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12/06/2012 12:52 Gwyneth Paltrow has never looked better
I see some Cameron Diaz....a little Cate Blanchett, and what's that? Why, yes, I believe I see some Barbra Streisand in there too.

11/27/2012 17:35 Joseph Gordon Levitt is our new Batman (probabaly)
JGL's people have already denied it, so I guess it won't be no more Batman movies after all LOL

10/19/2012 12:15 joanna_krupa_see_thru_shirt_miami_3
What a considerate young woman!

09/21/2012 18:22 Kathy Griffin might be the devil
She's even uglier on the inside.

04/26/2012 11:35 People magazine has to be joking
This proclamation is directed at the same silly white women who think that sasquatch Michelle Obama is beautiful, sophisticated, and elegant. Beyonce, at least, doesn't look like something a poacher

04/12/2012 13:37 Rihanna might be naked

04/07/2012 13:17 Jeremy Renner says hes not gay
He makes an excellent point: there's nothing more private than one's sex life. NOTHING. It is the most personal, private thing about an individual, and frankly we'd all be better off if we'd all--h

03/28/2012 19:00 Rihanna doesn't want to talk about Ashton Kutcher
Oh, Rihanna is in "Battleship"? That takes the movie out of the Will Not See category and places it firmly in the Would Rather Take a Bullet to the Brain Than See. I can't stand that fucking cunt.