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08/23/2013 18:32 Kris Jenner Whores Out Granddaughter In Effort Save Her Show
Is this really a surprise to anyone ?

03/22/2013 17:44 Nicki Minaj Using Her Boobs to Get Ahead (VIDEO)
Can't begin to explain how much I don't care about this POS.

11/29/2012 20:47 Nicole Kidman is spooky
So I guess this site is dead now? Can you at least redirect wwtdd.com to a site that's current?

10/19/2012 21:21 joanna_krupa_see_thru_shirt_miami_8
Smokin' hot. Thank you ma'am.

10/05/2012 18:02 hooray for eating disorders!
So, has there ever been a more perfect example of the tail wagging the dog. CD sales dropping a little there GAGA crotch?

09/21/2012 19:46 January Jones is too busy for makeup, her baby
Trying to figure out what she would do if she weren't in Hollywood. Sell flameless candles.....Amway sales.....amazing what a little cash can do for a loser scank

09/21/2012 19:40 Jessica Simpson is back in daisy dukes
Nope, try again - Fat chicks wear shorts all the time. Go puke some more.

09/05/2012 21:30 Jessica Simpson says her boobs are too big to run
So tell me again how much is this shamoo skank getting paid by Nutri-System or Weight Watchers to stop eating 4 pizzas a day ? 2 Million, 4 Million? Not so happy "In This Skin" now are you, useless ba

07/13/2012 22:55 Jennifer Lopez has officially quit 'American Idol'
Nope not buying it. Hathaway is still light years ahead of this green-carder. Please return to your mother land, we don't want you here.

03/21/2012 20:19 Miley Cyrus is apparently handicapped
Miley - Just show a pic of the your Dad and (Achy Breaky Heart Album Cover) in parenthesis the world will understand. Besides the entire planet owes you an apology for assuming you could understand th

03/13/2012 21:14 jennifer-lopez-butt-tight-pants-0313-17
Have to admit, the BACKFAT is hot....(not). C'mon will someone tell the tard her ass was nice 20 years ago, now she's just another fat ass Latino wench.

02/17/2012 22:36 Mel Gibson was invited to Whitneys funeral
When its all said and done, Mel did more than most. Even those closest to Whitney. I'll miss her.; just wish Bobby would have gone first. FU Bobby :) , you ruined her and you know it you stupid usele

02/14/2012 00:02 a ghost plane is on its way to New Jersey
This moment of sad recollection brought to Bobby Brown, the killer of incredibly talented pop singers. I hope it was worth it Mr. Brown; you sadistic bastard.

02/08/2012 19:12 Beyonce is a perfect circle now
I see a diet commercial in her future. She's still a fatass but the routine is to find a way to make a fortune from it. They wouldn't do it if it didn't work.

02/03/2012 21:06 Madonna is a simple midwest girl, football player
Please let there be a re-run of Gilgli running during the SuperBowl. I would, and will watch anything else but this CUNT during halftime. She had no talent during the 80's and has not improved.....at

01/20/2012 21:02 January Jones is recovering nicely
If she made less than $50K/year we'd call her a ho; I'm calling her a ho anyway. A slut with a limo is still a slut.

01/13/2012 19:57 Jamie Chung is adorable
Smokin' hot.

01/13/2012 19:55 kim_kardashian_high_pants_january_12_2011_1
Kim is an effin' idiot. Bruce needs to find his balls and get the hell away from these vapid empty headed psychos.

12/30/2011 13:59 Vanessa Hudgens is in a bikini too
I think Vanessa went to the Maria Carey "School of Needy Cunts Who Want To Be Naked". Future's looking bright darlin....

12/30/2011 13:55 Sinead O'Conner is as weird and insane as she looks
Text is fine, no need for pics. Thanks