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04/12/2014 10:05 Miley Cyrus Is Fresh Out of Ideas
i just f*cked her!

04/02/2014 16:24 Kate Upton In a Bikini for The Other Woman
ohhh My Delicious Kate! How you turn me from a suave professional gentleman to a bumbling, stuttering spaz when you flash me your cute smile at me in passing. One day, I'll work up the nerve to ask yo

03/26/2014 14:06 Let's Say Nice Things About Kylie Jenner in a Bikini
she's the best looking out of all of them!

03/26/2014 10:30 Kristen Bell Knows Stuff
I love me some Kristen Bell. Unlike many celebs, she is wicked smart and can handle herself in any conversation. She is is in my top 5 for most entertaining business lunch clients of all time.

03/07/2014 10:58 Kate Usmanova Has an Ass and a Half
not bad

03/07/2014 10:57 Nicki Minaj Is Completely Natural
still ugly as sin!

02/27/2014 10:43 Don't Let the Dick In Her Bottom Fool You, Duke Freshman Is More Feminist Than Porn Star (VIDEO)
nice, yet no one posts a vid? shame on you people!!

02/18/2014 17:17 Kate Upton In A Bikini In Zero Gravity
It's like I've died and gone to Heaven and instead of clouds and shiny Castles it's just Kate waiting naked for me!

02/10/2014 14:58 Katy Perry Homages the Beatles
I dislike her music, but this was not at bad as I thought it would be. I thought Xtina would be great for this song, but then I'd hate to see how long she actually makes it with all of her runs. "Yest

01/22/2014 16:01 Carmen Electra Is Sending Signals
Carmen Electra is Gorgeous! She's beautiful, down to Earth, funny and very friendly. If I have to say anything negative about her it's that she is too friendly, and it can be easily perceived as if

01/16/2014 14:46 Brittany Norwood Is Having Arian Foster's Bastard Baby
she looks more like 30. Plus, I thought Brittany Norwood was in prison for killing her Husband?

01/15/2014 15:49 Kaili Thorne Has the Topless Older Sister Advantage
Christ Lex, is anyone supposed to know who this is?? At the very least just post; "Hey some Disney actress you never heard of has a semi-hot sister who's topless" (Insert gratuitous nudity here)

01/15/2014 13:43 Anastasia Ashley Makes Surfing Sporting
Fun Fact: Adam Taki "allegedly" F*cked her in her A$$ on her 21st birthday at a buddies home while several people listened to the shenanigans in the room next door. She was quoted as saying, "yes, f*u

01/13/2014 10:56 Britney Spears Goes Dark
Opp,s put this under a photo by mistake: Britney gets the Brazilian Wax every 2 weeks whether she needs it or not and bleaches her butthole! Just an FYI out there for all the Britney lovers!

01/10/2014 19:19 Britney Spears Wears See Through Tights With Holes Out In Los Angeles
Britney gets the Brazilian Wax every 2 weeks whether she needs it or not and bleaches her butthole! Just an FYI out there for all the Britney lovers!

01/10/2014 19:17 Kate Upton Has Big Boobs in V Magazine
My beautiful Kate can do no wrong!!

01/03/2014 15:40 Kaley Cuoco's Wedding Was So Beautiful, Men Wept Openly
I actually got an invite to this as a +1. But unfortunately i could not attend as I had a life that day! Plus, I would have objected anyway. She's way to hot for that faggoty tennis player! (I give

12/23/2013 11:31 Mariah Carey's Breasts Are Enjoying The Holidays
she is the most annoying/aggravating c.unt you will ever meet. I pray for the day that she goes bankrupt because her shady accountant runs off with her money, and she is forced to grovel and beg and j

12/20/2013 11:21 Kate Upton's Breasts Are Oscar Contenders (VIDEO)
I will buy this movie just to see My beautiful Kate. However, this is another example of why Hollywood is dead. They just stole the idea from "First Wives Club"

12/18/2013 15:19 Abigail Breslin Goes Braless
you have to have some rock hard nipples to poke through leather