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04/07/2014 20:49 Peaches Geldof Is Dead But Don't Say Why
Just another drug addict.....

04/07/2014 18:06 Paige Butcher Shaming Her Future Stepdaughters Once Again
Stop with the Nagger public relations.

04/07/2014 18:02 Britney Spears Has Soccer Mom Panties
That is one saggy soggy Taco. Beaten up and worthless. How is her asshole?

04/04/2014 23:26 Paige Butcher In A Pink Bikini
Señor Lex... How do I get a face? Why do you not allow an avatar?

04/04/2014 21:55 Kelly Brook Got You, Stupid Paparazzi
two attention whores.......meeeeh!

04/04/2014 21:54 Paige Butcher In A Pink Bikini

04/04/2014 21:53 Paige Butcher In A Pink Bikini
Nothing to see her...besides, just another nagger lover....NEXT!

04/04/2014 08:00 Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, And Kate Upton Are Great Girl Friends
I want to smell her hand......

04/03/2014 21:37 Brendan Eich Didn't Like Gay Marriage, Now He's Unemployed
Eye for Juan hate all cock suckers.....

04/02/2014 23:29 This Child Bride Seems Happy
Hey, am I the only professional here..... He'll, I'll play Marco Polo with her....

04/02/2014 23:24 Gwyneth Paltrow Struggled Quietly, In Between the Lies
I find it hard to believe that anyone would marry a fag. I can't think of any other celebrity that has ever done such a thing....

04/01/2014 23:00 Kim Kardashian Shooting Selfies Through Thailand
The elephant was more interested in George Cloony's asshole......True story.

04/01/2014 22:27 Anderson Cooper to Subsist Off Just His Millions
Dios Mio! I'd let the leetle fellow suck on my peener...eef he was a homo.....but only eef he was a homo.

03/31/2014 22:58 Miranda Kerr Seems Happy
Hugh G Rection, can you help me clean up this mess Beppo made me do? Be a doll and pass me the Roll of Bounty...

03/31/2014 22:33 Miranda Kerr Seems Happy
I hope you are shaved as one.

03/31/2014 20:27 Miranda Kerr Seems Happy
She likes FAGS...Derek Jeter to Orlando......who is next, George Clooney?

03/31/2014 17:00 Arianny Celeste In A Bikini
Is that a starfish for a Tat? I wonder if that cameltoe smells like a starfish?

03/29/2014 16:45 Selena Gomez Got Served
What's the big deal....wet-backs are good at serving or doing landscaping.

03/28/2014 21:56 In Russia, You Punch Steven Seagal
Is it too late for Elvis to bring a lawsuit for bad impersonation?

03/27/2014 21:21 The Kim Jong Un Cut Suddenly Becomes Popular in North Korea
I for one, think they should all have an Ellen DeGeneres hair cut. .......Now, That's manly .....