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05/04/2010 15:25 it's the sad cartoon turtle!
LOL. Brendan's commentary actually made me laugh today.

04/21/2010 17:14 jwoww is a natural entertainer
And yes, laundromat.

04/21/2010 17:14 jwoww is a natural entertainer
Looks like a salon to me.

04/20/2010 17:36 oh stfu esquire
That doesn't even look like Christina Hendricks!

04/20/2010 15:31 kate bosworth is in a bikini
B - She was in Blue Crush as the surfer girl and then Lois Lane in the new (very boring) Superman movie. She's been in other recognizable stuff but on the whole she's pretty worthless.

04/20/2010 15:27 kate bosworth is in a bikini
She's such a skinny little twit. I don't like her with Alexander Skarsgard at all. He could do way better.

04/14/2010 23:17 kate hudson is disapointing
Woodsman: gamut.

04/13/2010 17:51 hugh hefner says tiger and jesse james are creeps
True on the sex addiction copout.

04/13/2010 12:38 9img_01641
Have mercy.

04/09/2010 16:47 leave kim and i alone
She's just so much better looking than everyone else. I don't get it.

04/09/2010 15:55 nicole scherzinger has an unfair advantage
I'm not watching the show but wouldn't Evan Lysacek have the greatest advantage, kinda like Kristi Yamaguchi? How's he doing?

04/09/2010 10:51 j-woww smash
Who IS the best-looking girl on Jersey Shore?

04/09/2010 10:29 j-woww smash
My husband would love these.

04/08/2010 14:43 kim kardashian is a good babysitter
Oh my god. Flawless.

04/08/2010 10:33 jesse james says there is no sex tape
And America collectively gasps in surprise? We knew. I think the point of JJ's statement was that there are no sex tapes at all -- with Sandra Bullock or his harem.

04/08/2010 09:48 sophie monk is in mexico
Nice. Although a while back I remember seeing her in gym pants sporting some seriously cellulitey legs. What happened? Upgrade.

04/07/2010 17:53 katie holmes doesnt need makeup
LOL. Muffin-top bra.

04/07/2010 16:51 jessica simpson doesn't need makeup
Sorry but Calvin Klein said it best: “The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural." Anyone who doesn't think she is wearing AT THE VERY LEAST tinted moisturized, blus

04/07/2010 15:54 eva longoria can clear up this nicollette sheridan thing
Is anyone watching The Ultimate Fighter this season? Was the premier any good? I was on vacation and missed it.

04/07/2010 15:41 eva longoria can clear up this nicollette sheridan thing
Aristotelian. Counselor. I agree with Dirt on this one. IDGAF. From what I can tell, Nicollette Sheridan isn't the star or the "hot" one on the show, so she's even less relevant. Whatever. I've ne