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08/29/2012 23:40 Lindsay banned from Chateau Marmont, still terrible at lying

08/28/2012 23:23 naturally, Lindsay will not be prosecuted
Tune in early tomorrow to find out what Lindsay had for breakfast! But not too early; LiLo doesn't get out of her cum-soaked bed until the afternoon, hacks up a few cigarette-oysters, scratches her li

08/22/2012 22:57 Vanessa Hudgens is disappointing, confusing
You better run all day And run all night. Keep your dirty feelings Deep inside. And if you're taking your girlfriend Out tonight You'd better park the car Well out of sight. 'Cause if they cat

08/21/2012 22:51 afternoon headlines, with naked Brooke Hogan
Peeper got nuked too?

08/21/2012 22:26 afternoon headlines, with naked Brooke Hogan
Who got nuked this time?

05/24/2012 22:30 Rose McGowans still got it
Naturally, I have heard of Rose McGowan, but I couldn't remember what movie I had seen her in. So I checked IMDb, only to find out I haven't seen her in any of them. Now I don't feel bad for not givin

05/22/2012 23:25 can you even tell who this is?

05/22/2012 22:04 can you even tell who this is?
I was watching the news on TV tonight, when I realized that if there were no such things as blacks and hispanics, the news would only consist of the weather. No crime or sports, unless you consider ho

05/22/2012 19:16 can you even tell who this is?
This bitch looks like an uppity cunt.

05/18/2012 23:44 Will Smith slapped a reporter
I don't like O'Bongo. He's a nagger.

05/18/2012 19:25 Will Smith slapped a reporter
The guy prolly mistook Will Smith for O'Bama (I do that myself), and wanted to marry him.

05/16/2012 23:34 Henifaa Yopez is leaving 'American Idol'
I can’t believe they made a fucking movie out of this. Do we all really hate ourselves as a society that much? We made Barack O'Bongo President of the US of A, I guess that answers your Q.

05/16/2012 22:50 Henifaa Yopez is leaving 'American Idol'
Bruce Springsteen? I am blocked from commenting during the daylight hours. It's prolly just as well. My Mama always told me if I didn't have anything nice to say, then say nothing. Most of these stori

05/15/2012 22:44 Khloe is pushing Lamar to make the Olympics, is insane
Once you go Black, they won't take you back!

05/12/2012 22:09 Anne Hathaway is in a bikini, odd looking (update!)
This place reeks of death, and I'm not talking about that kinky necrophilia stuff.

05/04/2012 22:25 Maryna Linchuk is mysterious, in a bikini
This chick looks very fuckable! I guess this is a change from the usual WWTDD theme, where some fajita's picture gets left up for the weekend.

05/04/2012 13:39 there’s "compelling evidence" to charge Lindsay with assault
The police and court system are too pussified to actually treat this whore like a normal person.

05/03/2012 22:26 Kate Upton had out takes
Kate Upton is fantastic, but this does not excuse putting pictures of Sam Ronson up. You can try topless pics of Rosie Jones for starters. Once that demand is met, we'll shoot for beaver shots.

05/03/2012 00:11 Michelle Hunziker and her bikini are here to save us!

05/01/2012 22:21 Kim Kardashian forgot this Ferrari was a wedding gift
Damn! I misplaced my "Retard To English" translation book! Can somebody interpret Mikey for me?