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04/04/2014 03:29 Michelle Lewin Has a Nice Ass
sorry, 138. didn't mean to short change you guys.

04/04/2014 03:25 Michelle Lewin Has a Nice Ass
Awww! You guys are gonna be in trouble showing bottles of water other than 128 on this site!!!

04/03/2014 11:45 Kate Moss Is Still Alive
I'd still stuff it in her pooper.

04/03/2014 11:44 Kate Upton In a Bikini for The Other Woman
Dear God: Please, just one time, let me jizz on Kate Upton's tits after a round of hardcore sex. I promise, I will go to church every Sunday for the rest of my life (Unless it interfere's with my slee

04/03/2014 02:14 Megan Fox Looks Good With Mom Tits
I still think she's Sasha Grey's alter ego...

04/03/2014 02:13 This Child Bride Seems Happy
Yeah, this is all over my friends feed on facebook, and everyone is going, "Aww, that's so sweet!" Sorry, it's freaking creepy.

03/17/2014 13:53 Madonna Ruined Game Of Thrones And Jesus
I'd prolly do her in this costume, i just need to find the end of the line.

03/04/2014 21:47 Jennette McCurdy Has Overcome Her Body Issues
I always thought Sam was hotter on that show.

02/26/2014 12:45 Minka Kelly Is Getting Back Into Jeter Shape
Hey, website administrators: are you guys going to do something about all these spambots? I'm getting tired of having to wade through 3 or 4 messages just to get to the Lex-Hate comments.

02/23/2014 16:30 Sydney Leathers Ready to Die For Love of Weiner
So I just downloaded and watched her porn video. You know, she's not bad. I've seen much uglier porn stars, and Sydney actually has a lot more enthusiasm and looks a lot more natural shooting her s

02/07/2014 15:05 Farrah Abraham Is Doing More Porn
You know, God bless her! At least she's realizing that the best way for her to make money is to have her face stuffed with penis. Preferably my penis, but hey, i'll live vicariously through James Deen

02/03/2014 14:39 Looking Better, Nicole Eggert
God i loved the 90's: Every wholesome teen princess from the sitcoms was doing their best to cast off their wholesome teen princess images by getting as naked as they could on camera. Eggart, Alyssa M

01/30/2014 17:09 Amanda Knox Seems Guilty Now
If she needs amnesty, I'll be happy to give it to her. She can just stay in my bedroom, naked and wet.

01/15/2014 13:25 Ireland Baldwin Shows Off Cleavage for S.I.
I never really liked Kim Basinger. Her looks were always kind of... off to me. I'm glad Ireland took her looks and Dad gave her just enough of the Baldwin side to make her interesting. It'll make i

01/15/2014 02:44 Public Marriage Proposals Ruin Everything (VIDEO)

01/12/2014 21:23 Mexican Soap Star Ariadne Diaz Poses In Lingerie
She looks like a young Mia Sara (Ferris Buellers day off era.)

01/12/2014 21:19 Kate Upton Has Big Boobs in V Magazine
Kate Upton really is a wonderful and beautiful woman... ...That I totally want to place my penis into every hole on her body and then rocket blast with my jizz all over her upturned face. I hope

01/11/2014 20:40 Hilary Duff Is Getting Divorced
does this mean she'll get naked now?

01/01/2014 18:37 Ava Sambora in A Bikini Playing Volleyball
Screw Robin Roberts, "MY" dick just got hard looking at this pic. I love how Brandon posted pics of younger celebrities for years and nobody said anything. now, we've got Lex doing the exact same t

12/19/2013 03:51 Abigail Breslin Goes Braless
Hey, Admiral can 'like' all he wants. Window shopping has never been a crime.