report with huge headlines and paid social that 50-year old Tennessee teacher Tad Cummins had sex with his fifteen-year old teen runaway on a nightly basis while on the lam. It's almost as if that why Cummins fled... read more

Chick Digs Her Birthmark

Being self congratulatory is a trait common amongst Millennials. In their minds, everything they do is a benevolent cause or crowning achievement. Even if they were going to do it anyway. Gained some weight, fantastic! Got a free dog from the pound, you're a fucking hero!... read more

James Woods Joshes Anderson Cooper

James Woods is being labeled a homophobe for suggesting Anderson Cooper had a butt plug inside of him while interviewing Kellyanne Conway. Completely inappropriate, he doesn't always do that read more

Ariel Winter Busting Out and Shit Around the Web

Lara Stoneright breast in V Magazine (DrunkenStepfather) Reese Witherspoonsucking down crawdads (TMZ) Amateur Nude Gallery: Leggy redhead Delila (TaxiDriverMovie) Hippie chickJulia Almendracommunes with nature (EgotasticAllStars) Ariel Winterbaring boobtastic cleavage (... read more

WTF!? Someone remade TV Show Blind Date with Fucking!

F*ck! This is all real. This is not staged or a parody.This is real. read more

Bruce Jenner Ruins Caitlyn

When Bruce Jenner added tits and designer gowns and courageously announced he was now Caitlyn, his tranny theatrics had an impact on more than merely his friends and family, and to a slight degree, that woman he vehicular killed on PCH. He also murdered the name Caitlyn. read more

Blac Chyna Got a Ferrari for Her 29th

Every stripper has a dream. Not every stripper has a plan. The latter means you get to gift yourself a red Ferrari on your 29th birthday and pretend it's from a loved one. You're a stripper. Nobody loves you. read more