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10/24/2012 09:03 'Iron Man 3' has a trailer
Sign me up!

10/24/2012 09:02 Jennifer Lopez had a little accident
Even it is her nipple I wouldn't be interested.

10/24/2012 09:00 Justin Timberlake didnt invite *NSYNC to his wedding
They all look like queer bait. Act like it too.

10/24/2012 08:59 Madonna fell down, flopped around like a spaz
It's great how people go to hear her "sing" and she's obviously lip syncing.

10/15/2012 18:17 Kim Kardashian is see-through, full figured
Her face is wasted on a body like this, it's a damn shame.

10/15/2012 18:15 Taylor Momsen may or may not be naked
"just skip to the end" fuck, you couldn't pay me to sit and listen to all that bullshit.

10/15/2012 18:14 so apparently these two aren't broken up after all
Has she done playboy yet? that would be great

10/15/2012 18:12 Miley is pretending like she turned down X Factor
I agree, If you paid me half as much I'd tell anyone anything.

10/15/2012 18:10 Madonna is still an awful, self centered bitch
What a hag. Put your clothes back on and shut the fuck up.

10/15/2012 18:08 Scarlett Johansson is single
I wish she were standing in the rain wearing that dress.

10/12/2012 18:28 Justin Biebers stolen laptop was just a prank
Holy shit, this better not be the last post of the day. I don't want to stare at this queer's face all weekend.

10/12/2012 18:27 Heidi Klum is already making the new guy do this stuff
Any picture of Heidi where you can't see her tits is a bad picture.

10/12/2012 14:05 Lindsay Lohan has endorsed Mitt Romney
vandywisky,if we have to put with her for another 6 years I'll fucking shoot myself. let's hope for the best...a year at most.

10/12/2012 13:58 the internets most popular uppercut has arrived
Tap out, dumb bitch!

10/12/2012 13:56 Lindsay Lohan has endorsed Mitt Romney
She looks worse than most 40 year olds

10/11/2012 14:48 Bobbi Kristina is marrying her "adopted brother"
This is just fucking sick. why!? Oh, and i'm not sure if this would make them step brother and sister, not that it matters, it makes my stomach turn.

10/11/2012 14:47 'Django Unchained' has a trailer, Sam Jackson is suspicious
This is the first i've heard of this movie, thanks!

10/11/2012 12:27 Lindsay and her mom got in a fight, 4 police cars called
I'd fuck her, but only if she was drunk and high at the time....I meant if I was drunk and high.

10/11/2012 12:25 Natalie Portman is attractive
Love her girl next door look!

10/11/2012 12:24 Khloe Kardashian should endorse makeup
Woof woof woof. How did she end up in the deep end of the gene pool?