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01/19/2013 00:17 Friday Afternoon Headlines
PPS: Yep, I is drunk commentin', but regardless, whoever is writing this blog - you are a very good writer - very clever, very funny. You're the one I'm suggesting to keep up the good work. Screw thes

01/19/2013 00:13 Friday Afternoon Headlines
PS: Those "...fractions of a fucking penny..." - they add up quick when you're spending trillions without regard for me. I'd like my fractions back please.

01/19/2013 00:07 Friday Afternoon Headlines
Whoever is writing this stuff - good job. You crack me up and your view on the government's waste of my tax dollars is spot on. Keep up the good work.

10/07/2011 13:34 Ali Larter is not shy
Being a proud Alabama gentleman, I must let you know that I take offense to your remarks and also inform you that Alabama Southern Belles only pull their panties down like that on tennis courts when t

08/16/2010 13:13 Monday morning headlines
But can you believe Dumber was hitting that?

08/02/2010 21:17 hey Jamie Foxx. you suck.
Dude, you're killing us with keeping that pic of Jamie "Self-Srevice" Foxx" up there...

08/02/2010 15:24 monday headlines
Is it just me or does she look an awful lot like Morpheus? I would not want to have sex with Morpheus...

08/02/2010 13:26 Alessandra Ambrosio and her bikini are a relief
Looking a little on the anorexic side there Ms. Boney...I prefer a little flesh.

07/28/2010 16:11 Lindsay Lohan is getting out of jail, still complaining
Dude, love writing style...keep it coming.

06/08/2010 16:54 gagatopless
She should do me

05/27/2010 18:27 kate moss is a close second
Thick ass nipples that stand up hard are lovely on a woman, too.

05/27/2010 18:25 kate moss is a close second
Kate has very nice, natural and perky little tits...yummy!

05/26/2010 22:45 i can see kendras point
Kendra might be white trash, but good God almighty that's is some fine trash...she used to be perfect and then she got fake boobs. Even so, while she used to be a 13, she's still a 10 in my book. Supe

05/21/2010 12:21 Nina Dobrev is in a bikini
Nina has a lovely rear view...

05/20/2010 13:32 lindsays lies might be come back to haunt her
That is one smart DA...

05/17/2010 16:12 rachel uchitel is posing for playboy
Uckitel is a nasty, fake titted, home wreckin' slut.

05/14/2010 15:25 lindsay is in big trouble now. (im just kidding of course)
I wouldn't mind making her my bitch in jail...

05/13/2010 12:39 kendras sex tape looks illegal
I guarangoddamntee you, she got paid.

05/13/2010 12:35 tila tequila is subtle

05/13/2010 11:02 kendras sex tape looks illegal
Looks like it was made when Kendra still had real, beautiful and natural tits. This is probably how she financed the fake ones.