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08/09/2013 02:09 Kelly Brook's Man Cheats On Her, There's a Lesson Here Somewhere
She looks like Cindy Crawford if she had massive jugs and a huge drinking problem.

08/06/2013 23:57 Raven-Symone Is Gay Now Too
@RoreyRock Why is it imperative for you to censor cock and pussy?

08/06/2013 23:57 Raven-Symone Is Gay Now Too
@RoreyRock Why is it imperative for you to censor cock and pussy?

07/30/2013 20:19 Sydney Leathers In a Bikini (A Prelude to Porn)
If I wanted to watch a fat chick have sex, I'd tape myself boning Lex's wife.

07/29/2013 23:08 Nicole Richie In A Gold Bikini
Why won't they feed it? It looks so hungry.

07/23/2013 22:31 Lady Gaga Modest Naked in V Magazine
I would like to spend a weekend with her, an ounce of good dope, a couple bottles of Maker's Mark, and an array of dildos and lubes. Plus, plenty of popcorn and twizzlers.

07/11/2013 00:49 Justin Bieber Shat Upon the Blackhawks Logo Too
I would like to puke on that piece of shit while shitting on that piece of carpet.

07/10/2013 22:11 Nude Athletes In 2013 Body Issue Of ESPN Magazine
Please. There's tons of dudes in San Fran that would love to see Kaepernick standing over the center with his wang out.

06/26/2013 21:27 Miley Cyrus Dances Dirty on Jimmy Kimmel
I just don't get the infatuation. Why does anybody care about this average-at-best white girl?

06/24/2013 20:57 Kate Upton Topless on a Horse
@Admiral: Are you telling me secret shame isn't sexy?

06/24/2013 20:53 Kate Upton Topless on a Horse
I want to believe...

05/29/2013 12:11 The Sexxxtons Are Looking For A Father-Son Duo
"Amazingly, they adhere to incest laws, which makes them better than about 30 percent of Florida." That line is awesome. Also, the mom is not bad. I'd choose the daughter first, obviously, bu

05/23/2013 20:04 Helen Flanagan Uses Boobs To Save Animals
That is a nice thing to use one's boobs for. Or is that, "A nice thing for which to use one's boobs"?

05/11/2013 18:55 Carmen Ortega Barely in a Bikini
I have never heard of Carmen Ortega, but she is clearly very talented and also a good person.

05/08/2013 15:54 Wade Robson Says Michael Jackson Touched His Pee Pee, For Real This Time
Really? You give a shit? Why?

04/29/2013 15:48 Doutzen Kroes Is A Good Swimmer
This girl is obviously very talented.

02/20/2013 14:01 Katherine Webb was on "Celebrity Diving"
"Largely unremarkable," he remarked.

10/29/2012 09:02 Jessica Simpsons dad is gay (allegedly)
He may be gay, but his daughter's tits sure aren't!

10/10/2012 10:09 Christina Aguilera really knows how to dress
Whatever. I'd let her touch it.

10/08/2012 16:42 Gabrielle Anwar is disapointing
I have to agree with you on this one. I want to think she's hot. I studied the pics. She's not hot. Mind you, I wouldn't kick her out of bed. But I wouldn't let her leave through the front door e