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12/03/2012 16:45 Katt Williams arrested after slapping a Target employee
comedians. can't go around going funny shit all the time. Can they?

09/13/2011 17:34 Madonna demands workers avoid eye contact, face the wall
One does not dare cast their gaze upon Medusa. For fear of turning to stone.

09/08/2011 16:52 Ali Lohan, 17, gets botox
Dr Poop: "Her dog walker reports that her dog’s breath smells like peanut butter" Why that Bitch! Doesn't know or care that peanut R a no no 4 dogs? Oh wait! That's Chocolate....... Never mind.

09/08/2011 16:46 Ali Lohan, 17, gets botox
Closer to the bone the sweeter the meat. ..... (Old 1950's proverb)

09/08/2011 15:28 Finally. A nude Amy Winehouse tribute sculpture.
Real Cock Suckers.

09/07/2011 17:07 Kate Gosselin is freaking out
People never have a though about the well ever running dry.

09/07/2011 12:59 Gwyneth Paltrow respects adulterers
Prelude to a marriage about to go south.

09/01/2011 14:26 Oscar De La Hoya finally admits to the drag pictures
It looks photo shopped. Just look at the way the head is sitting on the shoulders. Where's his neck? Looks as if it was placed there.

08/17/2011 13:11 Julia Roberts is in a bikini. Unfortunately.
Took a look @ her sexy “tramp stamp” tattoo. My monitor screen cracked.

08/08/2011 11:52 Cameron Diaz is the choice of teens
Just another sign showing todays teens R fucked up.

07/27/2011 16:52 thank God for Brandi Glanville in a bikini
OK Durden. The girls dead. Back off & stop being an ass.

06/23/2011 10:51 Lindsay Lohan has changed this time. Really
She's going 2 court today 6/23 cuz she tested positive 4 alcohol.

06/06/2011 19:31 Adrianne Curry is really good at twitter
WTF? She's not Tweeted as of 01/24/11

06/06/2011 14:51 Jessica Biel is with Gerard Butler now
That ain't Butler. And if she can't fuck the one she loves, she'll fuck the one she's with.

06/02/2011 16:28 Lindsay Lohans electronic ankle monitor went off
Sarcasm, tisk, tisk.

05/31/2011 15:27 Snooki is even sexier in a neck brace
The natives now think all American are like these Ass Holes.

05/31/2011 15:17 leann_rimes_bikini_honeymoon_1
That B like doin a corpes only w/ the skin still attached.

05/26/2011 16:52 Lindsay Lohan began her "prison sentence" today
UR only jealous because she gets away w/ what she does. If u could do the same, well we know what U'D do then do we not? P.S The above includes all U a-h posters

05/25/2011 16:59 Did Kirstie Alley win Dancing With The Stars?
UR a hate filled fuck, aren't U TD?

05/19/2011 15:49 Bar Refali is trying to make DiCaprio jealous
Fucking implants!