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10/23/2009 10:47 Ashlee Simpson got fired
Rokan, who cares really? Geez, you're like the fucking tattle-tell hall monitor in elementary school.

10/23/2009 10:30 Ashlee Simpson got fired
Hey TITS, how about a shot of freshly scraped smegma?

10/22/2009 15:51 Nicole Kidman is really smart
Observer I want to have your love child. The more kids I have to willfully neglect, the better.

10/21/2009 16:23 Little Nicky has his first single
I got cornholed by my neighbor's ferret last night.

10/21/2009 16:18 Little Nicky has his first single
"I'm bringing flannel back." You lumberjacks won't know how to act?

10/21/2009 16:03 Little Nicky has his first single
Hey Watt let's rub our cocks together.

10/21/2009 14:28 who the hell is that?
I'm always right Observer. I have tits and you are a pushover.

10/21/2009 13:53 katie holmes is awesome
I'd much rather sit on my fat ass eating Cheetos while playing online all day than head down to the beach. Makes sense right?

10/21/2009 13:46 katie holmes is awesome
Wait nvm, I just remembered I don't care. But you still love me.

10/21/2009 13:20 katie holmes is awesome
Chubby you can sit on my face as long as you promise to squirt a little dingleberry juice down my chin. I love turdles.

10/21/2009 12:47 katie holmes is awesome
I myself prefer to lick ice cream from my puppy's taint. Gives it a little kick.

10/21/2009 11:50 katie holmes is awesome
Somebody please talk to me. I can't stand being overlooked!

10/20/2009 16:09 do people not know this?
Rokan is hoping the foot tapping guy will bend him over a urinal... George Michael style.

10/20/2009 15:51 do people not know this?
lol scum.. i only want attention from you!

10/20/2009 15:37 do people not know this?
I don't know Ssnakeoil. Maybe I'm just so fabulous that the fake CB sits here all day awaiting my glorious presence? Everyone else seems to also.

10/20/2009 15:01 do people not know this?
Guys don't pay any mind to the fake. Focus your attention right here baby.

10/20/2009 14:11 'twilight' is complicated
From previous post: "CB007, where the hell have you been?" Ssnakeoil I've been rather busy doing stuff offline lately. After all, I do have a life.

07/22/2009 17:13 Mickey Rourke might be insane
Well I suppose, but only if there is smegma involved.

07/21/2009 17:21 Lindsay is just pathetic
Real CB, since you do not look your age, why admit it unnecessarily? Awww (p)rick you are so sweet! But how do you know what I look like since you've never seen a real pic of me?

07/10/2009 01:08 Aww what the hell
As you wish, Massive.