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09/04/2012 00:19 Miley Cyrus is delightful
Did someone say circus midget?

08/29/2012 22:46 Lindsay banned from Chateau Marmont, still terrible at lying
Goddamn I love this site. That dumb b*tch must have spent over $1k on cigarettes alone. The best trainwreck ever.

10/03/2011 13:42 Ben Affleck looks like this now
This is what Dave Grohl would look like as a dork, rather than the bad ass rock god that he is.

01/06/2011 18:43 Lindsay wants to build a fence so Sam cant spy on her
So thrilled that you took your talents to the Internets, Tyler. You are one funny mofo. You can ride with me any day, son.

12/10/2010 19:12 'Glee' is a manly show about football
They only beat the Bruins by 10! That sucks. They should have never let the wheelchair kid play QB.

12/10/2010 19:10 Miley Cyrus likes to party, is really GD annoying
While the press will spin this negatively, I view it is a celebration of teen spirit. Miley is actually partying like a normal, 18 yo kid. You go girl. And, give Peppers a call next time you are in O

11/05/2010 13:03 Kat Denning has naked cell phone pictures too
G-damn, Tuesday Addams is all grown up! And, to think that Michael Cera tapped that. F my life!

09/30/2010 00:38 Greg Giraldo has died
Is it true that Greg's cremation will be called the Greg Giraldo Roast? Greg, you were my favorite comedian. So, fkn funny bro. Sad day for Peppers. RIP, GG

08/04/2010 02:15 Inception was stolen from Scrooge McDuck
I love you, Tyler. Leo D as Scrooge McDuck! Huge.

05/19/2010 17:50 gallery_enlarged-0519_kendra_stills_05
Fuck yes!!!

05/12/2010 19:46 Brooklyn. Decker. Bikini. Cartwheel.
Game, set, match, Brooklyn. My cock just hit a topspin two-handed drive down the line for a winner!

04/27/2010 00:12 kristin cavallari looks awesome
Trust me, Durden, you don't want me as an enemy.

04/24/2010 03:28 Offline
I better scan your hard drive for illicit material.

04/22/2010 01:35 matt and trey might be killed for showing muhammad
SP 200 was absolutely fkn epic. Funny, all the talk is about the 3rd world towel heads. No one is talking about scientology or the fact that Tom Cruise was called a "fudge packer" about 30 times in

04/10/2010 00:08 leave kim and i alone
Kim K is dating me. Back the truck up, Tyler!

03/13/2010 01:34 lindsay has still got it
Tyler, you are one funny mthr fkr. Even I laughed at this one.