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04/08/2013 13:24 The Howe Twins Want to Be Famous
I've been defending this site for a while, but "The Howe Twins want to famous"???? Do you guys even look at a headline before you post it? Slop.

03/04/2013 20:39 Sharif Bogere Comes In Like a Lion, Goes Out Like a Dick
No, I don't. And I'm not angry. I was clearly talking about the anger of everyone else over a mindless celebrity site getting rid of a writer. The site is free and there are other options out there. I

03/04/2013 17:58 Sharif Bogere Comes In Like a Lion, Goes Out Like a Dick
Why don't all you customers who pay so much to view this site take your valuable business somewhere else? Are you just going to comment on how bad this site is from here to eternity? By the way, it ap

02/28/2013 21:02 Your Emails Are Being Read!
Good point, Doo Doo, but i certainly can't read the corporate slop comedy on this site anymore, can I??

02/28/2013 20:39 Your Emails Are Being Read!
Beppo, I haven't given it much more than a passing thought. It's not for me right now, but I'm sure as I age, I will be more in to 'watching' than 'doing'.

02/28/2013 20:31 Your Emails Are Being Read!
Is there anything worse than people who comment on things on the internet? (don't bother pointing out the obvious) There needs to be a lot more loving and fucking and a lot less commenting.

02/28/2013 16:16 Ke$ha Is Still Disgusting
Thanks, Beppo. I'm just trying to reason a bunch of avatars on the internet. Always an easy and winning proposition...piss drinkers or not.

02/28/2013 16:08 Ke$ha Is Still Disgusting
I can't believe you all are so butt hurt over a new writer on a celebrity blog. Are you worlds really caving in? I have no dog in this fight, but this new dude is pretty funny... at least as funny as

10/21/2011 15:30 Ashton Kutcher posted a video
Poor Ashton. That social machine that made him and his idiocy famous is now turning against him. Shame.

05/28/2010 22:45 vanessa hudgens must be handicapped
You're right, Race...this website is shitty, but it has so much potential and it's better than the superficial and that fat shit, perez.

05/28/2010 20:51 vanessa hudgens must be handicapped
Do you all know each other? I would like to make friends in this online community. Just don't make fun of me. Or do.