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02/19/2010 14:29 robert pattinson in details
You heard it here first: Kristen Stewart has a dick.

02/19/2010 14:24 robert pattinson in details
Hates vaginas huh? He's just WAAYYY too into his character, giving c-section by teeth and whatnot....

02/19/2010 14:05 robert pattinson in details
Robert Pattinson and Johnny Weir have never been seen together.

02/09/2010 18:23 Jennifer Aniston is a racist bitch
Banner caption: Jennifer looked down, then decided against Arby's for lunch.

02/08/2010 13:00 jennifer aniston still sucks
Butler should sneak up behind her, whisper in her ear "I'm just not that into you", and lop off her tits.

02/08/2010 12:45 jennifer aniston still sucks
Gerard needs to get away from her in proper Spartan style and fall on his sword.

02/08/2010 11:49 blake lively is up there somewhere
NSFW....unless you're David Kiely.

02/08/2010 11:31 blake lively is up there somewhere
This weekend was a bit like my cock. Not quite long enough.

02/05/2010 15:30 everyone loves charlie sheen
5 inches? You fucking pussy

02/05/2010 15:14 everyone loves charlie sheen
Wow, Watt, Freejack. Well done. That's much better.

02/05/2010 14:53 everyone loves charlie sheen
5 bucks says that when they find the guy that took the car, he gives his name as "Gordon Bombay"

02/04/2010 19:20 what in the hell is that
Her perfect date:

02/04/2010 14:56 thursday morning headlines
Sup: Greg the Bunny?

02/04/2010 13:49 thursday morning headlines
Tom Bergeron's viral load is going up already.

02/03/2010 14:28 this is gross
Since you keep bringing it up Zom, you'll notice the picture on there is of my daughter. Who is now 4. If that gives you any idea of how long ago I used it.

02/03/2010 14:12 this is gross
On the contrary Zom, it's just that I care more about my morning shit then anything you have to say.

02/03/2010 14:09 this is gross
Madonna is the reason the Mayan calander ends in 2012. She's mutating into the destroyer of worlds.

02/03/2010 14:05 this is gross
Ooooo, my first MySpace stalker. It's so exciting!

02/03/2010 13:55 this is gross
Kali mah. KALI MAH!

02/03/2010 13:51 morning headlines
Ha, you've "known" about me? Ok, and you've been storing up your info on me so you can get your vengeance after a year? Winner.