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08/27/2013 16:36 See If You Can Find the Crack Binging Proof in the Lamar Odom Allegations (VIDEO)
I'm with Lex on this one, 658811. TMZ talks about "sources" as if they are legitimate media, even if they are just feeding us news straight from the Kardashians. WWTDD tells you directly at the bottom

08/22/2013 13:01 Kylie Jenner Had A Better Birthday Than You
I'm honestly curious. Given that the guy who writes Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney's personal websites works a few cubicles down from you, why do you need to go to TMZ for insider information?

08/21/2013 13:11 Farrah Abraham Hosted A Party At A Strip Club
It's "race" to the bottom. One cannot rise to the bottom- rising implies moving away from the bottom. (Unless, of course, you are talking about someone getting off to her video- that guy's penis rises

08/08/2013 19:07 Ireland Baldwin Goes To A Tattoo Shop
1. The word "rapey" needs to go away. 2. Give Lex a break. He writes about who his boss tells him to write about.

08/05/2013 13:26 James Deen Says Sasha Grey Is Hated In The Porn World
Has anyone else noticed James Dean's strategy for keeping his name in the press? 1. Bang woman the rest of the world considers obnoxious. 2. Confirm in a public statement that the woman you just

06/27/2013 13:52 Paulina Gretzky In A Bikini
What on earth was that first paragraph all about? Wayne Gretzky has only been married once, to someone he met after he was already a star, apparently while attending a Lakers game with Alan Thicke.

06/21/2013 00:36 Maria Menounos In A Bikini in Greece
A few months back, I was griping about three posts in a month about Maria Menounos in jeans doing nothing remarkable. I'ma give you credit. There was method behind your madness. Follow her around long

06/11/2013 15:23 I Know When the Omen Child Will Be Birthed -- Do You Know Her Name? It's Worth 500 Clams
I did notice that the countdown clock appeared just about the time that the links showing that the parent company of WWTDD also runs Kim's personal website disappeared. I honestly preferred it when yo

06/07/2013 14:23 Kris Jenner's Talk Show Still Looks Awful (VIDEO)
"This show is just going to be another hour of the Kardashians pimping whatever horrible project they’re working on next." So pretty much the new WWTDD in TV show format? Got it. I suppose this

05/17/2013 13:44 Kim Kardashian's Ankle Hams Don't Fit In Heels
If you want to know just how f*cked up the Kardashian media machine is, scroll to the bottom of this page and take a look at what other websites are run by BUZZMedia / Spin Media. That's right, all th

05/16/2013 15:24 Farrah Abraham's Dirty Bikini For Sale
Bidding is up to $10,400.00 already. Buyer had better hope that Vivid keeps dropping the Farrah press releases, because the moment this brilliant hype machine shuts down, a Hooters franchise owner in

05/14/2013 12:36 Selena Gomez In A Bikini
You guys are missing the forest for the trees here. While you are busy worrying about where Justin Bieber's dick may or may not have been, you are missing the fact that Gomez affirmed in a radio inter

05/08/2013 18:21 Britney Spears Robbed of 20 lbs
I for one welcome Brit back to the spank bank. It's been too long, old girl.

05/07/2013 14:51 Farrah Superstar Backdoor Teen Mom DVD Giveaway
You have to hand it to Vivid, this was staged brilliantly. This whole saga is about a woman went into porn because she needed the money. The problem was, no one really cares about this woman enough to

05/06/2013 15:42 Farrah Abraham Back Door Teen Mom Sneak Peek (VIDEO)
Wait, MTV insisted on the disclaimer? TMZ is reporting that Vivid sent a preemptive letter to MTV to demand that it come forward now with any objections or hold its peace. I'll tell you what's going o

03/28/2013 16:46 Maria Menounos Has Tight Genes
I know what she is famous for- beauty queen, Extra, and Dancing with the Stars. I just want to know what she has done in the past six weeks to justify four mentions on this site. She hasn't had any

03/15/2013 16:03 Maria Menounos Too Good Looking for Chick Television
I'm a fan of Ms. Menounos, and that video of her stripping down to a bikini in Times Square will never get old, but her people are obviously paying the site for posts. Three uninspired mentions in a m

03/04/2013 19:40 Miss Teen Delaware Lies Like a Porn Star (VIDEO)
I was curious and watched it. If you haven't yet, don't, it's the most depressing thing you have ever seen. A dirtbag goes through all the moves that people only do in porn while she looks uncomfortab

12/12/2012 14:53 Kate Walsh was in a bikini
To be fair, the sexy walk out of the ocean is one of the silliest myths ever created by Hollywood. Everyone expects Honey Rider, but when you are out of breath, you have salt water up your nose, you'r

10/12/2012 15:03 Kate Upton is better with bikinis, Tom Hanks
I'm gonna have to go with "Kate Upton is better with bikinis, best crawling out of a pool in white tee shirts." Good lord that woman is awesome.