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06/06/2013 15:34 Kristen Stewart Tries To Jessica Chastain Up
Jack you are an idiot. If you google gitmo you'll see it's called camp xray. You are a bad unfunny writer.

06/04/2013 04:05 Brad Pitt Can't See Faces Anymore, Now What?
lex you'a retated

05/29/2013 20:28 Olivia Wilde In A Bikini
Still trying to emulate the old writer. How flipping boring and played out.

05/23/2013 20:54 Janet Jackson Is Now a Billionaire Sort Of
She's married to a billionaire too. That would be a good part of the story. RETARDS

05/23/2013 20:53 Janet Jackson Is Now a Billionaire Sort Of
Yah know what would be interesting about this story? How the F U C K she made a billion dollars. Music? Movies? Endorsements? How does it break down? RETARDS

05/18/2013 00:06 Kiara Mia At The Beach In Miami
At least you guys are consistent. First the site goes down hill and now the chics here are getting fatter and fatter everyday. This whore is disgusting.

05/15/2013 01:40 Zoe Saldana Isn't Nude
I just noticed the comments tab is gone. Do you retards realize that was the only good left about this site? Later f u c k heads .....

05/15/2013 01:37 The Downside of Being Harry
YOU F U C K I N G C U N T S HAVE RUINED A PERFECTLY GOOD WEBSITE. That's a whole lot of words to say nuthin - RETARDS.

05/14/2013 20:17 Russian Kids Are Going to Eat Our Kids for Perestroika (VIDEO)
Jack the Cold War wasn't really a war. It was a period where we though there might be a war but ..... oh nevermind.

05/10/2013 20:52 Carmen Ortega Barely in a Bikini
She would be so hot if you were trapped in a mall in Long Island and you could never leave. There are so many pictures on the internet and you post this fatty ???

05/09/2013 20:03 Do You Like Vegas? Do You Want a $6500 Memorial Day Weekend Trip?
Wow this is a new low. You guys reeeeaaaaalllly suck.

05/08/2013 19:59 Britney Spears Robbed of 20 lbs
Just did a once over of the NEW SITE !! Wow does it suck !!

05/02/2013 20:47 Amanda-Bynes-Shows-Off-on-Twitter-04
Damn she is SMOKING HOT

04/30/2013 20:47 Michelle Rodriguez Is Too Much Woman For Me
what is the point of this post. NOTHING ?

04/29/2013 22:08 Lena Dunham Should Maybe Not Wear Yoga Pants
JACK you aren't funny. She is wildly talented and has a huge career ahead of her. You suck and write for a crap blog. Sucks for you doesn't it?

04/25/2013 16:27 Chloe Green in a Bikini
NOT HOT at all. What is wrong with you retards ??

04/23/2013 20:11 Selma Blair Breastfeeds Her Kid
f u c k you guys

04/22/2013 19:48 Happy Earth Day! (VIDEO)
LEX, she's not hot or famous. This is boring the s h i t outta me.

04/22/2013 19:45 Hipsters Are Full Of Shit
JACK. Do us all a favor and stick a steak knife deep into your ear.

04/19/2013 22:53 Just Ending for One Boston Bomber (Gory Death Photo)
These comments are funnier than anything posted on this site in weeks