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04/06/2014 21:57 Miley Cyrus Cried While Singing For Her Dead Dog (VIDEO)
That *IS* Coldplay (not that I'm happy to be familiar with it, but G-Factor is right)

04/06/2014 21:55 Kendall Jenner's Ass Went Zip-Lining
She has a great ass, especially when you compare it to Kim's monstrosity. She's only a teenager ffs. If any 45-yr-old soccer mum's that you know have an arse like Kendall's, ckill, I recommend you ask

04/06/2014 20:24 Paige Butcher In A Pink Bikini
She's hot. Everyone that has commented above has really advertised their own prejudice and jealously. Once avatars are allowed I expect to see Toast's pic as a Ku Klux Klan or Neo-Nazi hat.

04/06/2014 20:16 Kelly Brook Got You, Stupid Paparazzi
jblank1074. I'll never understand shallow, racist, ignorant fools ranting their inane views about sociology and politics on sites like this which are dedicated to T&A, but each to their own...

01/20/2014 19:38 Lady Gaga And Donatella Versace Welcome Travelers to Their Haunted Crypt
*ALOUD (ffs)

01/01/2014 21:48 Ava Sambora in A Bikini Playing Volleyball
16? Ugh... FFS we're all sad losers for frequenting this site...

11/20/2013 19:45 Arab Women Going Anal
Straight atheists from Western countries engage in sodomy too, Hugh, ya filthy bigot.

09/15/2009 20:39 is ben affleck cheating?
firm breasts? hahahah! someone just gave away a complete lack of experience with real titties! see pics on the superfish today... Blake has an awesomely shaped but VERY REAL AND SOFT LOOKING pair of t