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04/12/2014 21:52 Rihanna's Ass Always Points Toward Barbados
no way anybody can say they wouldn't nail this freak

02/19/2014 22:43 "Snake Salvation" Preacher Dies From Snake Bite
You can't fix stupid, so just let it run it's course and stay out of it's way.

02/19/2014 22:37 Lady Gaga Shows Up at Fallon Braless, Meh, Can't Hurt
Somehow I know that the secret of her "success" is the same reason we have to put up with Miley and the Beib.

02/15/2014 18:23 Which Gender Do You Want to Be on Facebook?
aahhhh... Jamie Lee.... those tits rocked my journey thru puberty so many times back in the day

02/02/2014 14:14 Justin Bieber's Toxicology Report Is In
if this Dbag and Miley ever procreate the apocalypse can't be far away...

09/06/2013 23:05 The Captain Is Still at the Helm
senile or just old the man will always be a god among hetero males... just saying

09/03/2013 18:08 Miley Cyrus Wants You To Believe She's Fucked Up
Nickelodeon and Disney channel really put out the best future train wrecks in the entertainment industry.

08/31/2013 18:41 Lady Gaga Has Run Out of Shit to Wear
her only saving grace is that she isn't on the Miley or Amanda Train wreck to oblivion. Her lack of talent will go on to . . . .

08/31/2013 18:37 Emmanuelle Chriqui In A Bikini
the tits speak for themselves. HOT!

07/14/2013 19:46 Corey Feldman Still Thinks He's A Rock Star (VIDEO)
this douchebag was a has-been when he was a somebody...

07/14/2013 19:43 Lady Gaga Steps Out In Her Bra And A Mini Skirt
chicks with dicks are just scary no matter what they wear

06/04/2013 19:25 Paris Hilton Flashes Her Panties
OK... she's not having J-Lo's surrogate child, she isn't on Leonardo's orgy yacht, and she hasn't been in any "leaked" porn videos lately. Why is she still relevant?

06/04/2013 19:16 After Earth Sucked, Now What?
parents just don't understand. unless they're stupid rich and can ignore reality..

05/20/2013 19:53 Justin Bieber Booed; Turns It Around Like a Judo Master! (VIDEO)
its a female Rick Astley impersonator

04/07/2013 20:10 Amy Markham Knows Her Bikini Is Too Small
I am learning to appreciate huge nipz

03/01/2013 19:26 Aly Michalka Is Good At Vacationing
She's hot. I'd Fuck Her. What the fuck is all the critiqueing and babbling-assed bullshit accomplishing?

02/12/2013 19:29 Taylor Swift still acts like a 15 year old
sooner or later she has to break her musical formula and release a song like "Maybe I'm just a Stupid Fucking Cunt"

02/12/2013 19:21 Justin Bieber is being a tough guy again
let's see where the beib is in ten years. The Black Keys have been around and rockin for longer than that little fucktard has even known music existed and will be long after he's a fucktard of the pas

02/12/2013 19:13 Jamie Foxx: 'Black people are the most talented people in the world'
i am not prejudiced, nor will i be made to feel guilty for being white. true racial pride is only shown through humility and acceptance

12/14/2012 23:34 its Anne Hathaway, her vagina at the Les Mis premiere
if this stupid bitch really wants anybody to pay attention to her twat she should open wider or flash Ellen DeGeneres...