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11/14/2012 17:12 Miley is lonely, prerhaps gay
The word gay and 2 posts with picture galleries of guys. First thing you see on WWTD.

11/14/2012 17:11 Matthew McConaughey is doing great
Matthew McConaug- HEY WHAT THE FUCK? No, no one really cares that much.

12/29/2011 22:31 Sinead O'Conner is as weird and insane as she looks
That was a bag of walnuts, dumbass. Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

12/29/2011 22:28 its the 2012 Kelly Brook calendar
I had the chance to motorboat Brooke last year. Such a generous, giving young lady.

12/29/2011 00:21 ...aanndd we're back
Now who is this gay guy and why is he wearing a bikini? Titties... pronto.

12/28/2011 03:43 Adam Lambert arrested after a fight in a gay bar
Oh, I'm sorry. I thought I was browsing the wwtdd site... how did I end up on perezhilton? Thanks for the gay christmas!