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03/12/2013 10:20 Amanda Bynes Looks Different
think she's going for the LaToya/Nicki look. just needs a few more cum stains.

02/07/2013 00:01 And here we are...
as i said last night, (and was deleted) WHERE"S THE TITS?????

02/05/2013 20:34 Jennifer Lawrence's dress did not rip at the SAG Awards
OK. we now have a post. when do we see TITS!!!

02/05/2013 13:10 Jennifer Lawrence's dress did not rip at the SAG Awards
is it fuckin' monday yet?

01/09/2013 10:04 Kim Kardashian wont sell pictures of her baby (except for more money)
^^^ 'becoming'? and there's not a cover-up big enough for that a$$

01/08/2013 18:14 Kim Kardashian wont sell pictures of her baby (except for more money)
anyone else here think this might be total bullshit? kinda like her wedding.

12/11/2012 19:11 its Anne Hathaway, her vagina at the Les Mis premiere
was hoping for a gaped-open, cum-oozing shot. should have known better. only reason it's on here is she has that young boy hair-cut that appeals to the new blogger.

11/21/2012 19:17 Megan Fox just had a baby, still fantastic looking
sorry i'm late, she's never been that hot and always been overrated. but she beats the young gay boy pictures this guy leaves up for a weekend.

11/14/2012 17:06 Channing Tatum is apparently very handsome
maybe not him, the blogger.

11/14/2012 17:05 Channing Tatum is apparently very handsome
can you say...F A G?

11/09/2012 15:33 the 'Spy Kids' girl looks different
he must love all the taylor swift post.

11/09/2012 13:22 Lindsay would never lie to police, except for when she does
what the hell is that bitch on? scary.

11/09/2012 13:19 the 'Spy Kids' girl looks different
like we ever stopped.

11/07/2012 22:54 Lady Gaga needs less attractive friends
you have to remember the guy that writes this is a F A G, so he just picks a number.

11/05/2012 13:29 Gisele Bundchen might be pregnant
fuck you

11/03/2012 06:49 everyone hates Taylor Swift now
guess we're stuck with this shit until at least tuesday.

10/25/2012 09:58 Jennifer Lopez had a little accident
i see my comment has been removed. but not her and kims big fat floppy asses. was it because i said, TITS? titstitstitstitstitstitstitstitstitstitstitstitstitstitstitstits.

10/16/2012 17:41 Miley is pretending like she turned down X Factor
actually, she told this to Jay Leno. if you're not going to show tits, at least try to report correctly..

10/08/2012 14:19 Lady Gaga threw up on stage too
if you were that close to that shitty cunt and her music, you'd puke too!

10/04/2012 04:07 Jessica Simpsons fiance cheated on her
the Crisco is so she can slide that fat ass into the truck.