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04/19/2014 10:18 Let's Keep Pretending Miley Cyrus Had Bad Antibiotics
I am this close to not wanting to put it in her.

04/07/2014 15:21 Taylor Swift's Leg Appeared At The ACM Awards
That would be 100% the M.O. for this loon.

04/07/2014 13:31 Taylor Swift's Leg Appeared At The ACM Awards
And yet, there is no way I would not bang her...

04/04/2014 19:11 Paige Butcher In A Pink Bikini
Damaged Goods...

03/28/2014 18:30 Selena Gomez Got Served
This image confuses me. Are they in Southern California or the Upper Peninsula?

03/26/2014 16:57 When A Mother's Love Is So Strong She Leaves You in a Burger King Toilet Stall
Found her dad... http://www.rapartists.com/_files/pictures/full/375_0000.jpg

03/19/2014 08:53 Deimante Guobyte in A Bikini
Dystopic Germaphobe

03/14/2014 08:48 Kristen Bell Has Nice Vegan Panties
Smells like kale...

03/06/2014 17:33 Kate Usmanova Has an Ass and a Half
It looks as if her nether yay-ya is getting enough blood flow.

03/04/2014 19:38 Teresa and Joe Giudice Seem Less Innocent Now
I'm looking at her, but all I'm seeing is this... http://madisonmovie.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/spaceballs.jpg

02/06/2014 19:59 Miley Cyrus Goes to Germany and Takes Her Clothes Off
Hey... you guys don't want to, I'll take one for the team.

02/06/2014 13:54 Now Micaela Schaefer Is Naked For Love
Stupidest looking tits yet. And I like tits...

02/03/2014 20:24 LeAnn Rimes in a Bikini Filming Something Important
I still would hit it. Bettin' she an A2M queen.

01/29/2014 22:38 Kanye Gives $250,000 to the Kid He Beat Up
I don't know how to respond to that...

01/29/2014 17:40 Kanye Gives $250,000 to the Kid He Beat Up
You know... it would be fun to wanna go that easy money route and just talk any and all kinds of junk to these shit stains in the hopes he's gonna come at ya'. Just let him get a couple of panty-waist

01/27/2014 18:45 Justin Bieber Flees to Panama
Justine Beeper

01/24/2014 14:23 Laura Cremaschi In A Wet T Shirt In Miami
Her face is a little pizza-ish, but the rest of that shit looks fantastic! And I bet her arse-hole tastes like D'Giornos.

01/16/2014 11:54 Kaili Thorne Has the Topless Older Sister Advantage
She appears to have fantastic talent.

01/16/2014 11:52 The New York Daily News Spooges Over Vogue Spooging Over Lena Dunham
I love you, Admiral...

01/15/2014 15:15 Justin Bieber's Friends Are Mad At The LAPD
"...So many unsolved murders/rapes..." That's called the No Snitch policy.