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04/11/2014 19:44 Miley Cyrus Is Fresh Out of Ideas
Ummm....trying heroin...?

08/22/2013 19:15 Australian Vaginas Need Some Work
I'm pretty sure I recognize # 4. And maybe # 11 and 12. But I wasn't watching closely with those two.

07/08/2013 17:17 I Can't Help But Feel That Brazil Isn't Ready for the Soccer World Stage
Lex, that video was gruesome! You should have warned me. Not Lindsay Lohan gruesome, but it still kinda made me pause during my masturbation.

05/02/2013 21:24 Kelly Osbourne Helps Relaunch a Magazine
Nobody wants to say anything and bring down the wrath of her mom upon themselves.

05/02/2013 21:23 Chris Kelly Of Kris Kross Dead At 34
I bet Michael Jackson is introducing himself right about now...

04/25/2013 20:10 Why Do They Always Boo the First Pick in the NFL Draft? (VIDEO)
People should still be booing Jamarcus Russell at whatever gas station he works at.

04/05/2013 13:58 You Can Buy Michael Jackson's Medical Records Now
Propofol finished the work started by fire?

03/15/2013 15:49 'Fossilman' Hired a Chick Hooker, Not a Dude
I'm surprised it was a woman. Because poker is so gay.

03/14/2013 20:11 This Is What North Korea Thinks America Is Like
Damn. I was looking forward to the tree-birds on Tuesday.

03/08/2013 19:57 Why Do Celebrity Dudes Get Married?
I like George Clooney's method. That man is a genius.

03/08/2013 13:38 Emma Watson Is A Grown Up Hottie In "The Bling Ring"
She's quite pleasing to my eye. But this 'Based on a true story...' bullshit. It is no guarantee of accuracy. What it could say is that "Once there were some people." Oh yeah, I almost forgot:

01/28/2013 19:13 Chris Brown investigated for assault again
I believe I've gone on the record as saying "Fuck Chris Brown" quite some time ago. Bold stance, I admit.

01/17/2013 00:22 Lindsay is still a professional escort
Not even with somebody else's dick...

01/15/2013 00:06 Lindsay fired her attorney
I'm not sure stupid counts as insane. But it's worth a shot in California.

12/20/2012 21:23 the baby stealing eagle video is fake
That would have been the best catch for the Eagles this season.

12/11/2012 15:02 Ashton Kutcher checks Mila Kunis's phone
That's the guy that we all know and love.

11/28/2012 11:40 Anne Vyalitsyna is photogenic
It looks like she hasn't filled out all the required paperwork for tits.

11/27/2012 02:13 Alice Eve won the bikini contest, part 2
it's nice to see this site go back to its origins: chicks in bikinis.

10/24/2012 19:08 punching girls is a good workout
Fuck Chris Brown. Woman-punching piece of shit.

10/05/2012 16:16 hooray for eating disorders!
Gee, who'd have thought that someone who dresses up in fucked-up costumes would also suffer from an eating disorder? It's like what if Lee Harvey Oswald had been blind? He might have missed Kenned