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04/16/2014 01:16 Natalie Dormer Camel Toe Is a Spiffy Trick
Makeup is evil. EVIL I TELL YOU.

04/14/2014 11:14 Pregnant Mila Kunis Hid The Douchebaby Bump Well At The MTV Movie Awards
Let's see some Abigail Bresling T'n'A now that she's legal. Make it happen, WWTDD.

04/14/2014 11:10 Pregnant Mila Kunis Hid The Douchebaby Bump Well At The MTV Movie Awards
I buy everything except food and clothing from... dammit, now I'm doing it, too.

04/14/2014 11:10 Alessandra Ambrosio Was The Best Part Of Coachella
Goddamn spam.

04/14/2014 11:09 Zac Efron Took His Shirt Off For Morons (VIDEO)
Goddamn spam.

04/14/2014 08:55 Miley Cyrus Is Fresh Out of Ideas
Forget this stringy tart, Abigail Breslin turned 18 tittay, I mean today*

04/11/2014 10:54 Kim Kardashian's Breasts Hit The Town Last Night
That bitch never smiles.

04/08/2014 22:05 Peaches Geldof Is Dead But Don't Say Why
If she died from juicing that's basically the same thing as dying from a drug overdose - they're both a combination of ignorance, poor decisions, and substance abuse.

04/08/2014 21:53 Lena Dunham Is Still A Classic Beauty
If there's one thing that pisses me off, it's gay people and pedophiles. They're essentially the same group.

04/08/2014 21:47 The Human Barbie Is Kind of a Bitch
I'm not defending her, but she's right - when you mix two different races they can produce people that you don't find attractive.

04/08/2014 21:42 Emily Ratajkowski Models Bikinis
I'm guessing she's covering up so she can make more money showing her tits later on. I'm not sure why a girl with a body like that would want to cover up - covering yourself in clothing is for th

04/07/2014 19:19 Tori Spelling Has the Consumption
Take control of your damn spam, WWTDD. The first comment is always some spamming asshole that's not me.

04/07/2014 13:06 Demi Lovato Topless Pictures Leaked And Here's Why You Should Care
Okay, she just got a LOT more interesting.

04/07/2014 13:04 Faith Hill Frozen Face Is Creeping Me Out
I'm sure just the bad pictures of her a presented to us here. I'm also not sure what's up with her lazy eye. I don't trust WWTDD with pictures - I've seen them subtly (and not so subtly) Photosh

04/03/2014 18:56 Brendan Eich Didn't Like Gay Marriage, Now He's Unemployed
This is why I hate gay people and Liberals. They're petty bullies. They pretend to be open-minded but they're not at all.

04/03/2014 13:46 Nick Cannon Is Still Bragging About Kim Kardashian
Nick Cannon looks like the black version of me, except way more douchey.

04/03/2014 13:44 James Franco Tries to Bang a Scottish Teen
Wha? 17 is old enough for just about anything, I'd say. They're developed - they've gone through puberty and can drive a car. If you can operate a vehicle then you're officially old enough to accid

04/01/2014 19:10 Michelle Rodriguez Makes Lesbianism Glisten
Polly Pocket is a thing? I was using it as a euphemism for vagina.

04/01/2014 19:06 Anderson Cooper to Subsist Off Just His Millions
There, fixed:

04/01/2014 15:35 Michelle Rodriguez Makes Lesbianism Glisten
She should buy her Polly Pocket a nice pair of boobs.