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01/28/2011 11:10 Charlie Sheen was in the hospital for laughing too hard
Mr. Trainwreck!

01/21/2011 11:04 at least Charlie Sheen can count on Jim Norton
Norton is a funny guy!

01/17/2011 11:19 Christina Aguilera at the Golden Globes
She is such a lovely lady!

01/17/2011 11:17 63081982
That dress is fucking awful!

01/16/2011 12:29 CBS knows Charlie Sheen is a degenerate
He makes money for the network and that's all that matters.

01/14/2011 12:55 Thurdsay morning headlines
Amy is a Train wreck

01/14/2011 12:53 Kim Kardashian is good at twitter
She looks fantastic in that picture!

01/12/2011 15:05 Natalie Portman is a good model
She's a lovely lady!

01/12/2011 00:51 Tuesday afternoon headlines
Looking forward to more Bond!

01/11/2011 12:53 Tuesday morning headlines
You don't have to be smart to be rich and famous

01/11/2011 12:50 Gisele Bundchen is not shy
You can't be shy in her line of work.

01/11/2011 12:47 SPL229389_001
Just a lovely lady that gets better with time!

01/11/2011 12:45 Kim Kardashian has ass for days
And I thought I had a bulbous ass!