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03/19/2013 09:24 Did This SXSW Dick Get What He Deserved? (VIDEO)
I don't know if deserved is the right word, nor was the guy who knocked him out a hero or a pussy. It's more of a 'you play with fire; you get burned' situation. It's just reality. It's nature. What h

01/05/2013 19:06 go f**k yourself Julianne Hough
You are very angry and a poor speller ("heart-wrecnhing"), but I still read your blog because every once in a while you still post a good story. Keep up the mediocre blogging in 2013.

11/21/2012 19:20 Justin Bieber won an AMA, was a little dick about it
He's eighteen years old and worth over one hundred ten million dollars. You run a blog that you talk about Justin Bieber on frequently.

10/15/2012 16:38 Justin Biebers stolen laptop was just a prank
You guys are so gay for Bieber

10/10/2012 16:55 Lindsay and her mom got in a fight, 4 police cars called

09/10/2012 18:07 don't worry about Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo is one voracious model fucker.

08/07/2012 10:16 Ryan Lochte is sort of a douche
Writing a blog, hating on Justin Bieber, and fawning over women you'll never meet is way less douchey then winning gold medals at the Olympics, being in pristine physical shape, and fucking lots of wo

07/09/2012 16:32 its Scarlett Johansson in a bikini with some dork
Love how the guy on the yacht (that is fucking Scarlett) is somehow the dork. Again, this is not what Tyler Durden would be doing with his free time--were he a real person.

07/07/2012 20:16 Jonah Hill is getting fat again
"getting" fat?

06/27/2012 02:21 Lindsay put a gun to her head (we should be so lucky)
You have to love how a guy that has been published in 12 books in 15 years, and shot for GQ, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Marc Jacobs, etc, is a hack. But a guy who runs a blog that makes fun of Justin Bieb

05/29/2012 15:04 Justin Bieber almost beat a man to death
I can tell that Brandon and the rest of you commenting in here are bad asses, because you are talking shit about Justin Bieber on a blog. That is some serious shit right there.

03/27/2012 18:49 this Miss Canada finalist used to be a boy
She's hot, but no as hot as bailey jay.

03/09/2012 11:13 Johnny Depp feels Tonto would wear a crow for a hat
cheese fries

03/05/2012 14:48 Kirk Cameron offended the gays. Again.
@Mr. Nutt: You are comparing two humans marrying, to two animals marrying. Gay people are human; I am sure you don't think they are, as apparent in your question, but they are, so your thought proce

02/08/2012 15:36 Jim Carey is zany
WWTDD is so much funnier than Jim Carey.

02/03/2012 23:09 M.I.A. is brave
She is celebrating Arab machismo culture. That's nice. Wonder why she didn't do a "getting stoned to death because I got raped" song.

01/20/2012 17:24 Mark Wahlberg should stop explaining
He grew up in the streets of Boston, had a much harder life than any of you bad-ass internet blog posters. Because that's what you guys are people who talk tough on internet blogs--making f

12/27/2011 22:39 Adam Lambert arrested after a fight in a gay bar
still not funny

12/22/2011 16:30 Adam Lambert arrested after a fight in a gay bar
Still not funny.

12/17/2011 15:19 Whoopi Goldberg farted on the View
You guys are still trying to be funny.