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03/01/2013 17:42 Your Emails Are Being Read!
Problem is pretty obvious. With Brendon running things, I could rely on one of two things. Hot pics I had yet to see or the hilarious take down of a celeb. The hot pics you are now posting I'm seeing

02/27/2013 11:57 Kanye West Still > Everyone Else
RIP WWTDD. For shame. Does anyone know if Brandon is writing elsewhere now?

02/25/2013 18:11 FYI, Brendon Takes a 'Holiday'
I've been reading WWTDD for at least 8 years, probably longer. Brandon was great because he had the balls to call out celebs on their nonsense. J-LO is a cunt. He's right. Honestly I rarely see a

03/19/2010 14:25 stephanie seymour + bikini = win
What part of image 34 is win?

02/26/2010 15:52 sean penn (and his red cup?) save more lives
This website had kinda sucked in the past few months. Sorry to say. Used to be a go-to for hot girls and some funny stories. Now it's just celeb bashing with the occasional set of tits. Dude, at least

01/29/2010 23:45 lindsay has sunk to a new low
I love this website, check it every day, but sometimes the mistakes made here are amazing. That isn't Lindsay. You can tell in that photo immediately before they cut to the girls that it isn't her in

11/13/2009 16:04 nicole kidman looks terrific

10/12/2009 21:36 the shauna sand sex tape
this woman has 3 daughters. 12, 11, 8 yrs old. and she shoots a sex video on purpose with some douche? congrats on guaranteeing those kids a future of misery. what a whore. the award of worst mom of 2

09/29/2009 15:37 now jon wants to stop the divorce
brandon, why bother even posting stories about this couple? who f'ing cares? two nobody's who have a tv show about their 8 kids? it's a non story and this site is better off posting pics of hot ass

09/16/2009 17:21 kim kardashian is photogenic
hard for me to not laugh at a girl who is famous for taking a huge black cock on camera. i'll gladly welcome all photos of her as i think she is gorgeous, but this is nothing but a glorified whore. an

09/12/2009 00:05 Now this seems worse
she threaten to have sex with a member of his entourage. if this dude is crazy enough to date a girl who does that shit, he deserves this.

09/11/2009 12:26 that looks painful
I sure hope this doesn't happen, but this girl will probably be dead in five years. She's your typical attention whore and has no ability to make right decisions, etc. Look at her webcam shows on Ustr

08/24/2009 13:52 Oh, the excitement
don't know what it is about this girl that i don't dig. oh wait a minute, yes i do. that fucking tattoo in the middle of her chest. DISGUSTING.

07/28/2009 22:29 Oh, the excitement
Implants are the fucking worst, unless the chick is incredibly flat chested or has awful tits. Fuck implants. Nice stomach, ass, and legs are more important than tits, unless the woman has nice tits t

07/21/2009 14:13 This was disapointing
saw her twice in person. really cute woman but nothing amazing looks wise. body WAS totally legit back in the day though. now she looks like every other woman who has had two kids and is struggling to

07/20/2009 15:51 I have no idea - UPDATE

07/17/2009 11:09 Kim Kardashian is bouncy
super photoshopped photos. having said that, what an ass. i don't care how much black cock she has had inside her (gross), i would absolutely destroy that vagina as best as i could. also would be

07/07/2009 19:46 This is good enough
Congrats on ruining your body Mena with that Godawful chest tattoo. Holy jesus. Another skank with bad tattoo's (she has words on the back of her neck). Skank, slut, skank. (PS. Nice "13" tat

07/07/2009 11:28 I appreciate the effort
short, no tits, huge forehead. would i destroy it? of course. but she really is not anything special. i have hotter co-workers in my office.

07/02/2009 14:14 ohai
Don't let those hard nipples and big tits fool you. She's 15 pounds overweight. Look at her stomach and arms in the pictures. And she hasn't had a baby yet. Unless she gets in daisy duke training