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02/06/2014 18:54 Miley Cyrus Goes to Germany and Takes Her Clothes Off
Comparing herself to Marilyn Monroe in 3... 2... 1...

02/04/2014 17:11 Miley Cyrus Isn't Disney, Holler, Y'All
wow, i only just mentioned her and now justin bieber gets a post... great going over here!

02/04/2014 16:43 Justin Bieber Popped Selena Gomez's Cherry
totally ruined it. not that this knowledge changes much, she was ruined the second she shacked up with Miley Cyrus.

02/04/2014 13:51 Kelly Brook Put On A Show In Miami
Oh, he's gonna be disappointed when she unleashes those ta-ta's and they drop to her knees...

02/03/2014 16:44 George Zimmerman Wants To Fight Kanye West
Acquitted means not guilty, ergo not a murderer... dingus

02/03/2014 01:29 Orlando Bloom Has a New Girlfriend
At least he chooses women that don't have an aversion to showing tits...

01/24/2014 15:42 Paris Hilton Wins the Pre-Grammy Party
Been done before. All this whore's good for lately is aping other people. Big whoop.

01/13/2014 14:06 Lady Gaga Looked Ridiculous At The Golden Globes
That sarcasm's most unbecoming, Travis. It's going to hold you back more in life than that lazy eye of yours...

01/10/2014 13:30 Shia LaBeouf And His Crown of Thorns
Good riddance. means I won't have to put up with his autistic mug any longer! Thank god it's friday, all the good news comes out this day!

01/09/2014 13:50 Cormac McCarthy's Ex Pulls A Gun Out Of Her Hoo-Ha

01/09/2014 01:36 Cara Delevingne And Michelle Rodriguez Make Knicks Game Watchable
I count at least 2 gay people in this post.

01/08/2014 17:46 Cara Delevingne And Michelle Rodriguez Make Knicks Game Watchable
If anything was ever worth a sextape...

01/06/2014 22:54 Madonna's Baby Boy Likes Him Some Gin
Tres putos, more like it...

01/04/2014 09:06 Kat Graham Poses In Lingerie For Terry Richardson
@TylerDurrhurr389: it's spelled "penchant", you illiterate asshole. At least have the decency to know how to spell shit before trying to use it in a sentence. I'm all for insulting people, but shit, m

12/18/2013 17:01 Snooki Can Smell Booze In Her Tit Milk
Fact: alcohol is a hard drug. Though you never hear it, because it's "legal". Logic!

12/13/2013 15:13 Justin Bieber Might End Up Getting Pounded In An Argentine Jail
Also, I really hope this douchenozzle gets what he deserves. Here's to hoping he comes back a changed woman.

12/13/2013 15:12 Justin Bieber Might End Up Getting Pounded In An Argentine Jail

12/12/2013 07:46 Chris Hemsworth's Wife Is On the Jealous Side
Journalistic excellence... hooo boy! We struck gold...

09/12/2013 08:34 A General Fuck You To Ignorant Cave Dwelling Assholes Everywhere
Allahu Akbar!

08/27/2013 15:31 See If You Can Find the Crack Binging Proof in the Lamar Odom Allegations (VIDEO)
As if this page's journalism is any better. Stay classy, folks!