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02/07/2011 19:07 Tony Hawk is getting divorce number three
Jesus rokan. There's 20 posts in his history and you're only named in 11 of them, don't get a big head. Speaking of big heads... Is anyone else surprised at the quality of pussy Tony Hawk lands? Sh

02/07/2011 14:38 Alexander Skarsgard is a spaz
Great. We can't even bring the mean anymore?

02/04/2011 18:06 Kim Kardashian changed her mind about those pictures
Why is this site a Kim Kardashian stroke fest all of the sudden? Keep your lousy mud shark loving shit to yourself you fucking douchebag. The only way I want to hear about what this dumb cunt thinks a

02/04/2011 14:18 Halle Berrys baby isnt black
wookies eat nookie. thats how we know they're not black.

02/04/2011 14:17 Halle Berrys baby isnt black
So let me get this straight. This guy's a racist who married and had a child with a black chic? Yeah. That sounds like it could happen. I know canucks are supposed to be all nice and shit but that's p

02/03/2011 13:08 morning headlines
although the flash your rack site is decent. best thing to come outta this site in at least a year

02/03/2011 13:07 morning headlines
It's like he(?)'s being unfunny on purpose. To see if you douches still post. About poop or whatever. Glad to see you dont dissapoint. fyl.

01/31/2011 19:31 afternoon headlines
Chicagoenima: "LEA MICHELLE - is the star of Glee, which is on Fox, and she’ll sing “America, the Beautiful” at the Superbowl. Which will be aired on Fox. Finally, they figured out a way to promote

01/31/2011 18:20 Kim Kardashian was surprised about being naked
"But she is hot an has a big round ass I love so if I can fuck her I’ll let this stupidity pass." And that offers coming from sombody that thinks "America The Beautiful" is the national anthem.

01/31/2011 18:10 Kim Kardashian was surprised about being naked
WHAT. THE. FUCK?!?!?!?!!? Everyone loves Hugh Jackman. Kim Hobitchian seems nice. This site has officially turned into a nicer more Hollywood kiss-ass version of E! At least they have Joan Rivers. Th

01/28/2011 15:50 morning headlines
Chicagoaniml 01/28/2011 13:13 Wasn’t Xxx-Tina supposed to sing the Anthem at the SuperBowl? Christ. America The Beautiful isn't the same as the National Anthem which is the Star Spangled Banner

01/21/2011 14:54 Lindsay Lohan bribed Dawn Holland to change her story
This place is like winning first in a Who Can Get Kicked In The Nuts Hardest contest. even the winners lose

01/20/2011 17:48 Kim Kardashian > fat dumb hillbilly teen moms
I'd blame it more on all of the vapid hollywood cunts that think babies are the new chihuahuas. At least they can afford the mexican nannies that will raise them. These little bitches dump their kids

01/20/2011 11:34 at least Charlie Sheen can count on Jim Norton
"If this were a relay race, he’d have taken the lead, handed me the baton, my pants would fall down, I’d drop the baton, trip, and somehow have it go right up my ass when I fell down." Sounds like

01/18/2011 18:48 Alicia Silverstone has a glow about her now
god this place sucks

01/14/2011 18:49 Friday headlines
Christ. A three post Friday. I guess he was full of shit about this site NOT SUCKING in the new year.

01/13/2011 17:43 Rihanna got a new haircut
I think she's flashing gang signs in #4.

01/12/2011 13:52 Kate Hudson is pregnant
I'm saying I wouldn't fuck her at all (lie). I bet her clam smell like a tour bus after banging the black crows guy for all those years. A stench there's not enough patchoulli in the world to hide.

01/12/2011 12:42 Kate Hudson is pregnant
I don't know what anyone sees in this bitch. Or any Hollywood Kate for that matter. Holmes, Bosworth, Gosselin, Hudson. All wothless. Maybe it's not a coincidence their name rhymes with HATE. I'd r

01/06/2011 13:08 Jenny McCarthy is not actually a doctor
I don’t disbelieve that kids have autism…..I disbelieve the numbers in the commercials That's what I was saying. According to the autism police if you take the world population and divide it by 1 i