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03/18/2009 13:26 shauna sand is pretty easy going
titties! yay!

03/06/2009 09:14 everyone should do this
and he's a free man still - that's fucked

03/06/2009 09:11 everyone should do this

03/06/2009 06:38 angelina jolie is somewhat attractive

02/27/2009 09:37 yes, please do set up the clit
doc get mimic the fuck outta here

02/27/2009 06:39 gwyneth paltrow is better than you
what a cunt

02/17/2009 08:00 good news for jessica simpson

02/17/2009 07:59 good news for jessica simpson
butterface for sure.... i agree with dirtyd, the photoshop nerds at Playboy deserve millions. where did the font style box go? can we use html tags?

02/13/2009 13:14 the choice seems clear
And when your house arrest is over and you're going door to door notifying the neighbors of your recent sexual offense, I hope you're both beaten and sodomized.

02/13/2009 13:12 the choice seems clear
BuddyGroove you've so so many boyfriends and girlfriends and you're so funny, according to all your previous posts. You're sitting here insulting the intelligence and lifestyle of people on this site

02/12/2009 14:34 kill it!
ah doesn't look like the good dr is in today...

02/12/2009 14:34 kill it!
i'm not on here as much as i used to be... but this new Pool Guy really annoys the shit out of me. Doc, find a reason to boot him. or just do it out of spite...

02/12/2009 13:32 bar rafaeli is attractive
in my experience jewish girls are fucking freaks.... every one of them

02/12/2009 13:31 chris brown might walk
you idiot spammers should be banned

02/04/2009 08:33 joaquin phoenix isnt joking
i like the naked back photo doc is sportin. been a while since i've been on here and i'm not pleased with all the weeeeeiner

02/04/2009 08:33 joaquin phoenix isnt joking
cali and I seem to be the only ones with good avi's...

02/04/2009 08:31 joaquin phoenix isnt joking
I motion for all avatars to return to their original vaginal goodness... Thanks

02/04/2009 08:30 joaquin phoenix isnt joking
When did WWTDD switch from avatars of tits n ass to strictly dickly?

01/21/2009 06:51 it was suicide
I've seen everyone talking about the ad's on this page... but thanks to Firefox and AdBlocker Plus I haven't seen the ads. BrEnD0N's selling out!

01/16/2009 08:46 marmaduke and huckleberry grylls
Bear Grylls is the fucking man. He squeezed the liquid out of elephant shit and drank it. He climbed inside the carcass of a camel for warmth. HE BIT THE HEAD OFF A LIVE SNAKE AND ATE IT. He deserves