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04/12/2014 09:56 Rihanna's Ass Always Points Toward Barbados
Now, there is something I could get behind.

12/30/2013 19:07 Jennifer Aniston Boobs Revisited
Were these pictures taken with a toaster?

02/07/2013 08:25 And here we are...
I don't care what you write, almost never read it.. It's all about the celebrity tits man. Lately there has been zero content.. I've only been checking out of habit.

08/31/2012 16:56 4Chan and Taylor Swift are making dreams come true
MFW /B rage.jpg summerfriend

02/10/2012 20:29 it's Beyonce and her new baby
How did they have a white baby?

12/29/2011 18:57 Kelly Clarkson is in trouble for supporting Ron Paul
Anyone who dare try to unseat nObama is obviously racist

12/08/2011 16:35 Jessica Biel is fantastic looking
actually zombie.. the green dress pic is legit.. and she did have her cell hacked and there are pics of her naked tits out on the interwebs

08/30/2011 22:23 Kim Kardashian has a new video
oh damn, I hadnt read what brendumb wrote before I posted that comment. Guess that means I'm lame too

08/30/2011 21:06 Kim Kardashian has a new video
Bout time Rebecca Black came out with another song! she looks older in this one :(

04/08/2011 13:52 katrina_bowden_esquire_magazine_2011_sexiest_woman_alive_9
This one just about broke my zipper.. wowee wow wow

04/08/2011 13:50 katrina_bowden_esquire_magazine_2011_sexiest_woman_alive_0
wtf is the comment section off for?

02/03/2011 12:07 morning headlines
" Because that’s what this website is all about. Helping others" used to be "because fuck them" it was better then

02/01/2011 12:38 Kim Kardashian was surprised about being naked
I've seen dong in her snatch and she's worried someone might look at them ugly nipples? Did she forget she starred in a porno? this site sure has gone downhill

01/17/2011 09:25 Emma Stone at the Golden Globes and Critics Choice
she should have to prove her hair color

01/17/2011 08:50 Emma Stone at the Golden Globes and Critics Choice
Blond is not good on her. she should go black, she was hot as fuck in zombieland

01/17/2011 08:17 Christina Aguilera at the Golden Globes
Sad but true. She looks like shit

01/12/2011 16:24 Natalie Portman is a good model
not bad for a jew

12/31/2010 12:16 Katy Perry is a natural beauty
I'm calling bullshit. Not that katy probably doesnt look like shit at times but on that being a picture of her

11/04/2010 14:35 It's Kim Kardashians first song (UPDATE)
this bitch should die in a fire

10/11/2010 18:50 Kim Kardashian naked, silver
bitch was just crying about naked playboy pictures and now she's all naked (and not looking good) in this shit? wtf?