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03/18/2013 09:27 The Women Are Coming to Durden
The most transparent attempt to get more females to visit this page? Yes.

02/27/2013 11:01 Kanye West Still > Everyone Else
Just removed WWTDD from my RSS feed... there's just no reason to come here anymore.

02/25/2013 16:07 J-Woww Gets $10K a Head to Herd Her Cattle to Vegas
"Still finding it weird that we live in a country where oral sex is outlawed in numerous states, but the worst of the worst media content can be distributed to 90 million homes by MTV and shows like J

02/25/2013 15:24 The Five Most Fucked-Up Moments of the Oscars
Chip Chipperson can form a cohesive sentence. This shit is below even Chip.

01/10/2013 14:26 Gisele is the latest Terry Richardson victim
Imgr is muuuuch better. Keep it this way.

12/21/2012 09:47 Miss Rhode Island is the 2012 Miss Universe
Until reading this I had no idea beauty pageants were still a thing.

12/12/2012 11:49 Anne Hathaway is "devastated" over those other pictures
She's embarrassed we saw a tiny little part of her nondescript anatomy yet she walks around with that haircut.

12/03/2012 16:56 the Olsen Twins are selling a $55,000 backpack
They look healthy and vibrant...

07/19/2012 12:11 Fred Willard arrested for masturbating in a porn theatre
I bet he was all like "Wha happon?!"

07/12/2012 09:31 Elle Macpherson may or may not still have it
She looks all leathery. But then that's what a lifetime of tanning does I guess...

01/24/2012 10:48 Vanessa Hudgens erotic awakening continues
I could go the mall right now - 9:51am on a Tuesday - and find 30 girls more attractive than she is.

12/01/2011 15:20 "I want to smell like JWoww smells."
She looks... odd.

10/18/2011 13:58 'Transformers' 4 and 5 might star Jason Statham
"This would be bad news for the Decipticons, who keep in mind were 0-3 even when the Autobots were led by that nebbish little Jew." This might be the funniest thing I've read in a month.

09/14/2011 16:23 everyone loves the Kardashians
Fuckin' good for that guy. Take a shot - what's the harm.

09/13/2011 10:45 Christina Hendricks makes pictures better
I appreciate big tits, but she looks kinda silly.

06/06/2011 17:11 Spike Guys Choice > MTV Movie
lol. The nip slip was the very first thing I noticed - I figured it couldn't be missed, but I guess it can.

10/04/2010 13:00 Ashley Tisdale and her bikini are disapointing
Meh. I've seen worse. Aside from not having any breasts she has a nice body, and it looks like the wrinkles in the bathing suit is part of its design.