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01/22/2014 02:15 Lindsay Lohan Is a Filmmaker
I wish she would just OD and die.

10/08/2013 16:30 Madonna Is A Muslim Now, I Guess
I just wish she was a suicide bomber.

09/16/2013 13:13 Kendra Wilkinson Would Let Her Daughter Pose For Playboy (VIDEO)
Not a fan of booty shaking.

09/10/2013 21:37 Mila Kunis Looks Good in Canada
Toronto is an awesome city. It's also only 90 minutes from me. Maybe I'll drop in and say Hi to Mila.

05/28/2013 13:27 Ireland Baldwin Paddle Boarding In A Bikini In Maui
I'd love to have her on top of me just like that.

05/02/2013 13:50 Amanda-Bynes-Shows-Off-on-Twitter-01
Holy crag she's gotten fugly. Although I do like here tits.

03/10/2013 00:38 Tit-Poured Liquor: Genius or Just Genius?
Their ass wine never caught on.

03/06/2013 12:07 Kate Middleton Is Having A Girl
I agree with Ranger. Like I give a shit.

02/20/2013 18:29 this might be why Alec Baldwin is always so cranky
She's pedo approved now show some damn bikini pics. :)

02/20/2013 17:05 Lindsay Lohan would like $500,000 please
blah blah blah blah. I keep hoping I don't see any articles on this dumb cunt.

02/15/2013 01:28 Lady Gaga cancels her entire tour
She is one fugly bitch.

02/11/2013 14:07 Taylor Swift still acts like a 15 year old
I wouldn't kick her out of bed. Then again she would be tied up and gagged so she couldn't scream for help. :)

01/14/2013 13:45 Lindsay is just as awful and arrogant as you imagined
I still don't understand why anyone would hire this twat.

12/19/2012 17:14 Lindsay is being framed for trashing a trailer. Again.
I don't understand why anyone continues to hire her. Are they all fucking stupid?

11/08/2012 10:59 Scarlett Johansson has a new tat
smh....well that's crap

11/07/2012 12:59 Miley offered $1,000,000 to do soft core porn
I'd tap it...and call her Hannah the entire time.

11/07/2012 01:02 the next crime Lindsay will get away with is lying to police
I pray for the day I wake up and find she's overdosed.

11/06/2012 13:55 Britney wants to write a novel
I wish there was a chapter of the awesome sex we had.

11/06/2012 13:54 'Star Wars: Episode 7' may already have a director
Don't really care. Not a Star Wars fan.

10/20/2012 01:02 naturally, Lindsay stopped showing up for work again
I am tired of hearing about this worthless piece of trash. But then again I keep reading. I love a good train wreck.