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03/04/2013 11:55 Christina Ricci is still underrated
She's proper dirty.

03/04/2013 11:54 Heidi Klum Dominates Them All
She's too old to be showing mammary. She's a great looking bird but you gotta keep them away over 30.

03/04/2013 11:50 So You Want to Be a Belittled Writer....?
No fucking way. You're not good enough for my prose.

03/04/2013 11:45 When Did Russians Get So Awesome?
Waydaminnit Has the site owner changed?

03/04/2013 11:41 Someone Hit Harry Styles In The Balls With A Shoe
Fuckin' A.

03/04/2013 11:39 Joan Rivers Compared Heidi Klum To The Holocaust
Holocaust joke. Big fucking deal. I didn't do it! It was the Nazis, 70 years ago.

03/04/2013 11:35 Lindsay borrowed this $1750 dress, immediately destroyed it
She's such a dirty tramp. I'd love to fuck her in a laneway behind a fast food joint.

03/04/2013 11:34 Morrissey Still An Obnoxious Pussy
I thought you were 'Limey' too? Whatever about his meat is murder stuff, he's a fucking amazing musician.

11/23/2012 13:09 spl460127_001
Kind of like her a bit fat.

11/12/2012 11:01 Justin Bieber is quite a little dancer
And people wonder why ten year old girls want to dress like sluts.

11/12/2012 11:00 Lindsay would never lie to police, except for when she does
I really want to bang her. She's so skanky. I'd say she'd let you put your dinner plate on her back as she sucks you off while you watch telly and have your dinner.

11/12/2012 10:58 Sam Worthington arrested, maced in Atlanta
Aussies are pussies on drink. Only Irish can operate properly after consuming 20 pints and a bottle of whiskey. My father managed to swerve across three lanes of motorway traffic and park neatly b

10/25/2012 09:49 Madonna fell down, flopped around like a spaz
She's an elderly lady at this stage. The only way to make her look young is to stick your cock in her and push. That tightens all her skin up as it goes up her snatch.

10/25/2012 09:47 Justin Timberlakes $6.5M wedding took time to mock the homeless
Oh don't worry. All the rich cunts in the world will soon be running screaming from pretty much everyone else who has been fucked in the ass by banks, etc. Arrogant rich are asking for it.

10/15/2012 12:12 Russell Crowe is jolly
I was cycling in Manhattan only a few weeks ago. Great fun. Think I passed that cage where David Bland was doing another stunt nobody gave a fuck about.

10/15/2012 12:08 the internets most popular uppercut has arrived
Yep. Mouthy asshole kids deserve this every time they disrespect their elders. No mercy. Floor them!

07/03/2012 14:00 Jessica Simpsons diet is going pretty well
There is so many creases to stick a cock in that body.

07/03/2012 13:59 one of these is Alec Baldwins teen daughter, the other his wife
Fucking hell. Us Irish here in.... Ireland think it's hilarious when Americans call their kids after Irish rivers (Shannon) and cities (Kilkenny) or surnames (Murphy, Kelly) but to name a kid after th

01/06/2012 13:20 Drew Barrymore is getting married
I kind of like Drew Barrymore. A flawed girl next door... who might give the tit when she gets a bit messy.

01/06/2012 13:19 TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL!
She used to have a large statue of the Virgin Mary outside her home in Dublin. She's clearly someone in trouble and desperate for attention. Although she is a great singer. She made a surprise appe