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09/16/2009 13:54 kim kardashian is photogenic
Jeez my brother - I retract my suggestion. I hope you're better now. That's a tough one to kick. Day by mother f'n day. I wish the best for you.

09/16/2009 13:25 kim kardashian is photogenic
Ver - know a guy who was in a similar sitch. Went to night school and got a law degree - passed the bar - took her back to court and won. Might not be an option for you. I interviewed Gloria Steine

09/16/2009 13:19 kim kardashian is photogenic
BTW - duaghter and I are still real tight - and she's in one of Cali's top universities. I know what you're thinking you creeps - just remember she knows karate. Hi-yah!!

09/16/2009 13:15 kim kardashian is photogenic
Veracity - get that shit settled in court!! I had a verbal child support agreement with my daughter's mother - then she sued me in two different states while she went from crack motel to crack motel.

09/16/2009 11:17 lindsay is a good influence
Gotta say I agree with you Deebs - then I'd gargle with bleach three times a day for a week - and up my dose of Valtrex.

09/11/2009 18:16 Now this seems worse
This happens to me every time I get in a 3 on 1 foursome. My arrest sheet reads like Penthouse Forum.

09/11/2009 18:12 how is this illegal?
Oh - just realized you said you'd bathe in my butt-funk. I'll warn you - I'm a tv reporter - and we're sphincter head to toe!!

09/11/2009 17:26 how is this illegal?
Just caught the typo Faker - thanks. I would like to take a bath in their butt-funk - or bathe in it.

09/11/2009 16:39 how is this illegal?
I'd bath in their butt-funk!!

09/08/2009 17:39 afternoon headlines
He's using new Jolly Rancher mouthwash!!

09/08/2009 16:00 FP_IMAGE_3568125/FP_SET_3565756
Hey Pauly - ya daughter has an awesome fwucking rack der!!

09/04/2009 18:16 eva mendes is ridiculous
Man hands and a very meh face - not a big fan of DUI girl.

09/04/2009 18:02 sara tommasi knows how to dress
Maybe vino piss though. The jury is still out. They have come to a verdict about her tits. Fake (shock) - look at the wrecked nipple.

09/04/2009 18:01 sara tommasi knows how to dress
You gots to know that pussy is whiskey piss-stanky.

09/03/2009 18:28 Blake Lively is cool
But not jab's penis - Blake's tits I mean. Thanks jab.

09/03/2009 18:27 Blake Lively is cool
The word guzzle comes to mind.

09/03/2009 17:38 what in the hell is that
Next stop - Helena Bonham Carter-ville.

08/27/2009 18:47 Mischa Barton is a bad liar
She reminds me of the girl under the bed in Sixth Sense - only Mischa will snort you out of house and home.

08/27/2009 16:52 Megan Hauserman is doing better
Man-face Hogan-esque hootchie that I'd still cock-stab.

08/25/2009 17:46 Afternoon Headlines
I shove the keyboard up my ass and type with my o-face