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10/09/2012 14:21 Mila Kunis is Esquire magazines Sexiest Woman Alive
first of all mac daddy i looove next door nikki mmm and finally that is one bitaBLE BUTT

10/09/2012 14:18 Gabrielle Anwar is disapointing
hiya tipped, yup rokan and pepper were lovers all right they both admitted to me when they were drunk on da liquor, just ask their 'wives'

10/09/2012 14:17 if you give Adam Sandler a shirt, he'll probably wear it
if i gave him a shirt that read im queer and im here would he wear it?

10/09/2012 14:14 Gabrielle Anwar is disapointing
hahahaha you guys are right about rokan and pepper, them boys are queer trust me, rokan told me himself when he was drunk, pepper loves his cock

09/27/2012 15:00 Jaden Smith is a rapper now too
some white girl will be lucky enuff. dont u knowe hes white on the inside

09/27/2012 14:57 Lady Gaga has anorexia, it's working
hit it hard. gota nice lil apple