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02/11/2014 19:26 Bruce Jenner Is Turning Into a Beautiful Butterfly
"It puts the lotion on its skin"

12/11/2012 18:42 its Anne Hathaway, her vagina at the Les Mis premiere
I'd heard that her "Fantine" had been getting rave reviews. Now I see what they mean.

12/11/2012 16:39 its Anne Hathaway, her vagina at the Les Mis premiere
I'll be dreaming a dream about this for a while.

04/19/2012 20:29 Mel Gibson seems upset about the fucking cunt cocksucker whores (audio)
Will the last one to leave please turn out the light?

09/02/2011 18:37 Kate Winslet looked terrific in Venice
She can polish my Oscar any day of the week.

08/18/2011 17:25 Kat Von D just got cancelled
I hope Lindsay does something asap. Otherwise things are going to grind to a complete halt around here...

01/27/2011 19:03 "It's officially 24 hours of drinking! hehe."
Thoughtful of her to bring the Lysol wet wipes.

01/19/2011 16:47 wtf? Anne Hathaway is the new Catwoman
Surely Hathaway is done with Brokeback? Sorry… best I could come up with. I'll get my coat.

01/03/2011 21:44 Maria Menounos
Is Bren holding out on us? There are pictures from this set where you see the whole taco elsewhere online. Just who is doing the editing over here?

12/20/2010 16:31 Black Swan looks like a good movie
Sweet Jesus that is a sight to behold. I was moved to tears.

12/03/2010 20:09 Josh Duhamel was kicked off a plane for acting like an ass
The day America stops tweeting while taxiing is the day the Bin Laden wins. We should all stand together with Mr Duchamel or "The Douche" as he likes to be called.

11/04/2010 16:04 Hulk Hogan is easily relaxed
Oh, there is biggie smalls.

11/02/2010 12:53 Tom Cruise is a pro
It will totally make a difference to the movie too since they're obviously filming it from half a mile away.

10/30/2010 14:01 Friday afternoon headlines
More proof that RDJ is one of the coolest, most genuine guys in Hollywood. Mel Gibson has his demons like we all do and should be given chance to redeem himself. I"m reminded of the great philosopher

09/03/2010 20:25 Lindsay Lohan only barely hit a baby with a car
When did this site become WWLLD? Let's move on...

08/03/2010 14:39 hey Jamie Foxx. you suck.
***looks at watch, starts slow clap***

07/28/2010 20:53 brooke_00
I think this might be the hottest picture I've ever seen.

07/28/2010 20:36 Lindsay has her priorities in the right place
Let's agree not to mention Lindsay again unless there is nudity involved.

07/27/2010 20:44 Adriana Lima is a good bikini model
I'd like to put my man wand in her special love cave… if you know what I mean. Obviously only once we were married though, like Jesus said.

07/20/2010 16:27 angelina jolie looked hot as hell at the 'salt' premiere
You're evidently all raving gaylords who are clearly jealous of Angelina for being with Pitt. I would love her like the princess she is, at least until the FBI caught up with us anyway.