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03/20/2014 21:07 Elizabeth Raine Auctions Off Her Cherry
So what's for sale? A woman's sexuality or her innocence or better still her purity? Which raises a bigger question, is a woman only worth more in society the more pure she is regarded which would inf

03/10/2014 07:19 Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her Sex Fist Then Calls Katy Perry a Dirty-Mouthed Ho
But because Miley is Miley and can get anything and anyone done, fists gouging the inside of her privates are not really the terrible exercise in navigation control. This is after all Miley’s domain.

03/05/2014 18:10 Jennette McCurdy Is Feeling Ashamed
Lesson for Jennette McCurdy hoping to retain her G sponsorship deals and God’s badge of good girl honor: cringe and sigh to abandon, at least you have a new legion of fans slowly glaring at your yummy

03/02/2014 12:13 Kate Moss Is a Fun Mom
Kate Moss, 40 recently teamed up with fashion’s bad boy Terry Richardson and came up with the following for France‘s Lui (He) magazine. Naturally it’s tantalizing in the very spirit of what’s made Ter

02/26/2014 23:46 Don't Let the Dick In Her Bottom Fool You, Duke Freshman Is More Feminist Than Porn Star (VIDEO)
What is intriguing about 'Belle Knox' is why she chose to do porn when she openly admits to not having pursued it had the cost at Duke not been prohibitive, notwithstanding the fact that she was also

02/07/2014 12:47 Miley-Cyrus-Topless-in-Vogue-Germany-March-2014-lb
Oh really? And here are the uncensored topless out takes that caused my pupils to dilate whilst i was gingerly sipping on my chamomile tea ... If only your brain cells were as pert as Miley's .....

12/19/2013 20:29 Jennifer Lawrence And The Display Of Buttplugs
Who knew Hollywood icons were as kinXXXy as you and me? Living the legend and making the legend....

06/12/2013 11:16 Leyla Ghobadi Claims She Slept With Kanye
Kids could it possibly be that Chi Chi and Kanye's relationship was going down the drain already? Could it be that Chi Chi already knows about Leyla? Kids does anyone really believe Leyla only wanted

06/05/2013 14:27 Paris Jackson Slits Her Wrists (That Ain't Good)
One is inclined to wonder if last night's actions are the actions of an individual overwhelmed with sense of dislocation that she has spend the majority of her life living the miscast role of surrogat

05/01/2013 13:48 Kim Kardashian Is Charitable, I'm Not Surprised
Is Chi Chi suddenly hating life cause he suddenly realized when he made Kim-Ho pregnant he also made lassoed a umbilical cord around his leg and the paparazzi? Or maybe Chi Chi knows as an uber man it

03/21/2013 12:19 FOX Is Making An OJ Simpson Miniseries
Because if the glove does not fit you must acquit that bixch’- you may now cry for your local football hero....

01/23/2013 20:14 Bieber got high, banged a nurse, lost Selena Gomez
But the best part is our hero keeping all his clothes on. Mimi for her part has offered no comment. Can anyone guess why? Poor Chi Chi....

01/10/2013 12:55 Lindsay steals jewelry from old ladies now

12/29/2012 10:51 Nick Stahl was masturbating in a porn store
Kids, I’m going to cry not fair. What’s the point of viewing booths if collective heroes like Nick can’t simply relieve themselves and enjoy the heightened affairs taking place there in front of him a

12/18/2012 13:15 Lindsay can be hired for private parties now
And for a moment every 13 year old Jewish boy and girl thought they'd be doing lines with their collective hero in Uncle Moishe's garden shed. 1800 LINDSAY EVERY NICKEL HELPS http://scallywagand

12/17/2012 14:00 a strip club will pay off Lindsays debt
Kids can you imagine now turning up to your your niece’s bat mitzvah and finding Lindsay Lohan casually hobnobbing amongst guests (for a giant fee no doubt, define giant fee- free blow courtesy of the

12/13/2012 09:47 Justin Bieber threw a water bottle at photographers
Chi Chi can not absolutely stand them. Of course he ought to because they’ve helped keep his scrawny ass on high velocity 24/7. Then again they’re making mad money off him and he of course is making m

12/12/2012 13:21 Anne Hathaway is "devastated" over those other pictures
Poor Anne, all she wanted to be was her 'kinky' natural self and now she's gone on to discover the world is full of scumbag paparazzi desperate to reveal her secrets....blah! http://scallywagandvag

12/11/2012 19:12 its Anne Hathaway, her vagina at the Les Mis premiere
And of course Anne Hathaway like many accomplished, micro analyzed media whores on the planet manages to once again give our lives much meaning again, with the help of course of your ever ready friend

09/22/2012 12:22 Chris Browns friends terrorized people at Subway today
Yes Chris Brown you are a very brave man and hopefully you taught the old woman a lesson: ‘Nobody ever fucks with a badass like you, even old women…’