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10/24/2012 17:31 Jennifer Lopez had a little accident

10/24/2012 17:30 Justin Timberlake didnt invite *NSYNC to his wedding
LMAO @ "up periscope" smile

10/24/2012 17:28 Madonna fell down, flopped around like a spaz
HELP! I've fallen and I'm a terrible singer!

10/24/2012 17:27 Jessica Simpsons dad is gay (allegedly)
I wonder if this will help his fat ass daughter lose weight? Let's hope!

10/24/2012 17:26 the 'Evil Dead' remake has a red band trailer
I love a good horror movie!

10/24/2012 17:25 can you spare some change for Russell Brand
This guy is so weird!

10/15/2012 13:54 Taylor Momsen may or may not be naked
She looks like a zombie! But I'd let her eat me

10/15/2012 13:51 Kim Kardashian is see-through, full figured
If she wants to wear a top like that she needs to lay off the ho hos and ding dongs. back fat...gag.

10/12/2012 19:16 Heidi Klum is already making the new guy do this stuff
he's gotta have a huge dick, cuz holy fuck he's weird looking.

10/12/2012 17:50 Justin Biebers stolen laptop was just a prank
She's so pretty! Seriously, does it not bother him that he has the same hair do as Miley Cyrus???

10/12/2012 15:16 Kate Upton is better with bikinis, Tom Hanks
I wish I had tits like this. Envious...

10/12/2012 13:54 Russell Crowe is jolly
Why would he hide such an awesome face!?

10/12/2012 13:52 Uma Thruman is doing a porn movie
Thruman or Thurman? I like this typo. And I would not want to see LeBeuf naked. Couldn't they get someone that doesn't look like they are 16 years old??

10/12/2012 13:50 Lindsay Lohan has endorsed Mitt Romney
ick gross yuck

10/12/2012 13:49 the internets most popular uppercut has arrived
the part when the driver says "you wanna act like a man? I'll treat you like a man." is so true. I don't give a flyin fuck if she's "a fucking female". what the fuck did she expect to happen acting li