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02/11/2013 15:23 Alessandra Ambrosio is everything good about girls
A bit overstated there B. She is one pair of implants away from being perfect.

07/09/2012 14:41 Arianny Celeste never disappoints
The skirt needs to be lower so we can at the very least see her naval, if not her pelvis bones.

03/28/2012 20:53 Vanessa Hudgens on the set of 'Spring Breakers'
sadly, she's looking worse by the day. #notgonnaendwell

03/05/2012 15:05 this is not a hacked cell phone picture of Olivia Munn
Real or fake, who cares. It's TITS!

03/05/2012 15:03 Christina Hendricks has "hacked" cell phone pictures
Real or fake, who cares. It's TITS!

02/29/2012 09:02 Rihanna is sort of a bitch
A black woman with a short temper and attitude? This just goes against any stereotype I have ever believed in.

02/07/2012 16:29 parts of Lindsay Lohan are still photogenic
I don't care if she is a cracked out ho' when she's got great big cans. I would still stick her one.

02/07/2012 16:28 Maria Menounos lost a bet
I'm not sure what was faster - the fat bitches frown or the guy behind her on the right's smile which looks like he is uncomfortable spugeing in public.

02/06/2012 17:20 this was not the most popular Super Bowl commercial
re: the Kio Optima ad: Vince Neil and cars, what could possibly go wrong?

02/06/2012 17:18 Rihanna and her blond hair partied with Chris Brown
Please, law of the jungle, do your magic so I don't have to hear about this twat anymore.

01/25/2012 16:27 Rihanna got a "thug life" tat on her knuckles
Fugly nappy headed ho'. That's all.

01/23/2012 17:31 Cameron Diaz is scaring the French now

01/23/2012 17:30 Vanessa Hudgens erotic awakening continues
This chick is slowly losing her looks and bulking up. In 10 years there will be posts about her similar to the Cameron Diaz or Jessica Sinpson posts.

01/23/2012 11:48 Heidi Klum is single
4 kids and a seal in her vagina? Can she even feel anything down there anymore? I'm shocked it isn't her wetting the bed.

01/17/2012 09:35 BREAKING NEWS: Madonna is a narcissistic cunt
"I'm not French..." You're not English either you washed up old whore. Stopping talking with the fake accent.

12/20/2011 15:52 Pam Anderson still looks sorta ok in a bikini
I've dropped so many loads over her pictures, what's one more....

12/16/2011 17:05 i heart Amy Childs
Its funny that some of these comments assume that I would hang around and talk to her after I'm done.

12/14/2011 16:27 Lindsay was back in court today
Why does she look so different than her Playboy pictures? Why didn't Playboy just hire some random chick and then airbrush her to look like Lindsay? It would have been less hassle.

12/14/2011 16:20 Cameron Diaz and Diddy are dating or something
No loss to the white community there.

12/12/2011 16:31 Britney gave Pauly D a dance
Isn't his 15 minutes up yet?