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01/18/2011 13:16 Brooklyn Decker is a good model
Tits are made to be stared at.

01/18/2011 11:47 Nicole Kidman has a new baby
Wow it sure is quiet in here lately.

01/11/2011 15:35 Cameron Diaz at the Green Hornet premiere
"She's not as pretty now" and yet there are 19 pictures. I appreciate the sarcasm but I lament the wasting of resources.

01/11/2011 15:15 Charlie Sheen had an orgy with Bree Olson
I'd appreciate it if any of you posters could use your expertise to answer the question: How does Medical Science and Psychiatry rehabilitate a guy with money and "looks" who likes to fuck?

01/11/2011 12:31 what in the hell
I click ALL links. I believe it is the polite thing to do.

01/11/2011 11:46 what in the hell
Ohmwrecker, her popularity may be attributed to the "AnnaL" that can be detected within her name.

01/11/2011 11:35 Scarlett Johansson is doing fine without Ryan Reynolds
What the hell are you guys talking about?

01/06/2011 14:08 Jenny McCarthy is not actually a doctor
I'm with Observer on that one.

01/06/2011 10:44 Eliza Doolittle is... um... someone in a bikini
Rokan, thank you.

01/06/2011 10:32 Eliza Doolittle is... um... someone in a bikini
Mac-Daddy, please feel free to throw in your own tuppence.

01/06/2011 10:24 Eliza Doolittle is... um... someone in a bikini
Uknowwhere2findme, that comment about Doolittle was pretty funny.

01/05/2011 14:59 Lindsay Lohan was drunk at Betty Ford
Watt seems like a sensible boy. Is he?

01/05/2011 14:53 Lindsay Lohan was drunk at Betty Ford
unknowwhere2findme, what is Voss?

01/05/2011 14:52 Lindsay Lohan was drunk at Betty Ford
I wish the writer of WWTDD would stop these updates. He is going to get Lindsay into trouble, if the right people read these articles.

01/05/2011 14:38 Wednesday headlines
Why thank you Mr. Cunt. I am also known for being rough on roughnecks.

01/05/2011 14:24 Wednesday headlines
A "good" handjob usually gets me about 9 inches across the room.

01/05/2011 12:20 Wednesday headlines
How can anyone live without watching T.V.? Pepper, do you just use your T.V. as a plant stand?

01/05/2011 11:55 Snooki likes waking up in garbage cans
I'm guessing she's a technical virgin. In other words an ass-fucker.

12/17/2010 16:55 Neil Patrick Harris is cool
How can you fellows tell a poster from a puppet?

12/17/2010 16:25 Neil Patrick Harris is cool
Rokan, it is a story about Neil Patrick Harris being disappointed in the performance of an actor he hired to do his TV show.