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04/09/2014 12:54 The Ultimate Warrior Is Dead
No way man. Warrior is tag-teaming with Macho Man, not against him. ULTIMATE MANIACS forever!!! R.I.P Warrior.

01/14/2014 17:21 Jennifer Lopez Is Still The Same Girl
True story: When I was a kid (early 90's), I thought JLo and John Leguizamo were the same person. Google Jlo circa 1993 and then look at Leguizamo in drag in that movie with Swayze and Snipes as drag

01/03/2014 20:24 Kat Graham Poses In Lingerie For Terry Richardson
"I don’t quite understand the allure of Terry Richardson photography. I don’t grasp his power. I just know I want to possess it." Well Lex, like Terry you also have a pension for underage girls. So

01/03/2014 17:10 Cameron Diaz Promotes Her Pubes
Any chance for Ms. Diaz to offer a free demonstration? Or a taste test?

01/02/2014 16:27 Miley Cyrus Ruined Ryan Seacrest's New Year
Or as George Carlin said: Every day, every kid should have 3 hours of daydreaming. Just daydreaming And you could use a little of it yourself, by the way. Sit outside, look up at the clouds, it's goo

12/27/2013 23:24 Red Lobster Isn't Closing, Stop the Fucking Riots

12/20/2013 21:17 Rony Seikaly's Girlfriend Knows How to Change Her Top
Look close at pic #3. Real close.

12/19/2013 01:00 Abigail Breslin Goes Braless
What state do you live in?

12/19/2013 00:57 GLAAD's Got a Hard On For Duck Dynasty
I have no idea what this "duck dynasty" show is, but every time I hear it, my mind automatically adds "IN THE 21ST CENTURY!!!"

12/18/2013 15:42 George Zimmerman Painting on Ebay Passes $100K
I'm almost curious enough to check his ebay page just to see if the bidders on his auctions are rednecks. Almost.

12/12/2013 14:36 Miley's Vagina Ruined Christmas in Atlanta, Too
Miley was hotter when she had DSL (Dick sucking lips). Unfortunately she grew into them.

12/10/2013 18:38 R. Kelly Thinks Chris Brown Is Jesus
So does this mean we can whip him?

11/29/2013 16:33 Heidi Montag Had Her Giant Breasts Reduced
So this loser can afford to get another plastic surgery done, and over 40 million people in this country are without health care. Glad we've got our priorities straight.

11/29/2013 16:29 Gwyneth Paltrow Says Fuck All Them Haters
She's related to Steven Spielberg. Never forget that.

11/27/2013 15:09 Mel Gibson is Dressing His Age
Perfect Friday or Saturday night hangout in downtown NYC: Hanging out with Mel Gibson, Alec Baldwin, Charlie Sheen, Keifer Sutherland, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, and Amy Winehouse. Yeah, after th

11/26/2013 16:05 Lil Kim Has It All Working in London
What the hell is that thing?

11/26/2013 15:58 Kanye West Wants You To Boycott Louis Vuitton
This makes me think of that South Park episode where stores were telling customers not to shop there in order to get people more enticed into going there when they finally do open the doors. I gues

11/26/2013 15:54 Catarina Migliorini Selling Her Virginity, Again
This article was posted on another site 2 weeks ago, and the first comment on that article summed it up perfectly: "3 reasons this story is bullshit: 1. Brazilian 2. Playboy 3. Model"

11/21/2013 17:09 Adriana Lima Poses In Lingerie on the Subway
They either buil a set and hired actors, or they simply rotoscoped her into a bunch of old pics from the early 80's when NY subway trains looked like that.

11/13/2013 14:36 And Yet They Just Keep on Posing for 138 Water
Wow. A model that looks "normal". How refreshing.