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12/29/2011 22:37 Sinead O'Conner is as weird and insane as she looks
Maybe she should try marrying a straight guy next time?

11/08/2011 23:24 Brett Ratner made Lindsay get tested for STDs
Wait...a Jew who's a germophobe and a hypochondriac? I just can't picture that. What's the REAL story?

11/01/2011 18:13 Scarletts naked pictures were for Ryan Reynolds
This is just the news I needed to be able to jerk it to those photos without apprehension. Thanks Tyler!

10/27/2011 17:41 Speilberg blames Lucas for Indiana Jones 4 being awful
AN interview. Steven Spielberg has AN interview. Again, have you hired idle NBA players to write for you?

10/26/2011 21:25 Jennifer Nicole Lee is a inspiration
When did you hire an idle NBA player to write headlines? I mean, it's nice of you and all, but...

10/21/2011 19:33 Kim Kardashian understands relationships
Wow. What's left to believe in? If two zoo animal-level morons can't figure out how to make a relationship work, well...

10/06/2011 21:44 Ashton Kutcher cheated. A lot.
I'm so glad to hear this. If this guy was pussywhipped by a woman two decades older than him I would have no respect for him. He HAD to be getting it in all over the place.

09/26/2011 20:47 Ashlee Simpson is in a bikini
"She is a butter face". You MUST be kidding me. I guess you hate great smiles, high cheekbones, and amazing eyes?

09/26/2011 20:43 Ashlee Simpson is in a bikini
I always thought Asslee was the hottest of the two, even though she's a complete moron and married a toolbox. Jessica is weird looking.

09/20/2011 19:19 John Travolta endorses planes
Wait...why is there a fucking plane in the wax museum?

09/01/2011 17:01 rihanna_gelato_portofino_italy_august_24_2011_7
I love the cat trailing the play looking straight at her ass. Kudos, sir!

08/30/2011 19:25 Daryl Hannah was arrested
Apparently she CAN get arrested. Who knew?

08/29/2011 17:24 Gwen Stefani was in a bikini too
Yes, she's sexy and has a great ass, but for all the criticism flat-chested chicks get around here... And the fucking makeup on this girl! She's at the fucking beach and it looks like the estee laude

08/29/2011 17:21 Gwen Stefani was in a bikini too
I'll never quite understand why TD gives this chick a pass.

08/25/2011 16:45 Jim Carrey is insane, hearts Emma Stone
I'm guessing this was a publicity stunt---he does have a new Web site, after all. It may also be an inside joke between he and Ms. Stone, who he may have already tagged anyway, for all that we know.

08/23/2011 21:47 um, hey there Megan Fox
I know this is a reach, but her knees are not hot at all.

08/16/2011 22:14 skinny Jonah Hill is creepy
When he realizes being a fat bastard was his lone calling card some LA eateries are going to have some nice sales numbers. Also, with a head that big, he might as well have a bloated body to match. Oh