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12/07/2010 11:11 Brad Pitt has the right idea
brad pitt is starting to look like johnny knoxville

11/23/2010 12:24 Miley Cyrus turns 18 today
does that mean the next time her pussy falls out there wont be anymore gay censorship?

11/17/2009 14:03 tuesday morning headlines
is beyonce in drag? bitch looks like rupaul

11/17/2009 13:02 todays top story
punch her in the throat

11/16/2009 20:09 monday afternoon headlines
eliza douchku sucks

11/16/2009 17:51 'fight club' turns 10 tommorow
his name was robert paulson

11/16/2009 15:48 shannan click knows how to model
shorty has an ihop ass

11/16/2009 15:47 brock lesnar is seriously ill, may never fight again
he probably has a H.ouse I.n V.irginia

11/06/2009 14:33 ma'am can i get you a jacket or something?
using my sons baby wipes to clean my olympic 6's Ovy Baby

11/06/2009 14:00 kelly brook is here to help
i dont know about all that, all i know that my kick game is sick....i used to own a site called got pretty popular, even nicekicks used to use/steal my stories....

11/06/2009 13:56 kelly brook is here to help
dirt mcgirk, you might be right, except im from brooklyn (raised in flatbush) so less gay

11/06/2009 13:53 kelly brook is here to help
death to finkle- im a sneaker head!!!

11/06/2009 13:10 kelly brook is here to help
id doo doo on her, paint my cock black and fuck her in front of white guys

11/05/2009 16:41 ohai britney (update!)
britney nipples are like cookie monster eyes

11/05/2009 14:54 okay this is better
thats good cause i can still get friction, my cock is superior

11/05/2009 14:50 okay this is better
lmao red rage, better than ray-jay's nut butter thats for sure, at leasts reggie is 7 and 0

11/05/2009 14:49 okay this is better
too bad her face is butter

11/05/2009 14:47 okay this is better
kim has a great ass! id suck on that balloon knot till it milked

11/05/2009 14:45 okay this is better
most white guys dont like big round asses...its the weirdest thing...its almost in fear of not being able to reach the pussy lmao

11/05/2009 14:40 okay this is better
what is it with white men and hating big round asses...its like mayo to black people or mexico to mexicans