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04/11/2013 19:23 Georgia May Jagger Steps Up
That's the "Get the London Look" bitch.

03/12/2013 14:55 Nina Agdal in Lingerie
What is wrong with her face? From the eyes down she looks like a fuckin boxer

03/01/2013 15:55 Is It Time to Send Kim to the Squeezing Room Yet?
Now even the people that write this drek don't want to put there names on it.

02/23/2013 15:02 is Scarlett Johansson engaged?
Don't forget, I also made you go out and create a new email address to create a new wwtdd account to create some of the dumbest fucking comments this site has ever seen. I spend so much time in your h

02/22/2013 18:31 is Scarlett Johansson engaged?
Now I think I'm going down to the well tonight and I'm going to drink till I get my fill And I hope when I get old I don't sit around thinking about it but I probably will Yeah, just sitting back

02/08/2013 17:19 Julianne Hough is considerate
"You can also use those to send tips or whatever. Of course if you’re writing to tell me the page sucks, I wouldn’t bother because this is pretty much as good as it’s gonna get, and your pithy email w

02/07/2013 18:26 Selena Gomez understands how to sell a movie
If it wasn't for her face I wouldn't know if this was her back or her front. Not to mention she's a Beiber fucker. Ahhh, who am I kidding, I'd wear her like a gas mask

02/07/2013 18:03 Selena Gomez understands how to sell a movie
Day's damn near over and here's a third post along with a joke he's recycled at least once before. I can see things have really turned around over here. Speaking of turning around... what happened to

02/06/2013 18:29 And here we are...
Super Doop is my new hero. Hey, if he can get it back to what it was, great

02/05/2013 18:12 Jennifer Lawrence's dress did not rip at the SAG Awards
And it's closer to 4 months there math whiz. Now go give B a foot massage you fuckin lap dog

02/05/2013 18:04 Jennifer Lawrence's dress did not rip at the SAG Awards
Thisfuckingguy. They banned my old account you fucking retard. Did you even read my post?

02/05/2013 17:28 Jennifer Lawrence's dress did not rip at the SAG Awards
So this fucking guy has done his best to destroy this site and run off the regulars for at least a year and now some of you want to throw him a pity party? Sure, he used to be funny, there's a million

01/17/2013 15:10 it seems Jeremy Renner isnt gay after all
I see he kept up with actually posting shit for two whole days! Congrats! you must be exhausted

01/14/2013 13:19 Lindsay is just as awful and arrogant as you imagined
Don't fucking buy it. It's Brencunts bi-monthly "Sorry the site has sucked lately guys, it's my fault and it will get better" post. Seen it a dozen times before, we'll see it dozens more after

01/08/2013 20:43 Mariah Carey is looking well
Look at her suckin it in. If she woulda done that in the first place she wouldn't have gotten pregnant

01/08/2013 17:18 Kate Upton mocked her ex on twitter
Upton needs to hurry up and show them titties. You know this bitch has A FUCKING LOT of Anna Nicole in here. She's gonna be a tubbo in no time

12/28/2012 16:12 the UK has a peition to make us keep Piers Morgan
I wonder if Justin Beiber or Lindsay Lohan own guns. Beibs is a Canuck so probably not. Lilo probably doesn't either for fear she'd get drunk one night, try to blow it and end up killing herself

12/28/2012 12:06 the UK has a peition to make us keep Piers Morgan
Everybody is missing the real point... WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH LINDSAY LOHAN AND JUSTIN BIEBER??????

12/27/2012 15:10 'Argo' is the best movie of 2012
Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc. are documentaries? Idiot

12/26/2012 17:54 is Britney Spears getting dumped or not?
Not to mention - I'm sure the Lohans spent their holiday in a quiet and dignified manner, so there goes 98.3% of his material